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  1. Class: Whitesmith IGN: Ultra Greedier Class: Sniper IGN: Strikker
  2. coz Nid want to kill you but you are already dead
  3. SB Champion Guide 101 This guide is created for personal use (and there may be information from other guides click click and CLICK), but it makes no sense to hide this information because I play not only at SB. Stats: Skills: Gear: ET: using SB and FCP ET: tactics Feedback Discord: Greed#9783 Guild: Kets
  4. Name: Talonring Appearance: Color: Green Drop: Talon Coin#8900, Harpy Talon#7116, Talon#917, Talon of Griffon#7048 Backstory:Not many players know that porings living in the Umbala fields have talons. IGN: Ultra Greed
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