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  1. Sounds like a similar issue happened to me in et 101 floor. Next time, try taking off your costumes (not sure if you need to store in kafra as well). Also certain skill like monster property may crash some client - just my 2 cents.
  2. New guns maybe?

    Incoming waves of Eru-kun harem. Next up: Giant robots as GS companion (like bird for hunters)
  3. Newbie rogue help

    Depends on your playstyle. Rogue can copy skill, or just plain old auto attack: 1. Auto/triple attack - best to get universal armor(or dragon vest when transed) with attack speed enchant, to improve kill time and steal proc. 2. Bowling bash/magic - GEC helps to save sp consumables when skill spam. Put in shoe/sandal so other chars can use too. Ice pick is likely the best weapon to invest in long term, as you can go places like sleeper/geffenia later on. And never forget buff and endow slaves, saving time and effort for you.
  4. Malaysian

    Bergantung ramai tak yang online masa ko mein...waktu WOE mampus ahh...tutup ah utube semua pun membantu. Main ja double strafe, kalau cukup skill point taruh ankle snare, sedap tangkap monster sambil tembak mati keke..
  5. Full Support HP - What should I do next?

    Rely on your heals alone will never cut it for large scale damage. So your role is to minimise the damage received, like safety wall+heal spam, and assump the tank. Pally also have the option to self heal, like cwp & meats. But due to def mechanics change, its not worth for pally to tank huge mobs anymore. Steel body champ is the way to go, in terms of efficiency wise. As for gears, celeb ring is always a good choice to invest in.
  6. S>Gear

    +4 Fire Armor [1] Hit+12 Still available? Bidding trade offer of 25 TCs if possible pm plox. TQ~
  7. PM price on these pls: +10 Staff of Piercing +7 Odins Blessing[Evil Druid] +7 Strong Shield Strong Shield[GTB] Bradium Ring [Osiris] Necklace[Osiris] TQ!
  8. S > AK card, +7 SOV clear, AOCE

    Bidding 16m for AOCE. PM on forum if deal.
  9. Help me with Prof.

    Hi @My Wife for Hire, care to extend the mvp-killing love(pm) to me as well? Many thanks wifey, especially the baphomet bible you wrote!
  10. S>Calibre Seal Services [CLOSED]

    PM for pricing details, thanks!
  11. TamTam's Tiki Bar Giveaway Calendar

    Minor question, can every game account redeem this?
  12. So yeah, Abbey.

    Well imo, a gearless priest could go Odin temple runs (shout at !recruit and offer yourself as support priest, pump int and dex for greater heals and faster buffs) to get the final few levels for rebirth. I believe your job level should be maxed long time ago, as that place only offers base exp. Oh and the boat for ferrying you there is just by the right hand side of Hugel town map, charging at 800z fare if not mistaken.
  13. LF > Malaysia & Chinese guild

    Dafuq, like that win liao lo @.@
  14. LF > Malaysia & Chinese guild

    Hi there, I am also from Boleh-land, glad to meet you. If you don't mind me being a non-geared player, do add me as a friend. My in game character name I usually play: Kototsugu (Wizard) IrugaXblow (Assassin) Looking forward to meet ya in game!