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  1. Saying sniper not able to farm is just false imo. Being ranged damagers, you take almost zero damage while kiting mobs. Talk about saving serious zeny with this alone. And OP already knew snipers don't go to farming heavy loots like GN. To OP, the definite goal would be to get artemis, if you wish to gear up on sniper. Just have to be diligent on saving those z's, and rotating your farm spots to keep it fresh.
  2. This video/playlist shows you how to start super novice from zero, to infinity, and beyond: credits: @Little Girl Blues
  3. You have to do market watch to decide, just use cpanel's selling shop and wishlist to check on vendor prices. Class Specific SQIs can only be made by its respective class, so for artemis you need sniper, suiken needs champ etc. And once a char slot is used to make a Class Specific SQIs, it can no longer create another one thru any means (char delete/rollback etc).
  4. Just don't cross trans to another class, pretty sure those bonuses won't carry over if you can't equip that SQI.
  5. jay#4827

    Yes or No

    Geffenia is definitely the best place to grind for raw zeny, so naturally you should end up there to boost your zeny/hour farm rate. Any cons in geffenia shouldn't be different in mavka, like long hours boredom, mob ks-ing due to player population on map etc. Also the quest to access geffenia is long and tedious, just don't spam enter on most part. Whereas vampsmith income tend to deviate on how geared and where you go, but opens up more possibilities in terms of map variety.
  6. Been lagging bad (can't say for which time frame due to playing irregularly) since the latest patch, hope this helps the diagnosis:
  7. 1. Usually high str, enough dex and rest vit/agi. Skills include Double attack, increase hp recov for obvious reasons. 2. Hypnotist staff, imp accessories and go magic build. Melee is bad due to sleeper’s high def.
  8. Your ranking might be biased, and missing out on consideration such as how geared the char must be to become effective dps/farmer/whatever. Pretty sure super novice wouldn't rank so low with cheap hypnotist staff, easily achieved instant cast to 1 shot most farming targets. Also zeny income shouldn't be generalized to be sourced solely from loots.
  9. RO inadvertently teaching us:
  10. jay#4827

    Bingo enter numbers??

    On second thought, OP better save up using public transport and donate for sure chance at TC XD
  11. jay#4827

    Toss Coin gamble?

    Why zeny when you can go copper 😈
  12. Just manually download: https://share.talonro.com/BGM.zip Extract and paste all mp3 files into the BGM folder (create it if it's not there) : Oh and check if by chance you have the sound option unticked: Also tinkering the ragnaroksetup.exe file settings in TalonRO folder is your best bet.
  13. Payon kot, musim undi, ape ley buat...
  14. jay#4827

    Esma Aspd

    https://irowiki.org/classic/Esma All es-skills have a 0.5 second ACD (after cast delay), more info here: https://wiki.talonro.com/After_Cast_Delay So putting ping aside, you won't be able spam those skills quickly enough like say Jupiter Thunder. Unless you have ACD redux, 2 Doppel should reach the adequate ASPD you need to spam those skills. Another decent choice is Gold Queen Scaraba. Debate on the carding is discussed below, so you may share you results on your attempt(no obligations tho): GLHF!
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