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  1. Glaimdir

    Lord Baphomet's Guide for mortals! (that use his card)

    Isn't he talking about AutoSpell / Hindsight Prof? But then it would be another mechanic as with the Auto-cast spells I suppose.
  2. Glaimdir

    fastest place to lvl to 99 as knight

    High Orcs, found on gef_fild14 or alde_dun02. But the gef_fild is preferred because the spawn amount of High Orcs was doubled (?) I think.
  3. You can easily get a feeling for prices by looking up your desired items HERE from time to time
  4. Glaimdir

    Vanilla, what is it really?

    Exactly. Every item that has a check on the vanilla category works perfectly fine in vanilla mode (and of course also in unrestricted mode). The others will be taken off automatically and cannot be equipped/used while in such area. There are also vanilla PvP, Endless Tower or Battle Grounds (BG though is still not implemented due to a major revamp).
  5. Glaimdir

    Scaraba Tunnel

    You can access the dungeon through 2 ways: 1. Do the quest-line with Onward to the New World until & including Ring of The Wise King and do the Sapha's Visit until Step 8 or smth. like that -> now you can enter the dungeon from Manuk through the NPC OR 2. You walk -> El Dicastes, go south to dic_fild01 and then the western warp into dic_dun01 (no quest needed)
  6. Glaimdir

    S> Stalker and Sniper gear

    Dude, this thread is more than 1 1/2 years old. I wouldn't expect a message on this matter