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  1. Glaimdir

    Dagger of Edda - The Hunt Begins!!!

    And dagger hilts often were/are made of bones - maybe the Shinbone will then be a component to "craft" the Dagger of Edda.
  2. Glaimdir

    Debuff -100% movspd

    No, it is higher. That's why your movement speed increases although being affected of a status ailment. At least it was this way a long time ago on official servers and I don't know why it should have been changed. But otherwise we're talking here about tRO, so everything is possible
  3. Glaimdir

    Archer Skeleton or Skeleton Worker card for farming?

    Things you might add to further increase DMG on Kasa: Fire Imp pet, Naght Seiger Flame Manteau, Draco Card for shield (although I'd prefer Alice...guardians can hurt ). But if you're OK with Musical Strike + lexed AV, you can go there with more basic gears.
  4. Glaimdir

    About hidden enchant and attention concentrate

    Food is 20 mins and lasts even if you die
  5. Glaimdir

    So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    Well, I am sure. Works perfectly fine here on tRO. Sure you know how to use Beast Strafe? Jokes aside...I just tested it on Centipedes just to be 100% sure it's nothing special with that monster, but it worked as well.
  6. Glaimdir

    So...Centipedes....What the effin' hell?

    No, Beast Strafe is right. Works with Brute und Insect type monsters.
  7. Glaimdir

    Trying Out Hats

    You can try out the looks at the Stylist in the room south -southeast of the Prontera Centre.
  8. Glaimdir

    Best Asura Weapon after Suiken

    I was recommended this weapon before building my Champ and it was awesome. I was able to one-hit DG-Angels pretty early (lvl 85) with "basic" gears - LKH, Gloom, GEC-Sleips, Celeb, D.Ring, Incubus Pet, Loud Exclamation from Jaguar Hat and +5 STR/DEX Foods. It looked smth. like this: https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbxaObjababbHaGabuiaasUhaFaFaaaaljhdTaaaaaahkaawidWukeKhPtogwfjgZvsaanMfaeeeeajkkafaafaabkkaaaaaaflfaaah5aabaiaaaaaaafaaaaaHaRaaa
  9. Glaimdir

    dragon manteau

    Yeah that could be it. The other quests didn't work for me. Thank you!
  10. Glaimdir

    dragon manteau

    Hm...does not work for me. It seems like I still have to do the pre-quests because they are always telling me to get familiar with the camp first and only want the most skillfull person to help them
  11. Glaimdir

    dragon manteau

    Does this still work?
  12. Glaimdir

    B>+3 INT FireArmor / SilkRobe, Emperium

  13. You don't even need Suiken if you have an Erde Mace with double +100 SP Enchants and an Incubus Pet (both have to be plugged in manually at the bottom of the page): https://calc.talonro.com/?caDbLbibHababbCa0abaiaasUhaFaFaaaaljadTaaaaaahkaawidWukeKaatogwfjgZvsaavsaaaaaaajkkffaafaabkaaaaaaaflfaaah5aabafaaaaaaafaaaaaHaRaaa But having a Gloom Armor makes the whole thing a lot easier (and cheaper )
  14. Glaimdir

    Guide: SINX:How to earn 4.5m+/hr in Geffenia

    You do not necessarily need Seagod's Anger to enchant weapons in Malangdo. You can buy Silvervine Fruits at the Reward NPC for TC and break them into A/B/C/D/E-Class Coins in Malangdo at a NPC next to the Enchant NPC. Those coins can be used for enchanting as well, as you can see here: https://wiki.talonro.com/Malangdo_Enchantments
  15. Glaimdir

    Voting Helper - Chrome Extension

    Oh okay it seems like it is just a setting issue on my computer since there is an entry in the notification center. But it didn't pup up like other notifications do...I will look into it tomorrow. Thanks for your help!