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  1. Happy Cakes

    B> Clean Artemis

    Edit: Already bought one. Kindly close or remove this thread.
  2. Happy Cakes

    Returning player seeking advise~

    As the title says I'm a returning player after a very long hiatus and planning to make a Hunter. My question is~ If I should prioritize getting a +9 Hood (Chung E) or get something else? Current Gears are~ LKH Robo Eye Pirate Dagger +7 Burning Bow (Clean) +7 Muffler (Deviling and Stem Worm) +7 Shoes (GEC/Eddga) 2 Sting Gloves Creamy Clip (I was an ME HP before I went on hiatus :x.) DS/Auto Blitz build advise are welcome btw XD Cheers~