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    Server down?

    Same here! :<
  2. Natsunel

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    This is super kewwwl omgh *-* My jaws were literally dropped XDD
  3. Person below me eats roaches for breakfast. /gg
  4. Natsunel

    What Are You Listening To?

  5. Natsunel

    Autumn Event 2013

    Thanks for the guide <3
  6. Natsunel


    OMG THX I(and other confused alches who are prolly reading this)LY5evaaaa. God bless!! :3 <3 /kis more advices from you guys are still more than welcome though!
  7. Natsunel

    Some questions about ME Priest

    1. IC/FC is a MUST in abbey(unless you're very pro). You wouldn't want your cast to take a while or else a Necro will outcast you with a thunder storm, or a ragged zombie SB you. Yes that would ouch! 2~4. Okay, instead of buying such low-tier dex gears, I would honestly suggest to invest your zeny first to a rouge or hunter based from experience(not a WS/BS user). They're easy-n-fun to use. I swear it'd pay-off in the end. It's A LOT(Emphasis on that word) easier I tell you. Just make an alt merchant char with lvl 10 Overcharge to sell the hunted loots. Endure just a month or two and wallah! You'll get yourself a Kaho and all those dex gears you've been craving for. Note: OH and do join social guilds when you online. There're a lot! (just ask in recruit^^) It's not fun to play alone :< You're missing all the good stuffs :3
  8. Natsunel


    I appreciate the reply!! But MirAI sux on pvp :--------( and yeah im pvp centered atm. MirAI rocks pvm! Thank you tho! /kis
  9. Natsunel


    so Im a newbie when it comes to changing scripts. (I hate them ;_ I need help with my Thoth Ai so when I see creators using thothai, their homun seems systematic and it circles around their cell. while mine stay in my cell(not moving) :< which file should I rescript? and more advices please. THANKS <3
  10. Natsunel

    Somewhere Over the Me

    awtSuu GM Ra1nb0W w3 w1ll m1s5 y0u s0 Muchoss i kn0e u will make sPy @cc0unt!~! U c@nt jU5t l3t u5 g0 3as1ly :--) Hoh0 G0d bl3s5 y0uR J0urn3y <3
  11. Natsunel

    Introducing: NonTrans Vanilla WoE

    why not a vanilla baby woe? :-3 sounds cool? rightttt? omg I know! :-)