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  1. yujinori

    Back in my day...

    Wasn't AnimaRO the name of the server before it became TalonRO?
  2. yujinori

    Regarding a rental item shown on database

    Try looking at the headgear section of rental master. If it ain't there then I don't think its available here. Don't take my word for it though....
  3. yujinori


    Itu download bgm nya. Kalo ga di download juga bisa maen tapi ya ga ada bgm sama sekali.
  4. yujinori

    Halloween Cosplay Contest

    When it says costume does it actually have to be /costumes/ or just any decorative headgears in general? Are we allowed to take on more than one GM Challenges in a single entry?
  5. You have to be in the same party as your target
  6. yujinori

    Speak friend, and enter: 0x000005b4 error

    You have to use a VPN program. DNScrypt, Betternet, Windscribe and Sumrando are some of the few that works (and worked) for me
  7. yujinori

    apakah ada guild indo ?

    Samperin Izlude atau Comodo aja, banyak orang Indonesia nya :3
  8. yujinori

    GMC Lance

    @braindead I know. I never said that you're attempting to make a guide. On the contrary, I think this is the type of discussion thread that the GM Team prefers. As @Cry Me a River mentioned, someone already made a complete guide mere hours after the Launch of the new GMC but it was deleted soon after. @A n d r é It might be a problem if the guide is compiled TOO fast. I kinda understand the GM's point of view a bit. Imagine being a content provider, and having said content solved and broken down into detailed guides mere hours afer launch. It kinda spoils the surprise for the rest of the community IMO, not to mention spoonfeeding.
  9. yujinori


    Hello and welcome to ther server! The numerous amounts of MVP cards is made possible due to Talon Coins. Talon Coins are a separate currency that you can obtain by donating, participating in numerous in game activities, and by voting for the server. A lot of cards and gears can be purchased using this coin, so MVP cards and some rare drops are more easily obtained compared to official servers. Vampsmiths, a.k.a Vampire Smiths is a term coined by another player that refers to Whitesmiths (or blacksmiths too) that utilizes specific gears and cards with life steal properties, and combined with a Baphomet carded weapon for area attack, enables the vampsmith to self sustain themselves while fighting a large number of mobs. This is not esclusive to whitesmiths though, since other classes like LKs and even GCsaders can also utilize the vampire build.
  10. yujinori

    GMC Lance

    I think the GM Team is trying to encourage discussions like this instead of one team of pro peoples suddenly belching out a complete guide, thus spoiling the fun and surprise for the other players. I've done this GMC several times with my guildmates. I wasn't in the team roster when they attempted the GMC for the very first time though, so I went in with a team that already has some ideas on what to do in there I am in no ways a pro player, so I'm just going to try and complete what @braindead has originally posted, and maybe add some tidbits of my own The map used is indeed byalan 5 (iz_dun05) The ranged water mob is called Rhyncho and the ugly fish is called Coelacanth and its variations. (I've only noticed Gloomy Coelacanth, not sure if any other variations can be found in there) GTB shield is pretty much a must, along with some other situational shields and armors. RSX wind armor for the Champ and Marc carded wind/water armor for the rest of the poarty is also nice HWs can be potentially better damage dealers in this particular GMC, especially if fully geared. We went with 2-3 HWs in our last run and everything is way smoother compared to previous runs. (although that may also be because we're slightly more experienced compared to our previous attempts) A Professor might be nice for their skills but not really required I guess?
  11. yujinori

    B> White Rose Princess Costume

    Soo I know I'm like, 2 months late, but are you possibly still looking for this costume?
  12. yujinori


    #termasuk salah satu orang seperti itu
  13. yujinori

    Most expensive Costumes

    Around 300m maybe? Everything else in your list is being sold for 300-500m AFAIK
  14. yujinori

    Most expensive Costumes

    Ghostring Tall Hat / Whisper Tall Hat?
  15. yujinori

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    So many ideas in my head but I can't cook for the life of me...........