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  1. [Recap] Lunar New Year 2018 with Valentine's Day

    Wooo so we ended up not missing any of the possible rewards? Go us!
  2. TalonRO Calculator

    Especially with brand new Eden stuff coming in
  3. The Eden Group

    Oh... Em... GOODNESS This update made me reaaaally consider getting back into the game. Awesome update, GMs!
  4. Question about "Air Boss"

    I believe this is a renewal item? I looked it up in RMS and the text also mentions it reduces "variable cast time" which is a renewal term. Not available from Reward Guru nor from monster drops means this item might not even be available/obtainable yet in the server. *shrugs*
  5. A Week In TalonRO

    Welcome to the server!
  6. Add fcp npc just like plagiarism npc

    Called it... Its kinda viable though if there are a lot of people that needs FCP, since its a trans class skill, not everyone is willing to just make a new character for a FCP slave
  7. TalonRO Valentine's Bakeoff!

    D: What have you done to the poor Marin?
  8. Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day 2018

    Whoops my bad
  9. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Sooo apparently you can get multiple amount of the costumes as long as its not in your inventory when you try to claim it from the vending machine
  10. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Woo I don't know what happened but I got both the rose costumes after talking to Po twice just now. I gave a total of 11 beautiful flowers, 10 frozen roses and 50 witherless roses. Gonna give more bone stuff for the dog costumes now. EDIT: btw Yen's dog quest uses some sort of point system. Assuming that a heart sticker each "costs" 100 points, the point value of the items I've tested are: Well-Dried Bone = 50 points Skel Bone = 1 point Rotten Meat = 1 point Bomber Steak = 15 points I can confirm that the points are accumulated because I tried giving 6 Bomber Steaks (90 points) and didn't get a sticker. Next I handed over the Skel Bones one at a time and she gave me a sticker at the tenth bone. I haven't tried it with other items mentioned in this thread since I don't have any of them :<
  11. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Hmm.... I'll try giving some of the cheaper flowers. No more Witherless Roses for me
  12. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Welp, gave 10 beautiful flower, 10 frozen rose and 50 witherless roses and no rose costume. RIP moneh ;_; Is it because I've finished the main quest on that account?
  13. CNY 2018 Quest Guide ( Complete )

    Did the quest by following this path: Spirit - Han - Father Po Love Letter (Love route) - Wei Male Hairstyle Note ( Friendship Route ) - Wei Bitten By a Dog (Friendship route) I was already done with the love letter quest when I was reminded by someone in main chat (I forgot/don't know your forum name, sorry Za!) that the "main" quest can only be done once per account, and if I want to keep both pet and costume then I can't finish the love route in this account, so I didn't do Yen's cake quest but started the male hairstyle note instead. Got the pet without touching the sister (heh. touching the sister) Anyway, about Yen's Dog Food quest, these are the item-sticker ratio I've managed to figure out (still need further testing but I'll do it tomorrow) Well-Dried Bone = 2:1 Bomber Steak = 6 2/3 : 1 Rotten Meat AND Skel Bone = 100:1 Here is my submission "data" for those of you who are interested And here is one from a friend We both got the Puppy Headband Costume I'll do more tests tomorrow with more items that has been proven to work and with varying amounts to hopefully figure out the exact value of each items. Known NPC coordinates: Han (325,137) Yen (103,218) Wei (224,70) Xue (294,140) Po (310,174) Dog (312,173)
  14. Lunar New Year and Valentine's Day 2018

    Try actually DOING the quest first perhaps? Anyway, an incomplete guide is available here Its made by a player so any info and help is appreciated
  15. HueHueHue

    1. yujinori


      Woohoo congrats on winning the cosplay contest!

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      ayee thanks man :DD