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  1. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

  2. Kok jadi sepi yah???

    Izlude sama Comodo banyak
  3. Kok jadi sepi yah???

    Pake VPN gan. Betternet, Windscribe, Sumrando, dll.
  4. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

    *Upper Kicks thread to the top
  5. Halloween Cosplay Contest

    I think this should be included in the original post *pokes @GM Zelda
  6. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

    BUMP + Stock Update But I'm going to sleep now xP
  7. Best cards/bonuses for Nibelungen.

    How does one "accidentally" have a SQI though, I wonder... o.o
  8. How do slave Soul Linkers work?

    1) Soul linkers have a subtype of skills that start with Ka-. These Ka- skills can only be used on the linker him/herself or his/her family members (wife, husband, child). If the linker tries casting this skill on anyone else other than the mentioned persons, he/she will be stunned for a short time and the target will still not receive the buff. However, if the soul linker receives a Soul Linker Spirit buff, he/she can cast the Ka- skills on anybody without any repercussions. However (again), a Soul Linker can not cast the Soul Linker Spirit skill on his/herself, so that's where the second soul linker comes into the picture. 2) The best explanation I can think of is to reduce the number of opened clients. So what you do is use the Soul Linker in account 3 and use the Soul Linker Spirit skill on the Soul Linker in account 4, then quickly switch to Sage for buffing purposes. I suppose you're free to just make another account to do the task of the Soul Linker in account 3 if you want. 3) Like I mentioned in 1), marrying the soul linker to a character enables him/her to cast the Ka- buff skills on his/her spouse without the hassle of making a second soul linker in a separate account. EDIT: Ninja'd by @howrah
  9. Need help for HW gears for Abbey/Thor/Jupe

    Obligatory image, courtesy of @My Wife for Hire
  10. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

  11. RIP Flame Muffler Costume Price... /sob 

  12. Yuji's Panda Shoppe (Stock Update Oct 18th)

    Nope, sorry, trying to get cash if possible haha
  13. Hello frands~ Selling these items; PM or reply here for offers kthxbai Weapons +4 Kris [Drops][DEF+3 DEX+3] 8m +5 Survivors Rod (Dex) [Drops] **SOLD** +7 Staff of Piercing 5m +9 Lich's Bone Wand [2] 5m Ice Pick [Sharp5] 25m Luna Kaleet [Bapho - -] 13m Shields +4 Bible of Promise [1] 19m +4 Book of Charms [1] 2m +4 Guard [GTB] **SOLD** +4 Platinum Shield **SOLD** +4 Silver Guard [Medusa] 7m +4 Strong Shield [GTB] **SOLD** Headgears Chewing Bubblegum **SOLD** Armors +4 Silk Robe [Bathory] [DEX+2] 18m +4 Wind Armor [Marc] 15m Garments +4 Muffler [Deviling] **SOLD** +4 Naght Seiger's Flame Manteau [1] 5m Skin of Ventoss [Whisper] 9m Footgear +7 Shoes [GEC] **SOLD** +4 Shoes [Eddga] **SOLD** Accessories Clip [Sting] 2m Clip [Creamy] **SOLD** Misc. Holy Robe **SOLD** Flame Muffler Costume 100m Listed price is the "book price" and I'm not in a hurry to sell so feel free to haggle or offer, but nonsensical and troll offers will still be ignored The list will updated when I have more time I'm generally online after 7 PM at GMT+7, so the trades will usually be done at that time. UPDATED STOCK!!!