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  1. When it says costume does it actually have to be /costumes/ or just any decorative headgears in general? Are we allowed to take on more than one GM Challenges in a single entry?
  2. So many ideas in my head but I can't cook for the life of me...........
  3. Can I write a love story between my Stalker and the CNY Hode?
  4. Ooohhhh... I should've thought about this, completely slipped my mind. Thank you!
  5. Can somebody please confirm whether the scarves are account bound or not? *crosses fingers hoping its not..... making a set of scarves for all of my accounts does not sound fun...
  6. inb4 you get your own gift at the end of the event
  7. Is this on purpose or is it accidental?
  8. Thanks for the clarification ser Boreas.
  9. Hmmm.... Does it have to be an original meme, or can we submit something that can be found from a quick google search?
  10. Are the Easter Eggs, Ribbons and Paints tradable? Or at least Kafra-able?
  11. WOOOOO can't wait for more details to be posted for this event! *heavy breathing* Is it weird that I feel happy when I saw a pic I posted in the FB page get used in the video? XD
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