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  1. Demus

    LK Kiel Dun

    Hi, I am just about to become LK and wanted to go hunt Alice for her card. But I can't find any build ( anywhere, not only this forum). I was thinking to go for spiral pierce build max dex/vit(or agi for flee??) and str to carry items. Since spiral pierce ignores def. But I was wondering about eq. For now I have 2x bradium brooch [sting] (from my sniper), kaho, gec, pantie[porcellio], undershirt, robo eye. I am not sure about weapon. Any suggestions? Or this place isn't for LK My budged for weapon is 10m. ( I know its not much but don't have more :/ ) Any other LK build suggestions are welcome too (for this place). Thank you.
  2. Demus

    hunter trap build

    Ok thx lozaki, so I will try your build then.
  3. Demus

    hunter trap build

    Hi i want to make hunter trap build. Currently im 68 lv hunter. From what i have rea i need to aim for 99 int/dex. What gear would be best? (please give examples) and is this build good for leveling?
  4. Demus

    B> Hermose Cap

    Leave offers here or pm me
  5. Hi, im selling my +7 wind claymore, fire claymore and drops card. Leave offer here or contact me ingame : Daag i can trade them them for hermose cap, or any headgear with aspd bonus, or sell for zeny.