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  1. Eddgas and bathory armor are the essentials. Then either divine cross set or a staff + khalitz shield + dex accessories. You can play with variations and builds, but it comes down to bathory and eddgas so you don't become undead and so you can gtfo. Just keep running, prioritize buffs and assump and keep ruwach up all the time since skogul hurt when grimtoothing. I go max dex (or whatever you need for 150), very high int, and moderate vit (like 40-50). You might get stunned by the plasmas, but it doesn't take long to come back and you'll want as much int to kill faster.
  2. Eitr721

    GMC Ticket

    Is there any way to tell if the player was dead before disconnecting? Could be free/special tickets if you reconnect and were still alive. And then only use the 3 tickets for people coming back in after dying. But I agree, dcing proves an annoying problem when there's only 3 tickets.
  3. Eitr721

    US-Timezone Guilds

    Welcome Spudge Shameless plug for Desert Dojo, we have people in all time zones but a good chunk of our players are EST and PST. We usually have something going on between 00:00 and 06:00 most weeknights. Come meet us in Malangdo or send me a PM sometime if you wanna join. Goodluck finding somewhere to call home!
  4. Another day, another Dojo Jupe. Come join us in Malangdo for the next one!
  5. Big things in the works, come join us in Malangdo or pm one of the officers for an invite. Leveling parties, eden quests, ET, GMC and of course dead branch parties!
  6. Np Big man, just lookin' forward to basketball season. (And go Dojo!)
  7. Newcomers are always welcome and never forgotten as long as they're active. We've got lots of party runs for different levels and are pretty much constantly chatting on Discord, so just join in any of it and you'll be part of the Dojo family. @The 4th
  8. No one has made a guide because you can just click any of the item links you added, look for a monster that is mobbable (60+ spawn on a map) and go kill them. If you need the sage-endow ones, break the higher level ones with the exception of wind of verdure, which can be farmed. Red Blood/Crystal blue can either be from broken things or from Mushrooms, but it's probably easier to buy these than hunting mushrooms if you don't have a bio. Sometimes bio sell them pretty low since they get them while farming mushrooms for Detrimindexta. Goodluck!
  9. Got the pretty bear from the basic box.
  10. The Pink and Blue pajamas hats. Both increase damage by 5% and MATK +5%, 1 slotted upper headgear, 2 defense.
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