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  1. Eddgas and bathory armor are the essentials. Then either divine cross set or a staff + khalitz shield + dex accessories. You can play with variations and builds, but it comes down to bathory and eddgas so you don't become undead and so you can gtfo. Just keep running, prioritize buffs and assump and keep ruwach up all the time since skogul hurt when grimtoothing. I go max dex (or whatever you need for 150), very high int, and moderate vit (like 40-50). You might get stunned by the plasmas, but it doesn't take long to come back and you'll want as much int to kill faster.
  2. Eitr721

    GMC Ticket

    Is there any way to tell if the player was dead before disconnecting? Could be free/special tickets if you reconnect and were still alive. And then only use the 3 tickets for people coming back in after dying. But I agree, dcing proves an annoying problem when there's only 3 tickets.
  3. Eitr721

    US-Timezone Guilds

    Welcome Spudge Shameless plug for Desert Dojo, we have people in all time zones but a good chunk of our players are EST and PST. We usually have something going on between 00:00 and 06:00 most weeknights. Come meet us in Malangdo or send me a PM sometime if you wanna join. Goodluck finding somewhere to call home!
  4. Another day, another Dojo Jupe. Come join us in Malangdo for the next one!
  5. Big things in the works, come join us in Malangdo or pm one of the officers for an invite. Leveling parties, eden quests, ET, GMC and of course dead branch parties!
  6. Eitr721

    PvM Clown

    Arrow Vulcan is a cool skill and seems awesome, but the non-aspd delay really hurts it in terms of dps. It's also clown only, so you can't get the bonus as a bard. Finally, playing music while hitting is awesome. I really like the musical strike bonus for mvp and end game pvm. You can also play with the different options as your learn more about the server and your role in pvm. So far you've seen pure dps, bragi int/dps. You can also go vit bard for survivability and immunity to stun/etc. Basically, play with the calc and look at builds for other classes to understand things. As for 95+ clown, try anywhere that you can 1 hit AV. You won't be going places snipers normally would (no sharp shoot) but you can still 1 shot a lot of things.
  7. Eitr721

    PvM Clown

    With 35% musical strike and 20% long range damage bonus, you should definitely see more damage from EG [3xTG]. Not to mention +5 Dex and another +10 dex from bonus. As said before, research on the forums and you should be able to figure out an Electric Guitar build that does 1/2 to 3/4 of sniper's DPS. Combine with songs (especially gypsy duet) for more party value. And you can do all of that wearing a GTB.
  8. Eitr721

    Gypsy's Role

    Can't speak to pvp or woe, but gypsy can still be used in end game pvm. Bragi is nerfed so gypsy doesn't have a huge gap compared to clown. Gypsy does have sp dance and crit dance, and with a clown in party can add quite a bit to Sniper damage. Also, thanks to sqi and other cards, gypsy can easily do at least half of the damage of a Sniper, while dancing and wearing a gtb/Medusa. Probably more with the right build. With all that said, you'll still have to find people that will take you on runs, since it's not a class that is regularly used. But it's certainly possible. Also gonna tag @Lieca cause I've seen a lot of screenshots with her as gypsy
  9. Eitr721

    PvM Clown

    And you can spam it with songs going (can't remember if you can with arrow Vulcan, haven't played clown in a while).
  10. Heeeiiidd! Sup. Dojo. Malangdo. Everybody join
  11. Eitr721

    hom sprite change

    Ohhh I like this one. It's already a pain getting a homunc that is even slightly competitive given the custom equips of the server available for players. Makes sense to decrease the cost a little if you also care about the style of your character.
  12. This is pretty normal for me on RO and for most games. When in full screen mode, windows does less work because it knows that it doesn't have to display the desktop and everything. You can try adjusting the settings, especially the resolution, and hopefully someone else has some other advice. But windowed mode being slower is normal.
  13. Eitr721

    Advanced Safety Ring

    Would it be possible to remove some of the ingredients for it? All of your reasons for its current stats are great, but with all of the ingredients being for bris, it's extremely expensive for what it does. Possibly just removing a few of the higher priced accessories would do.
  14. Adding to this just in case someone is reading and still not convinced. For ET and GMC where you have people standing between you and mobs, the only thing that should hit you is magic attacks. Deviling increases damage from non-neutral attacks, so all those LoV, SG and Meteor Storms will hurt you extra with it on. But I get it, it's tempting to trust confident people.
  15. Personally, SN is a cool first class if you don't mind getting to the base 45 required to change. The bless + agi + attention concentrate + Owl's eye combo is great for getting a fast casting mage. I make them sometimes when I want a fun class to level. As far as end game parties, they quickly lose usefulness on ET/GMC/TWC. Like you say, they can sort of red mage, but they have very limited AoEs and are lacking assump and res. Their DPS with melee or ranged attacks is limited. That can all be somewhat compensated for with high end gear, but it still only reaches mid-tier levels of other classes.
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