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  1. The idea of selling back BG items to the NPC for 50% of the coins spent. Gives people a chance to try out different weapons and classes without going too overboard/ being over lenient towards spending mistakes.
  2. I'll participate... Lemme just lure my team back.
  3. If anyone needs a Bored Half-Retired Sniper, shoot me a forum message with party details. -OPM
  4. PyroManiac

    B>Costumes Listed

    ~Ten-Gallon Flame Hat ~Heavenly Dark Flame~ Message me on here or PM One Pew Man In-Game to discuss prices.
  5. He cranked his arm back and rapidly sent it forward flinging an apple at the golem.
  6. I'd have to toss my hat in the ring and agree that the rarest item would indeed be~ Dagger of Edda. However when you say most valuable... Well that all depends on your definition of an item's value, monetarily speaking there's a lot of options, if you find value in rarities the way I do then it'd be the fabled Dagger of Edda though.
  7. Gunslinger is definitely an option here man. The biggest difference between prerenewal and renewal is with jobs, renewal has 3rds for main branch classes and 2nds for extended classes ie. Ninja and Slinger. Prerenewal doesn't.
  8. Welcome back man, glad to see your entrance is so lively! I usually main sniper as well so if you ever want to shoot stuff together hit me up. Ign: One Pew Man
  9. A: Life is actually incredibly short though- I've lost friends and family that haven't gotten to see their children start school. While you trot to the finish line try not to focus on the end of the race but on enjoying it as much as you can, sometimes that means encouraging others that lose their way. It could add more sense of purpose to the experience. Q: What is the square root of 9? ( No calculators >:3 )
  10. PyroManiac


    Welcome Back >:D! See ya around in game
  11. Welcome nel, I'm a vet RO player as well who just re-happened upon this server earlier in the month. Here has been my first time actually playing a low rate and enjoying it. Need anything let me know~ ign: One Pew Man
  12. Welcome to the community Celedyr. If you have any questions or want to make a friend during your journies through Midgard PM One Pew Man. See ya in game !
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