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  1. @Lumeya I appreciate your input into this forum post as it is an open discussion and you have definitely opened my eyes to certain aspects that I had not previously considered. However, what I do not appreciate is your use of personal attacks aimed to belittle and undermine @PrideFries who is just voicing their opinion on this matter. Lumeya, your tone and use of language to twist our arguments does not reflect well on you nor does it make me feel inclined to support your arguments. The creator mentioned in this post has every right to farm in the sleeper map and we are by no means, trying to get rid of the afkemist play style. It is a play style that many enjoy and you're right, he isn't intentionally throwing off the spawn for other players, however his presence with six afkemist has and will indirectly affect the other players on the map whether he likes it or not. And so, the question still stands, is it FAIR for one player to create multiple accounts that can potentially affect the experience for every other player on the map. Lumeya, if I may be frank, do you think its fair that one player should be allowed to play in a way that benefits only themselves, where everyone else must suffer due to the action of one. Does that sound fair to you? because if you believe that the right for one player to play however they wish is more important, no matter how selfish, then I have nothing to more to say to you other than the fact that I disagree. Whether or not the GMs make a rule or even see this forum post, I believe that there should be some sort of moral code among the players, as @Phanman stated, "we should be courteous first, and farmers second".
  2. Hey Coxwain, I agree with you that you are an active farmer just like the rest of us, and you have every right to play it in a way that suits your play style. However, in saying that, you must also remember that you are sharing the map with numerous other players. As mentioned earlier by Maetropa, who I believe has given a clear and logical explanation; you are essentially reserving a large amount of sleepers to yourself for a prolonged period of time that ultimately affects the respawn rates for other players on the map. Coxwain, I respect your play style as a creator and I was by no means, trying to force you into playing as a Lord Knight. However, if that is the style that you prefer, then you must also accept the consequences of that play style as an afkemist/creator which has a slower single target kill speed and collection rate in comparison to conventional farming classes such as the Lord Knight and Stalker. And so I understand that to counter this problem and increase the collection rate, you have dedicated the time and effort to create more accounts which seems like an ingenious idea. A smart tactic yes, however, at what cost? It is at the cost of every other farmer sharing the map and so if I am to be frank, it is quite a selfish act that is inconsiderate to others. There is no current rule saying that you can't have multiple accounts at the same time however, its about showing courtesy and respecting your fellow farmers. Thats all I have to say, I leave this in the hands of the GMs now to decide what the best course of action.
  3. Okay, I understand your point of view as an "afkemists" and I acknowledge the fact that encountering creators camped in the sleeper map has caused inconvenience to a degree, however, I have never had any issues with the gameplay of creators. In saying that, it would appear that you have completely missed the point of my original post. Creators are more than welcome in farming maps and like I said earlier, some players are very kind and respectable. The issue that I have raised that you have so clearly misunderstood due to your apparent "lack of intellectual capacity" is whether ONE player should be allowed to make MULTIPLE accounts spread across the single map. Like I stated in my original post, this one player had SIX accounts spread across the map where multiple players, not just myself, felt that there should be an unspoken rule of respecting other players regarding this matter. The issue was raised with the creator and handled in a civil manner where we ultimately decided to leave this matter to the GMs hands. This is not a matter of "intellectual capacity" and "inconveniences" but more of a matter of consideration and respect for the wider community. Thank you for reading.
  4. Creators in the Sleeper map. We have all seen them, occupying designated areas and where some even AFK, as their great natures just lay there in front of us and disappear much like our hopes and dreams. I am by no means hating on people who play creators in the sleeper map, in fact, I have encountered some individuals who are kind and active. However, in saying that, I'm sure that we have all noticed that when there are multiple creators in a farming zone, the rates of Great Natures collected can drop dramatically. To provide a bit of context as to why I am writing this forum post, I was doing my usual daily zeny farm on my Lord Knight where I can achieve up to 220-250 Great Natures per fire endow, when I encountered multiple creators camped in different parts of the Sleeper map. At first, I thought nothing of it, however, I was noticing a drop in the rate of Great natures that I was collecting with only 180-200 Great natures per fire endow. Only until I looked closely, did I notice that these creators all had the same style (hair/hair colour/clothes colour) and all shared similar variations of the same name. I personally messaged one of the creators, asking how many accounts he had on at the moment in the sleeper map. The creator replied with a single character of "6". That's right folks, this man had not one, not two, not even 3 but SIX creators, camped out at the sleeper map. Now there's no rule saying that he can't have six accounts camping at sleepers, but it raises the question, 'how many is too many?' Out of respect for the other players sharing the sleeper map, I messaged the creator, asking politely if he could limit the number of accounts to a maximum of 3 (which is still a lot for one person but its better than 6) as the high number of creators in a single map can ruin the farming experience for others sharing the map. The creator seemed to not understand as to why and how using a creator "ruined" the map and so I explained to him simply that: 1. Creators occupy a designated area that is usually a high spawn area making it hard for other players to go near due to not wanting to accidentally kill steal or lose their mob 2. The Creators Homunculi has a single target attack and has a slower kill speed. My theory is that, the faster a player can mob and kill all at once, the more monsters can instantly respawn for other players around the map. A creator simply does not have the kill speed to do that and I have personally seen a creator occupy a small mob for over a minute. As I explained this to the creator, he did not seem to fully comprehend my argument as to why a large amount of creators in a single map can hinder the farming process of the community as a whole and so we both agreed to post this issue on the forum to let others pitch in their thoughts in this delicate issue. As I explained earlier, I have nothing against Creators, and understand that it is a very fun class to play, but out of respect for the wider community who enjoy farming, should there be a rule/guideline where there is a limit to the number of Creators played by a single player in a single map?
  5. Hi, This calculator is just amazing as it helps me decide what items would be best for different scenarios but could we also add in weapon enchantments and pet loyal bonuses? that would make this calc perfect
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