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  1. White Hawk

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    Oh, and no more bonus loots from the Monster of the Week, T__T
  2. White Hawk

    Official Meiadrir Feedback Thread

    I've tried going to TamTam's region, and the CC drop rate is a bit low, I think? And when the champion monsters are lurking around, other mobs won't drop CC right? This will make it harder for new players since they can't kill those champion monster. I don't think these updates are newbie friendly.
  3. White Hawk

    I Can't Run TalonRO

    Oh, right. I misread the guide and thought it's only for Windows 8 user XD Gonna download and try it now ^^ Thanks for the help
  4. White Hawk

    I Can't Run TalonRO

    No, mine is Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x64 and x86 And .NET Framework 4
  5. White Hawk

    I Can't Run TalonRO

    Why my TalonRO won't run? I already clicked the start game, but nothing happened. I already read the Installation Guide and Troubleshooting, already try to change the setup, and already try to disable my UAC. But still nothing happened. What should I do now? Please help me XD Thanks
  6. White Hawk

    12 Days of Christmas: DAY 12!!!

    Even tho I can't sing, but I really want to join this event, so here's the result. Hope you enjoy it! xD Lyrics: Sorry, my singing skill is 0 xD IGN: Mariyagi