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  1. GM Spica

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    The IRL headgears you've found are all wonderful so far! Keep them coming!
  2. GM Spica

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    Exactly, only one headgear. If you feel like you can do a full combination there is nobody's stopping you though!
  3. GM Spica

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    You can submit a photo together but you can only enter one in-game name, which means you will only be prized as one if you win.
  4. Happy October Talonians! Halloween is just around the corner and we've prepared a special contest for you! The rules are very simple; you have to submit your real-life hat or item that closely resembles a headgear or costume found in-game. The hat that you will submit to this contest can either be store bought or handmade. The submission itself will be in form of a few photos, a screenshot, and a handwritten note. The deadline will fall on the 29th October 00:00 server time. Best of luck to all participants! ☆‬ Rules ☆‬ - This contest requires you to take images with either a camera or smartphone - Only Top/Mid/Lower headgears/costumes are allowed - You can submit pictures of already existing IRL hats or craft your own! - The items can be either placed somewhere or worn, it's fine to edit and add an emoji to hide your face if needed - Images cannot be stolen from the internet - As a contestant, you have to either hold or place a handwritten paper note with the words "TALON RO 2018 Contest" somewhere in the picture - You may submit as many headgears as you like. You can, however, only win once - Make sure to include your in-game name in your post - Most importantly, have fun! ☆‬ Example ☆‬ In-game name: GM Luna Headgear name: Long Rainbow Octopus Costume ☆‬ Prizes ☆‬ 1st place Bat Rucksack Costume + 25 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box 2nd place 15 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box 3rd place 10 TC + October Costume Box 4th & 5th place October Costume Box Good luck everyone!
  5. GM Spica

    Auto Teleported Back to Savepoint

    Have you checked that you don't have a Butterfly Wing somewhere hidden in your f12 hotkeys? Sometimes if you're in battle mode or the scroll keys are activated its easy to forget-scroll-and activate said item.
  6. GM Spica

    Seems silly but

    Welcome to the server William! We have plenty of social and friendly guilds as well as a Discord channel. I hope you have the most wonderful adventure on TalonRO, see you around!
  7. GM Spica

    Summer Cook Off Winners!

    Gongrats everyone! You all did so well, truly! Now it’s time to invest in super tiny fridges and ship it all to Saen.
  8. GM Spica

    TalonRO Summer Cook Off! | Forum event

    So excited for this contest! I can hear my tummy growling already.
  9. GM Spica

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    And that concludes our summer 2017 art contest. Thank you all for participating! The winning entries will have their art presented in the summer calendar starting from the 1st of August.
  10. GM Spica

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    Feel free to draw on paper and scan or take a photography of the artwork. It doesn't necessarily have to be drawn digitally.
  11. GM Spica

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    Whoa whoa, so may wonderful entries already!
  12. GM Spica

    Summer Art Contest: Postcards from TalonRO

    Entries must follow the format, that's 450px wide by 300px tall so it has to be in landscape mode indeed. On the plus side, the frame is quite small anyway so I'm sure you'll be able to fill it out!
  13. Hi Talonians! We hope you're having the most wonderful summer yet! The time has come for us to host a ~you guessed it!~ calendar art contest! For those who missed it last year - this means that we will be featuring our talented community's artwork on our website for 31 whole days in August. As you open each day's artwork you will get a code to type in game for daily prizes! To participate in this art contest we need your creative mind to draw a postcard and post it here. We look forward to seeing many participants this year! Submission Deadline All entries must be submitted by the 28th of July 22:00 server time Rules Entries must be 450px wide by 300px tall. Entries must use original artwork and cannot be copied from someone else's work. Entries may be a hand-drawn image, digital image, pixel/sprite based, or photography. Entries should be summer holiday and TalonRO/RO-themed. Images may be doodles or quick sketches, given the short time frame. You are allowed to submit multiple artwork entries for this contest. Example frame Prizes All winning submissions will receive 10 Talon Coins as a reward. If you submit multiple entries, you also will receive an additional prize of 5 Talon Coins for each subsequent entry selected! In addition, all qualifying entries will receive a special treat as a thank you for participation. Good luck everyone!
  14. GM Spica

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Amazing job so far, everyone! Keep them coming! This made my day!
  15. You sure finished them fast! I'm really pleased with the result. Thanks!