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  1. soiree21.thumb.jpg.d2bddc86833d09a0e42e0402847c37f9.jpg

    Thank you so much for the fun at the Soiree, Talonians! /lv

  2. spilulu.jpg.0a4e481e310a4458801c95208373a2f0.jpg

    The Summer Art Contest prizes have now been mailed by @GM Luna and me!

    Thank you for joining with your wonderful illustrations, Talonians! /lv

    1. Windseeker


      Got mine! Thank you very muchly.

  3. minikafratamchi.png.05b751b50d1847e96ae14ec5c57d779e.png

    Don't forget to support TalonRO by leaving a review on http://ratemyserver.net/ /lv

  4. Teamwork sure goes a long way! Congratulations to all the winners who joined our  Warp Maze event today!
    And huge thanks to @GM Zelda For helping out with the event! /fsh


    1. GM Zelda

      GM Zelda

      Was a load of fun!

  5. (pajamas) Hats off to the winners of the December 2017 Christmas card event! We had many great entries this year as well! /fsh


  6. Don't forget that there are only 4 days left to submit an entry to our Autumn Login and Loading screen contest. So hurry up and check it out if you haven't already! Best of luck and Happy Halloween!  


  7. Always be yourself. Unless you can be a Cornus, then always be a Cornus.


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    2. Amissapanda


      A little corny, but great advice to live by! : )

    3. GM Spica

      GM Spica

      I see what you did there @Amissapanda /heh

    4. Callia Aravaris

      Callia Aravaris

      Yay or Neigh? :3

  8. I don't know about you guys, but the word "Papaya" is not a word I could ever say in a serious manner. /heh

    What's yours?

    1. GM Howl

      GM Howl


    2. My Wife for Hire
    3. GM Lance

      GM Lance

      I find kumquats a little more disturbing. 

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