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  1. soiree21.thumb.jpg.d2bddc86833d09a0e42e0402847c37f9.jpg

    Thank you so much for the fun at the Soiree, Talonians! /lv

  2. Congratulations to our winners @drin16 @agilazo @AG. @Rinny Rin @hligg @miston @PizZa @CanineCrunchies @Saorika Your prize will be mailed to within the coming weeks.
  3. That concludes the TalonRO sticker art contest, everyone! Thank you all for participating. We will announce the winning entries by the end of this week, so stay tuned!
  4. Heyo Talonians! Do you enjoy stickers? Ever tried making stickers? Discord has been such a great means to stay in touch on the server, and now with the most recent update we can finally add stickers to convey our feelings even better, hurray! That also means that you are now able to contribute to TalonRO's Discord stickers collection - and get rewarded for it! Will you do it? Come on, let's go! We've set a deadline for August 10th 2021 22:00 server time. 💜 This Contest requires you to use a digital drawing/editing software such as Photoshop/Photopea or other. 💜 Your sticker must be based on TalonRO's or Ragnarok Online's Monsters/NPCs/Items/skills or similar. 💜 The sticker must be made by you and from scratch, you are however free to get inspired by other stickers/expressions. 💜 Your entry must be 320x320px exactly, in .PNG format (For more supported formats by Discord, visit their website) 💜 NSFW entries will not be considered. 💜 1 to 3 submissions per person as we will only add 10 Discord stickers in total. So there will also be a total of 10 winners tops. 💜 Add a small description of the sticker as well as an emoji it can be associated with. 💜 Entries will be judged by creativity/usability/fun of the sticker. 💜 Include your in-game character name in your entry. Note: If your sticker gets chosen, it will be used on TalonRO's Discord channel, however we might also use it on the website, patch, banners etc. Make sure you're okay with that before submitting. We will credit you where due. Example entry: IGN: GM Spica Description: TamTam the raccoon holding a heart. Emoji: ❤️ Sticker: You will be rewarded 1x August Monthly Costume Box + 5x Talon Coins if your sticker gets chosen. Best of luck, Talonians! Banner composition done by @GM Lance The GM team reserves the right to exclude entries without further explanation.
  5. spilulu.jpg.0a4e481e310a4458801c95208373a2f0.jpg

    The Summer Art Contest prizes have now been mailed by @GM Luna and me!

    Thank you for joining with your wonderful illustrations, Talonians! /lv

    1. Windseeker


      Got mine! Thank you very muchly.

  6. That concludes it for the Summer Art Contest! Thank you for joining, everyone who did! We will be reviewing your entries.
  7. Hi there! Yep, photos are okay, as long as it's a picture of something you've created by yourself. Do include your in game name in the picture as well. Best of luck!
  8. Each player may only appear once, and only in one entry/submission, I hope that clears things up. Good luck!
  9. You people are making such delish foods! Keep up the good work!
  10. minikafratamchi.png.05b751b50d1847e96ae14ec5c57d779e.png

    Don't forget to support TalonRO by leaving a review on http://ratemyserver.net/ /lv

  11. First and foremost, all of these entries have been a blast to read - Amazing job everyone, and thank you for joining! Our five winners have finally been decided and it's an honor to present them ~ The winners are: 1. @aravis 2. @gummyjeff 3. @DeliciousGreenApple 4. @Laylen 5. @murt Your prizes will be mailed out to you in the following week.
  12. You're free to use as many GM challenges as you like in your story, however, only 2 of them (+6TC in total) will count towards your prize in the end. I hope that clears things up.
  13. It alright if English isn’t your native language, after all, this isn’t a contest about grammar but about love stories. That’s fine, make it good.
  14. Just include your in-game name in your post so that we know who to send the prizes to if you win, it doesn't have to be in the story.
  15. That’s fine, as long as it’s new and written by you.
  16. Dear Lovely Talonians! It's that romantic time of the year and we are beyond excited to host our annual Valentine's Day Love Novel Contest! The rules are simple, all participants must come up with their own Valentine's love story from scratch. We will judge the stories based on originality and effort. Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate! The event concludes on the 14th of February 2019 at 20:00 server time. ♡ You may only submit one entry ♡ The novel must be written in English ♡ Your entry must include your in-game name ♡ The story must take place in a RO/TalonRO setting ♡ All entries must have a romance theme and be PG-13 ♡ Entries can be posted inside the spoiler tag or as a Pastebin link ♡ Our mascot Tam Tam must make at least one cameo in your novel ♡ The word limit should be a minimum of 1000 and a maximum of 2500 words ♡ Once your story is posted you're only allowed to edit the spelling and/or grammatical errors ♡ The story must be written by you and not have been posted anywhere else on the internet previously ♡ Have fun! These challenges will serve as a bonus for the winners' prizes, a maximum of two will be counted per entry. Write in your post which challenge(s) you took on! GM Spica - Include a twist in your story! + 3 TC GM Lance - Include a love rival to spice up your narrative! + 3 TC GM Mikzie - Sweetheart - "A sweet story that consistently involves candy" + 3 TC GM Phoenix - Include a redemption plot point in your story. + 3 TC GM Amor - Include a unicorn in your story. + 3 TC GM Luna - Story that takes place during the night under the moon and stars. + 3 TC GM Radius - Include a convenience store as part of the setting. + 3 TC GM Rainbow - Make letters or handwritten notes significant to your story. + 3 TC GM Seiren - Include a nemesis. + 3 TC GM Haru - Include a cheesy pickup line in the dialogue. + 3 TC GM Neza - Include a prologue and an epilogue. + 3 TC This event will have 5 winners* 1st place 1 February Monthly Costume Box + 1 Ballooling pet + 1 GM Box of choice + 10 Talon Coins 2nd place 1 February Monthly Costume Box + 1 Ballooling Pet + 10 Talon Coins 3rd place 1 February Monthly Costume Box + 1 Heart chocolate + 5 Talon Coins 4&5th place 5 Talon Coins + 1 Heart chocolate Best of luck and happy writing! ♡ *The GMs reserve the right to pick fewer or no winners should the contest not have enough qualifying entries.
  17. The IRL headgears you've found are all wonderful so far! Keep them coming!
  18. Exactly, only one headgear. If you feel like you can do a full combination there is nobody's stopping you though!
  19. You can submit a photo together but you can only enter one in-game name, which means you will only be prized as one if you win.
  20. Happy October Talonians! Halloween is just around the corner and we've prepared a special contest for you! The rules are very simple; you have to submit your real-life hat or item that closely resembles a headgear or costume found in-game. The hat that you will submit to this contest can either be store bought or handmade. The submission itself will be in form of a few photos, a screenshot, and a handwritten note. The deadline will fall on the 29th October 00:00 server time. Best of luck to all participants! ☆‬ Rules ☆‬ - This contest requires you to take images with either a camera or smartphone - Only Top/Mid/Lower headgears/costumes are allowed - You can submit pictures of already existing IRL hats or craft your own! - The items can be either placed somewhere or worn, it's fine to edit and add an emoji to hide your face if needed - Images cannot be stolen from the internet - As a contestant, you have to either hold or place a handwritten paper note with the words "TALON RO 2018 Contest" somewhere in the picture - You may submit as many headgears as you like. You can, however, only win once - Make sure to include your in-game name in your post - Most importantly, have fun! ☆‬ Example ☆‬ In-game name: GM Luna Headgear name: Long Rainbow Octopus Costume ☆‬ Prizes ☆‬ 1st place Bat Rucksack Costume + 25 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box 2nd place 15 TC + 1 October Costume Box + 1 GM box 3rd place 10 TC + October Costume Box 4th & 5th place October Costume Box Good luck everyone!
  21. Teamwork sure goes a long way! Congratulations to all the winners who joined our  Warp Maze event today!
    And huge thanks to @GM Zelda For helping out with the event! /fsh


    1. GM Zelda

      GM Zelda

      Was a load of fun!

  22. Technically he did have his character name clear and visible in his screenshot, which is relevant for the prize giving and nothing else. I hope this clears things up, thank you for your feedback, anyway!
  23. Ding ding ding! Congratulations @TheStranger !
  24. You're on the right map! But we need a /where command typed out showing the coordinates. Better luck next time!
  25. Hello, my most energetic Talonians! The dreadful winter is almost lifting and we will be able to go out and smell the flowers (and try not to die of hay fever) once again! And with spring comes some exciting things, nice weather, birds chirping, heaps of sunshine and eating yourself into oblivion on Easter. So I would like everybody here to join me on a spectacular Easter Egg Hunt! The Hunt will last two weeks, and we will have one winner per day, so there's plenty of prizes and chances to win for everybody. Never been on an Easter Egg Hunt? Well, it's simple! The Easter Bunny hides some eggs around and all you have to do... well, find them. Easy right?! I'll help you guys out. I'll follow the Easter Bunny around and see where he hides his eggs and, take a screenshot and post it here. Then, all you have to do is to go to the same exact location, type in /where, take a screenshot of yourself where the egg was hidden and post it as a reply to this post! The first one to do so wins the prize! ✧ Rounds will be held daily, from today all the way up to Easter; ✧ You may only submit ONE entry to this post; ✧ Participants for the last round may not participate in the immediate next one, however, they can participate in the next one after that; ✧There will be one winner per round; ✧You may enter simply by posting a screenshot showing your coordinates to this topic (use /where to show coordinates on your chat box); ✧The first person to post a screenshot on the exact or nearest coordinates of the egg location will be considered the winner; ✧Add your IGN to your post; ✧You can't edit your post, so make sure you have your coordinates on your screenshot and the TalonRO logo visible. Edited posts will not be considered for potential winners. ✧ Spring Rabbit Card ✧ GM box of your choosing ✧ 100 Eden Merit Badges
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