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  1. On behalf of myself and all the TalonRO staff, we thank you for your generosity during the December Charity event. It really goes to show us that you all have such generous hearts and are willing to make a difference. A staggering amount of just over $15000 was raised! We never expected to raise so much! Due to a few chosen charities not able to take Paypal contributions, we have opted to choose a few other charities with equal value to society. The following have been changed: Doctor's Worldwide -> BBC Children in Need https://www.childreninneed-donations.co.uk/ Beyond Blue -> Hong Fook Mental Health Association http://www.hongfook.ca/ Children's Miracle Network Hospitals -> World Wide Fund For Nature http://www.wwf.org/ Each of the charities received an equal share donation of $1500. Due to a few charities only accepting their specific currency, a rough estimated amount was donated that would result in similar value after conversion. [img height=237 width=562]http://i50.tinypic.com/2r28wf4.jpg Again, a big thank you to all the players of TalonRO for making this event such a delightful success.
  2. Hey everyone,My apologies for the latest connection problems as there have been some strange kinks in our security configuration that caused some issues for people connecting successfully.This will be resolved within the next 24 hours as we are currently adapting the configuration to better acknowledge player connections.Again, I apologize for the confusion. Nothing to worry as we will boost EXP rates to compensate everyone. Update: All fixed now.
  3. After a lengthy discussion with the GMs due to the overwhelming positive response from last month's TC requirement adjustment, it has been decided that the new TC requirements will remain permanently. This means that the lowered amounts announced last month will remain from now on, so you'll have to start rethinking on what to save for the coming year. I guess the timing on this is pretty good as it's the lunar new year, so it just ties in that much better Hope you (relevant) guys get lots of red envelopes and eat lots of mooncake. 새해 복 많이 받으세요 恭喜發財 (only ones I can type, sorry if I missed your respective language )
  4. I hope everyone had an amazing 2010. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our players in making what TalonRO has become today. As a way to really ring in the new year to show our appreciation for all our players, the required amount of TCs for a few things will be lowered for a limited time. These adjustments will be in effect from now until January 31st. 12 TC 1 Rank B Card of Choice 15 TC 1 Rank C Item of Choice 20 TC 1 Rank A Card of Choice 25 TC 1 Rank B Item of Choice 35 TC 1 Rank A Item of Choice 50 TC 1 Lord Kaho's Horns 15 TC Customize a Bell of Pussycat into a non-existing customization 15 TC Customize a Lord Kaho's Horns into a non-existing customization. Receive 2 Handmade Chocolates as well. With that, I hope that everyone is off to a great start in 2011. We have many things planned for this coming year, so stay tuned and continue to enjoy your time on the server. Happy New Year everyone.
  5. For some reason, our host for the website hasn't been very reliable lately and the site occasionally liked to hang up and have issues connecting with our databases. Due to these annoying problems, the website has been moved to a new server. This should resolve all those little issues. As a result, the domain/subdomain names may not have worked for some of you (or continue not to yet); including the subdomains for the forum and control panel as well. Usually takes about a day or two to full propagate all over the world, so give it a day or two, and everything should be back to normal and working. So now we can bid those niggling problems adieu and continue forth.
  6. Lately there have been a couple glitches regarding the email that gets dispatched with the trans ID after a donation. I have changed how the script handles the mail now and should be a lot more stable now. Some of you may have also received another email even if you didn't donate for it. It was a small glitch and you can ignore that email (though if you try to use it, it'll just reject it). If you have any questions or concerns regarding anything, please fill out a support ticket.
  7. The webhost for the main website is undergoing a change, so expect it to be out for some time. It should really only take one day (as long as the new host gets it ready for me), so let's cross our fingers. In the meantime, we still have the forum and the Control Panel
  8. From all of us (GM Team) here at TalonRO, I would like to wish you all a happy new year! May 2009 be as prosperous as 2008 for everybody!
  9. After further review, we have decided some restructuring in the GM Team was needed. As such I would like to welcome GM Seiren to the High GM team! He will now be joining us in doing support tickets and all that other good stuff. He'll still be doing a lot of the stuff you've been seeing from him, but he will just be doing some more now heh heh. Also, GM Boreas will now also be doing some administrative work with me, so more work for him too. Give them a jellopy if you see them in game.
  10. Alright, so several things have changed on the website, so let's slowly go over each change. 1. First and foremost, the forum has been completely revamped. All the posts and member info have been transferred. We decided to move the forum over to another server because frankly the host that was handling it was just getting way too slow. As such, things like the search functions are now back. If you also notice, we are now using SMF rather than IPB. Customized new skin as well to fit the overall theme of the website. This should also drastically reduce the number of spambot that like to flood our forum. The new address to the forum is http://forum.talonro.com. Note: If you fail to login to the new forum, make sure you do a password recovery. 2. Since the forum is now changed, the support ticket system has now changed as well. It will now be tied to your in game account rather than your forum account. So just log into the website as usual and use the support ticket like you used to. Unfortunately, it is a new ticket system. As such, all the old tickets are lost, so you will need to recreate any support tickets you wish to be helped with. We still have the tickets, but it will be archived for future purposes for the GMs to use for any further info. 3. Mail donations are now back! I know a few of you have been waiting for this, but here it is now. Head over to the donations page on the new information regarding mail donation. More to come.
  11. Push CTRL + F5. After doing that, I'm sure I don't need to tell you what the update is (if you don't, just look carefully). This was a project that me and GM Seiren worked on closely. Big props to him for the new design. There are also some new content as well, which was spearheaded by GM Faith. The functionality overall has increased as well. There is a new registration page as well, one that is quite a bit more secure than the temporary one. The screenshot/video page is up now as well. All in all, hope you guys enjoy. Take some time and explore the new site. Please let me know if you find any bugs. More to come. ++EDIT The screenshot and video threads have been cleared, so start posting new ones for the site! Faith ~
  12. I've noticed that a few of you had trouble at times updating your tickets with new messages. I looked into it further and I believe it is now fixed. If there are any further issues with the tickets not updating with new posts, please let me know asap so I can fix it. Post in this thread to let me know if you run into this problem again.
  13. I'm still the usual busy self. However, because things aren't as rushed anymore in my life (nothing has changed in terms work/family/woman/etc. though) along with the new awesome GMs, my subconscious has told me to recreate the awesome board.
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