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  1. I can't seem to start the game and it keeps crashing. please see attachment for the error that appears after I start the game. Take note: after the update, the "saving resouce.." is forever there so whenever I start the game. Geprard Shield will pop-up right? Then after that there's a window that would appear with bg music already. It would be a white window and the error would appear. When I click okay, it says TRO crashed with lots of stuff inside the notepad. Please someone help me. I have been configuring this for the past hour or so. rip
  2. When assigning to another person in the same guild as you for the leadership, do you need to pay TC coins? I can't really view it right now because I am currently at work.
  3. CAMEL!:D

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    2. crystynsya


      i know right! you didn't pm me anymore XD how are yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?

    3. Camel


      'ts been crazy :o And I'm barely on in game or forum much anymore.


    4. crystynsya


      ooohhh, been busy with work D:


  4. I got the new patcher already and still doesn't want to connect.
  5. Who else is having this problem? I've been getting this notice for 8 hours already. Any tips?
  6. awesome awesome awesome! love you lutie family
  7. so has anyone figured out how to get the pet? O_O
  8. what does it mean? can't log in my account
  9. oh okay guys, ill check it in a while ill update you guys in 10 mins UPDATE: well just checked it just now, itts 698/700! hahaha! thanks guys! as you can see.. newbie here XD
  10. I was transferring my items to Kafra when suddenly I can't drag the shoes (any shoes) to the Kafra Employee. There is no warning sign or anything. It just doesn't want to store. I tried going to the character select or tried relogging in. It doesn't like. Any tips guys?
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