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  1. Hello!!♩

    I adore Raine's character design too much!! >//♡//< omg 

    may I draw her please?/// Q v Q

  2. Hello, Amissa! Welcome to TalonRO! It's always exciting to see veterans returning to the dark side I hope you stop by the Art Corner to show us some of your artworks ~~
  3. Dear Gm Raine..
    Please help me,,why i can't log in my id..
    i already approve email..
    buy still can't log in T_T

    1. GM Raine

      GM Raine

      You have to create a Game Account after you create a Forum Account! Go to hhttps://panel.talonro.com/management/ and click on Game Account Creation. :) 

    2. soulstacker


      1 more quetion GM..
      where u from..
      how to donation?


    3. GM Raine
  4. Welcome to TalonRO! I hope you find some old and new friends here!
  5. Hello, Quin! Welcome to TalonRO! We have a ton of active guilds so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a home in one of them ~
  6. Hello! Welcome to TalonRO!
  7. Welcome to TalonRO! And Jack would've totally fit on that door too, just sayin'.
  8. Oh, I'm sorry, just 1! Haha that typo Money sent.
  9. Edited my post. Will send payment shortly.
  10. Can I have a slot, please? Commission Type: Chibi C Number of characters: 1 Reference(s): https://imgur.com/a/TBAe5 Additional information: Nothing I can think of.
  11. You are so good with dynamic poses! I can't wait to see the completed piece.
  12. Welcome to the Art Corner! Oh, wow! I just stalked your dA, your style is really lovely! Any chance you'll offer watercolorish / inky illustrations here?
  13. Welcome to #TalonTalent! We'll be interviewing some of the amazing artists that have taken up residence in our infamous Art Corner. This time we asked @Yoshimi to tell us a little bit about herself and her art story, read on for more! Tell us about you! Hello! My name is Nitori, known in-game as Teno or Walpy! I like drawing in moe style and listening to different OSTs while doing so. I am mostly in the Art Corner Hangouts, do drop by sometime to see funny shenanigans from the other artists here! When did you start drawing? I remember my big sister teaching me anime-style drawing when I was in kindergarten. Ever since then I took it upon myself to develop my style and right now, I'm still finding ways to improve. Do you have any first/old drawings you'd like to show us? The first is the first drawing I've ever made for other people back then when I was a Gaian. It was probably from 4 years ago? The second is one of my poor attempts to do digital art in the same year. My poor, poor trackpad.. What medium do you prefer to work in? While I prefer doing digital art because of its convenience, I still draw traditionally from time to time, most especially when I'm in uni. What are your go-to tools? I use Paint Tool SAI, and recommend those wanting to start drawing to get it! It's really user-friendly and you can get used to it very quickly. What do you enjoy drawing the most? Cute girls and high wizards What's your favorite piece you've done so far? Why? It would definitely be my most recent artwork, aka Stell's freebie. (Cute girl: check. High wizard: check.) I love how (I believe) I pulled off that angle, and I can say my coloring has improved a lot since last year! Any artists that inspire you? Numero uno would definitely be Masaru! Second is Cioccolato-kun, and Raeyxia is my third most looked up person. You can find Yoshimi over at her Art Corner thread! Thank you for reading and see you real soon!
  14. You're too cute, Stardust