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  1. Hello!!♩

    I adore Raine's character design too much!! >//♡//< omg 

    may I draw her please?/// Q v Q

  2. I adore Rain's character design too much!! >//♡// < omg

    may I draw her please?/// Q v Q



  3. Greetings! New to the server!

    Hello, Amissa! Welcome to TalonRO! It's always exciting to see veterans returning to the dark side I hope you stop by the Art Corner to show us some of your artworks ~~
  4. Dear Gm Raine..
    Please help me,,why i can't log in my id..
    i already approve email..
    buy still can't log in T_T

    1. GM Raine

      GM Raine

      You have to create a Game Account after you create a Forum Account! Go to hhttps://panel.talonro.com/management/ and click on Game Account Creation. :) 

    2. soulstacker


      1 more quetion GM..
      where u from..
      how to donation?


    3. GM Raine
  5. Greetingz

    Welcome to TalonRO! I hope you find some old and new friends here!
  6. Hello everyone! New player

    Hello, Quin! Welcome to TalonRO! We have a ton of active guilds so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a home in one of them ~
  7. Hi i m new player

    Hello! Welcome to TalonRO!
  8. Is been 84 years.

    Welcome to TalonRO! And Jack would've totally fit on that door too, just sayin'.
  9. Squarrot Cheebs [ CLOSED! ]

    Oh, I'm sorry, just 1! Haha that typo Money sent.
  10. Squarrot Cheebs [ CLOSED! ]

    Edited my post. Will send payment shortly.
  11. Squarrot Cheebs [ CLOSED! ]

    Can I have a slot, please? Commission Type: Chibi C Number of characters: 1 Reference(s): https://imgur.com/a/TBAe5 Additional information: Nothing I can think of.
  12. ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    You are so good with dynamic poses! I can't wait to see the completed piece.
  13. ♥︎Grimoire's Art Shop [closed]♥︎

    Welcome to the Art Corner! Oh, wow! I just stalked your dA, your style is really lovely! Any chance you'll offer watercolorish / inky illustrations here?
  14. Meme: The Daily Struggles of Glasses Wearers!

    You're too cute, Stardust