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  1. Hello!!♩

    I adore Raine's character design too much!! >//♡//< omg 

    may I draw her please?/// Q v Q

  2. I adore Rain's character design too much!! >//♡// < omg

    may I draw her please?/// Q v Q



  3. GM Raine

    Greetings! New to the server!

    Hello, Amissa! Welcome to TalonRO! It's always exciting to see veterans returning to the dark side I hope you stop by the Art Corner to show us some of your artworks ~~
  4. Dear Gm Raine..
    Please help me,,why i can't log in my id..
    i already approve email..
    buy still can't log in T_T

    1. GM Raine

      GM Raine

      You have to create a Game Account after you create a Forum Account! Go to hhttps://panel.talonro.com/management/ and click on Game Account Creation. :) 

    2. soulstacker


      1 more quetion GM..
      where u from..
      how to donation?


    3. GM Raine
  5. GM Raine


    Welcome to TalonRO! I hope you find some old and new friends here!
  6. GM Raine

    Hello everyone! New player

    Hello, Quin! Welcome to TalonRO! We have a ton of active guilds so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding a home in one of them ~
  7. GM Raine

    Hi i m new player

    Hello! Welcome to TalonRO!
  8. GM Raine

    Is been 84 years.

    Welcome to TalonRO! And Jack would've totally fit on that door too, just sayin'.
  9. GM Raine

    Squarrot Cheebs [ CLOSED! ]

    Oh, I'm sorry, just 1! Haha that typo Money sent.
  10. GM Raine

    Squarrot Cheebs [ CLOSED! ]

    Edited my post. Will send payment shortly.
  11. GM Raine

    Squarrot Cheebs [ CLOSED! ]

    Can I have a slot, please? Commission Type: Chibi C Number of characters: 1 Reference(s): https://imgur.com/a/TBAe5 Additional information: Nothing I can think of.
  12. GM Raine

    ✧ Mendii's Crayon Box ✧ ░ CLOSED

    You are so good with dynamic poses! I can't wait to see the completed piece.
  13. GM Raine

    ♥︎Grimoire's Art Shop [closed]♥︎

    Welcome to the Art Corner! Oh, wow! I just stalked your dA, your style is really lovely! Any chance you'll offer watercolorish / inky illustrations here?
  14. GM Raine

    Meme: The Daily Struggles of Glasses Wearers!

    You're too cute, Stardust