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  1. usfstudent47

    Suiken bonus discussion

    I want to hear the opinions about pro/con of SQI bonus for suiken. https://wiki.talonro.com/Super_Quest_Items_Upgrades_Ingredient_List#Suiken_.5B3.5D For me, 5dex, 5str are good. How's about the rest?
  2. usfstudent47

    Biolab Enchant

    I have never seen those 2 enchants shield item on any vendors.
  3. usfstudent47

    Biolab Enchant

    https://wiki.talonro.com/Biolab_Enchants Is it real? We can have the second slot for the shield! Anyone please confirm
  4. usfstudent47

    Best Garment for HW (MVP Solo)

    Potion question which potions or foods should we carry when solo mvp?
  5. usfstudent47

    Best Garment for HW (MVP Solo)

    Shoe card? Dark lord vs Eddga vs Lady Tany
  6. usfstudent47

    Best Garment for HW (MVP Solo)

    I am thinking about the best garment for MVPing 1. Diablos Man vs Naght Seiger Flame Man 2. Leak vs Deviling Card Pls advice