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  1. Ugh. So we have to reinstall everything again? Not cool. Been playing here since October without issues. :|
  2. My fried rice didn't wiiiiin. So many good cooks! Hahaha! Congrats!
  3. I am soooo sorry, Camel. D:
  4. Here's a dish so simple even grade schoolers can do it. First, prepare the following ingredients: (1) Egg (2) Hotdogs: The more, the better. (Note: Grilled Sausage was the closest item I can relate this to RO. @_@) (1) Broth Cube: Either pork or chicken. I'd prefer chicken. Also if you the dish to taste less salty, you can cut the cube into half. (Note: I cannot find an RO equivalent for this. /sob) (3) Cups of Cooked Rice. (2) Tablespoons of Soy Sauce: If you the dish to taste less salty, you can lessen this. (1) Vegetable Oil or any type of Cooking Oil. (2) Pans or Woks. Instructions: 1. Slice the hotdogs. 2. Scramble the egg. 3. Prepare 2 pans or woks for cooking. 4. Place an appropriate amount of oil on one of the pans or woks. Set the fire to medium. Not sure how to measure this in Celsius or Farenheit. We have an obsolete fryer. xD 5. Cook the scrambled egg. 6. Set the scrambled egg aside after cooking. 7. Slice and dice the scrambled egg. 8. Cook the sliced hotdogs. 9. Set the hotdogs aside after cooking. 10. Prepare the other pan or wok. Set the fire to low. 11. Place the broth cube on the pan or wok. 12. Put 2 tablespoons of soy sauce on the pan or wok. 13. Mix them together until the broth cube has melted with the soy sauce. 14. Pour the hotdog, scrambled egg and rice onto the second pan or wok. 15. The most important part: Plating. Present your dish the way you want it. Enjoy! The fried rice is already good alone. Finished Product: Will edit this in a while to associate it with RO items as I am still eating this for dinner. Edit: Done! IGN: Body And Blood - Playing TalonRO since September 2015.
  5. IGN: Body And Blood
  6. My first Yule Ball. More to come!