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  1. @Ashadia I really enjoyed reading your story so much! I Just wanted to let you know, it really made me smile!
  2. Hello, I hope you enjoy this entry! I had a lot of fun making this mess. IGN: Ribbet My recipe: Teh Story: A couple more photos
  3. Congrats to the winners!! Even though a lot of your stories were sad they warmed my heart! I really enjoyed each of them, reading about my favorite fictional place was amazing.
  4. I am fangirling over here over your story, it really sucked me in!! Great job!
  5. It is called "A Tale of Two Porings" IGN: Ribbet I hope you enjoy, it was nice writing a love story~ I don't think I can hunt porings any longer though 8D
  6. FYI there's no warning for this but if you have an item say your eddga tidals equipped and you want to wrap up your uncarded tidals that you overupped, Santa will choose the equipped shoes. ._.
  7. Ribbet IGN my best attempt at tam tam staring at a present XD There are SO many awesome artists and I know I have zero chance of placing BUT I had a lot of fun making him! 8D
  8. Eeeeee!! I am so excited!! I am floored that I placed at all, there were so many delicious looking entries this round. Thank you for finding my entry worthy <3 I had so much fun planning and cooking it! Thank you to the GM team for your hard work going through all these entries, I know I scribbled down at least 3 recipes to try out! Thank you to my husband Inex who put up with the destroyed aftermath in the kitchen afterward. ;P
  9. This is not part of my contest entry, but here is the recipe for the icing I normally make with the gingerbread cookies. You're not allowed to have it if you are pregnant though! Royal Icing: 2 large egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 3 cups sifted confectioner's sugar Food coloring for pretty colors! Use a mixer, by hand it is just too painful, beat the egg whites with the vanilla until the mixture turns frothy. Continue to beat at a low speed and slowly add in powdered sugar, a little at a time and beat until smooth and shiny Turn mixer to high and beat around 5 minutes until the icing stiffens and looks really shiny You can add food coloring now if desired! Icing is ready~~
  10. Yayayay! Thank you! I think I'll edit mine then to make the story cuter. X3
  11. I hope that I am not too late! I am not certain when the day flips over to the 31st for the contest. For my recipe creations I thought about what it would be like to have our mascot Tam Tam over for dinner! I learned that smokies make interesting house guests! Smokie's favorite dishes include sweet potatoes (taming item) so to honor our guest I whipped up a special Smokie Taming Soup, sure to please Tam Tam! Smokie Taming Soup (Sweet potato with curried chick peas)I Ahhh too spicy, poor Tam Tam needs something on the side to cool his tongue with D: Luckily wherever smokies are, there are no shortage of yummy greens! Every Smokie needs his daily intake of... Raccoon Leaf salad Now his mouth is cool, but it didn't satisfy his sweet tooth!!! Oh nooo, good thing we thought ahead and prepared.. Smokie Paw Cookies (My favorite gingerbread recipe) It's important to remember when entertaining smokies that they LOVE dunking their food. Really, it's their favorite! I prepared Tam Tam a sweet treat to dunk his cookies into. Smokie's steamed milk (this recipe is sooo easy and you can use it to make homemade fancy coffee and any flavor of steamed milk you can dream up!) There you have it, dinner with Tam Tam should be a success!! +3 Include a side or follow-up dessert with a full recipe that compliments your main dish. +1 Your dish must be based on a monster theme. +3 Include a drink with a full recipe that compliments your main dish. (If the drink is alcoholic include a non-alcohol substitute recipe)
  12. That looks delicious!! I can't wait to try it!
  13. Disclaimer: I am Nurse Minako, Inex's wife. We are entering from the same household so if that disqualifies one of us just disregard my post. His is safer to eat! That said..please welcome *drumroll* Hydra Slurprise This is a twist on one of my all time favorite recipes! It is among the first I learned to fix and one of my favorite to eat when it's cold out! Cooking is so fun, cooking is so fun~ Tsukurimashou, tsukurimashou Now it's time to take a break and see what we have done~ Sate sate nani ga dekiru ka na. Yay! It's ready~ Hai, dekimashita. The drink is modeled after level 2 cooking item: Mixed Juice (fancy, I know) You mix 1 part grape juice to 1 part orange juice and if you are feeling frisky and are of legal drinking age you can add 1 part pineapple rum for a delicious treat. The porings are made out of fondant from a DIY kit I had laying around. They were delicious, but I did not cook, only crafted them. I just wanted to share the cuteness. Though I do have fondant recipes I can share if anyone is interested in making their own~ Happy eating!
  14. I love this contest so much that I want to marry it! D: Ty for the apples recipe! I am excited to try them! The chocolate jellopy looks scrumptious!
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