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  1. B> cheshire cat ears costume

    Offer me please .
  2. Love, Syrl

    How much for Eddga? OH wait sorry im on the buy forum LOL XD
  3. Kysiric's Abbey Leech Service

    Fist Bump
  4. B> Lady Tanee Sleips

    Still buying? I have the card
  5. Kysiric's Abbey Leech Service

  6. Kysiric's Abbey Leech Service

    Lyd! <3
  7. Kysiric's Abbey Leech Service

    Hourly rate is 2.5m per hour Guaranteed 100 m exp Payment received after leech preferably I have a discord to set schedule https://discord.gg/XVch5u Sorry i don't know package deals because of my time restraints and having to randomly get up sometimes If i were to do package I would do 79- 99 NT 8 m no trans package XD
  8. Deviling rucksack costume

  9. Deviling rucksack costume

  10. Deviling rucksack costume

    Offer please
  11. Abbey Leech level 79+

  12. Abbey Leech level 79+

    Thursday 8:00 am work for you?
  13. Abbey Leech level 79+

    I have a 12 hour difference from you so we can do it either at my 8:00pm/ your am or thursdays/tuesdays 8:00am/ your pm
  14. Abbey Leech level 79+

    Sorry our times are very different if you schedule a leech based on GMT i will be able to fit it within my schedule. Mail me a GMT or can post here
  15. Abbey Leech level 79+

    I give about 100-120 m exp per hour I'm not sure If I can link the exp chart but if you search for exp chart ragnarok "classic" you should find two charts (the one on the right being the trans chart). My rate is 2.5m per hour for trans. I don't have package deal for that sorry.