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  1. okay, i just test auto mute system with two of my chars, here's what i got : 1. noks will NOT activate unless you are in a party (doesnt matter how many person is in the pt) 2. you will get ONE ks warning even when you repeatedly KS the same mob (im using /nc, and only got 1 warning) 3. i tried luring another mob with my tanker while tanking the 1st mob, and then hitting it with my test char using /nc. my test char did not get second KS warning. i already do some Screenshoot, but for some reason they turn grey and wobbly, wut
  2. tbh, auto mute system creates a different mindset for KS-er. in my experience, farmer doesnt care wether they get muted or not because they can just afk in town when they get muted or just change to another char (dual client to wait for mute to end while keeps farming). or some ppl may see this auto mute system as a "break check point". "oh, i got muted already ? time to end farm for today i guess" --> and then repeat KS-ing for tomorrow. However with penalty system, KS-er will actually avoid KS-ing alltogether because that will harm their ultimate goal (namely zeny / zeny per hour in case they died from penalty). purely hypothesis tho, just trying to make farming experience less stressful. maybe there should be a survey "why do you KS / what punishment that do you think will make you KS less / why do you KS everyday even when you got muted / etc" to actually understand a KS-er mindset and creates a solution for the root problem.
  3. Most people KS at farm maps because they want to gain more zeny. - so why not implement a zeny penalty everytime they get ks warning ? (like 50k or so, idk) if "greed" is their main motivation to KS, i bet this will deter them from KS-ing - if the KS-er got no zeny, they get HP penalty (like 25% from max hp or so, idk) this will make KS-er spend some of their assets on healing consumables, and also consume their time to rewalk to that map if they died because of that penalty. anyone can suggest some more details, its open suggestion
  4. Web does works without cobweb catalyst. And dispel works without gems. I tried both of it in gmc runs XD Maybe when you tried that dispel, The dispel itself misses. Since valk only proc level 1 dispel which have 60% success rate. But if your attack miss, then the dispel won't proc at all. That's why you should equip aspd and crit (or hit ? Up to you) boosting equips
  5. Hello ! When i read about SQI bonuses for gypsy and clown, i realized they have so much potential as semi-DPS and semi - support class. This thread is dedicated to review the possibilities that can be reached by gypsy and clown at GMC / ET / TWC / PvM / etc. GYPSY Why gypsy ? - Decent DPS even when compared to snipers - Can support party with dance skills / dispel / spider web - Can equip shields - Adds some variation to party setup STATUS My preference : - Dex multiples of 5 - Agi just to reach 188 aspd with concentration potion (can reach 190 aspd with priest buff) - rest to vit My ideal status (calculator link) ...i still lacks 2 bris [sting] and sleipnir [GEC] when i wrote this https://calc.talonro.com/?caFbLbiabbta7bLababkpabwoaabababaae8ae6aaaaaahkaawjfZwFtlhPtofcfjgZfLfafLfaaaaaaekkkkadvfaaacVaaaaHaRaabaDaEaIaK Note : - Some might want to get 97 or 100 vit by sacrificing some agi - Some might want more str to hold more equipments / supplies SKILLS I will only gave explanation to the skills that I took (my peferences). feel free to experiment if you like. ~~Archer Skills~~ - Double strafe (max) Since this build also bring 2 bows, you can double strafe mobs if for some reason you cant get into TA / AV range. - Arrow Shower (Level 9) I didnt use this at all, maybe some of you want to use this with status inducing bow ? Up to you. - Owl’s Eye (max) Dex + 10 - Vulture’s Eye (max) Max range to avoid earthquake when you’re using bow. - Attention Concentrate (max) The only self buff we’re having for Dex and Agi. - Charge Arrow (Platinum skill) A knockback skill that is very useful to keep strong mobs (non-boss) away from squishy members. - Arrow Crafting (Platinum skill) Crafting arrow instead of bringing quivers is good for your weight management. ~~Gypsy Skills~~ A good thing to keep in mind.. if a soul linker gave spirit buff to Gypsy / Clown, their dance or song skill will affect the caster as well. Also, you can use the dance / song counterpart. - Adaptation to Circumtances (Level 1) Get this just for prequisites. Keep in mind tho, you can switch to bow / knife instead of using this skill to stop dancing. - Encore (max) This skill can save your sp if you’re spamming dance. - Dancing Lesson (max) Max this to get full effect of TA / AV / dances. - Throw Arrow (max) With full SQI bonus, this will be your main DPS skill since it spammable. - Arrow Vulcan (max) Our secondary DPS skill, only need 1 arrow to deal a lot of damage. Plese note the large ACD tho.. on the positive note, it kinda hitlock enemy. - Ugly Dance (Level 3) Just for prequisites. - Please don’t Forget Me (max) A mob control skill. This dance will reach its max potential with high agi and dex. Works like a quagmire, but only affect enemies at dance range. - Marionette’s Control (max) I take this because I use Gypsy for brewing as well, and too lazy to resett everytime I want to brew. - Fortune’s Kiss (max) Works well with snipers, they will appreciate more crit rate when SS-ing or AA-ing. - Wink of Charm (Platinum Skill) I never use this - Service for You (max) This dance will help reducing grape juices consumption. - A Drum on the Battlefield (Level 3) Just for prequisites. Or you can max this if somehow your pt member doesn’t have / use SQI. - The Ring of Nibelungen (max) Ensemble skill for masive atk boost. Since everyone seems to have SQI nowadays, i prefer this ensemble skill compared to the others. Please note : This skill doesnt work on Land Protector. You can use single dances when your party needs constant Land Protector on their feet. SQI Bonus I get these 4 for my bonuses : - Dex + 10 - Agi + 10 - 20% more ranged dmg - 35% more dmg with throw arrow Supplies & Equipments if you’re following this set, you will have 8X % weight with 1 str. # Quantity Item Explanation Supplies 1 500 Grape Juice using GEC won’t keep up 2 50 CWP Some emergency Pots (get ranked ones =p ) 3 15 Green Potion For cancelling silence and confusion status 4 15 Concentration Potion 190 ASPD 5 5 Yggdrasil Leaf Emergency resu 6 25 Fly Wing Emergency bailout 7 3 Crystal Blue Crafting 500 crystal arrows 8 3 Wind of Verdure Crafting 500 arrow of winds 9 3 Green Live Crafting 500 stone arrows 10 3 Fire Arrow Quiver Red blood gave too many arrows.. OWG alert 11 3 Silver Arrow Quiver No ideal craft source (too many, too little, expensive) 12 3 Immaterial Arrow Quiver Yellow bijou took too long to craft 13 10 Rune of Darkness Crafting 300 arrow of shadows and 150 flash arrows 14 250 Arrows I always prepare 250 beforehand Equipments 1 1 Wind Milestone My favourite tele gear, stylish as well 2 1 Valkyrie Helm [Gryphon] If you switch to bow, your ASPD will drop below 190. You might want to switch to this headgear to increase aspd and critical rate 3 1 Lord Kaho’s Horn Dex + 20, int + 20, yes please 4 1 Agi + 1 mid [Bloody Knight] For maximizing damage output 5 1 Agi + 1 mid [Gryphon] Pumping critical rate 6 1 Chewing Bubblegum For maximizing damage output 7 1 Dragon Vest [Gloom] Dragon vest for agi combo bonus, Gloom is self-explanatory 8 1 Formal Suit [Marc] Formal because its lightweight. Unfrozen is crucial at some bosses 9 1 Fire Armor [RSX] To survive when fighting strong fire mobs. I didn’t bring my FA [Ktull] because 2 FA is very heavy.. I dont like to be knockbacked 10 1 Belmont Whip [ TG / TG / TG] I prefer TG over AK because its more versatille 11 1 Creeper Bow [ Doppel / xx] This is very useful for making enemies force tele / halting strong enemy movement. I slap doppel for more aspd because usually when i’m using this bow it’s oh Shit moment and I need spider web to proc ASAP. haven’t decided for the 2nd slot yet tho. I did considering putting valk card on it, but sometimes spider webs backfires since it force tele some enemies. Which brings us to second bow discussion… 12 1 Cursed Lyre [Valk] This bow is the reason you need AGI & Crit gears. In case you party doesn’t have professor and there are mobs that needs to be dispelled, this bow will shine !! Keep in mind that in order to valk card to proc dispel, you need to hit the enemy (hence CRIT pumping gears). Another alternative would be asking champ for spirit sphere (always hit) or using greatest general card (proc to call spirit). I prefer crit gears to gave my party members less work. Why cursed lyre ? Because I like to curse mobs. 13 1 Buckler [Zherlthsh] Zherlthsh will boost TA damage, I’m using this a lot. Don’t mind the shield type tho, I brought 4 different shield type for easy quickslot switching (all of them are lightweight priority) 14 1 Guard [GTB] Combine this with AV and you call kill those annoying Hws with ease. Or any magic using mobs that needs GTB and have to be killed quickly 15 1 Silver Guard [Maya] Auto guard is great for surviving deadly attacks on some cases 16 1 Naga Scale Shield [Medusa] Prevents stone curse, useful 17 1 Dragon Manteau [Stemworm] Dragon manteau to complete the dragon equip set, stemworm to maximize damage output 18 1 Shoes [GEC] For SP purposes.. I want sleipnir T_T 19 1 Celebration Ring I want Bris sting T_T 20 1 Celebration Ring I want Bris sting T_T There you have it, my guide for using Gypsy. Next I shall be writing a few things about clown as well. Since they are similar, I will only listing and explaining some different points Clown STATUS The Status build would be slightly different because clown doesn’t have agi + 10 SQI bonus. In my case, I will be sacrificing more vit to get 190 ASPD (with concentration potion and priest buff). Skills - A Poem of Braggi (Fortune’s kiss counterpart) (max) This used to be the main reason people making clown. Pretty sure all of you aware of the nerf… so use this mainly for the support class (also on the DPS if they want it). - Assassin Cross of Sunset (Please don’t Forget Me counterpart) (max) an ASPD buffing song. Useful on some cases. - The Apple of Idun (Service for You counterpart) (max) Increasing max HP, which is very usefull for pally etc. also they can area heal quite a bit (use weapon switch + encore trick to increasing heal frequency) SQI Bonus I get these 4 for my bonuses : - Dex + 10 - Vit + 10 - 20% more ranged dmg - 35% more dmg with musical strike ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As you can see, gypsy and clown are quite interesting to play and if you allow them to ensemble, its great for boosting party. Hopefully this guide will encourage players to try them out even though its been dissed lately because of bragi nerf. Special Thanks to : - Alberta Team Teaching me how to GMC at my early days, and how to slacks at downtime. - Beacon Team Allowing me to do some experiments on our GMC / ET / etc run. Those data helps ! Regards, IGN Mad xxx
  6. Hi, Wont using wind elemental converter solve this problem...? Im sure the sages and proffs will be happy if you do so 😀
  7. Hi, Before i get into my suggestion, i would like to describe a few issued that leads me into this proposal : ~~1 Sometimes we regret buying something because the item doesnt works as intended Example : buying DDD Mes and regret it because it doesnt do much dmg Note : a few vendors are nice enough to let us borrow that item, but its very risky for them since we can just scam it. ~~2 On other case, we regret buying an item because we only use it once then bored of it and it rots away at kafra For example, buying full set of vampsmith equips and then only play it for 5 hours... ~~3 On most runs, expensive items are mandatory to keep up with other players performance. Ex : 12-man team cant finish ET because lack of GTB shield or medusa shield Ex2 : non-IC wiz will be rejected / becomes deadweight at abbey party because, lets face it : TalonRO is an old server hence there are many veterans. newbie who just joined the game often unwanted because the didnt have kaho etc. in most cases, the newbies only becomes deadweight and then dissed or leeched. and then the newbies can either farm for hours and hours till they can keep up, or keeps begging, or switch to another game. ~~4 etc --------------------The proposed system-------------------- What if players can open a RENTAL SHOP for equipments ? --> the system should be similiar to vending / purchase shop. - we must use an item to open rental shop (same as purchase shop) - we can specify the item that we're willing to rent, and the price, also the rent duration - To avoid loss/scam by the rental opener (will be referred as Player A from now), there must be a few system developed such as : + that item cant be refined / carded / unslotted / tempered in anyway + if the one rents that item (will be referred as Player B from now) char is deleted, the item will be back at Player A via Mail and the contract nullified + Once the rental period ends, the item will be automatically sent back to Player A via mail - To makes things easier, it would be great if there's a few additional commands added for server such as : +@whorent to list which players rent what item / at what price / at what duration +@rentjump (same principle as @shopjump) --> wonder why there's no @buyjump for @wb but nvm --------------------Cost benefit analysis-------------------- in this analysis, i will be speaking from 3 perspective : -- Player A (the veteran mostly) Cost : 1. Since there are more newbies able to gain access to better equipments, they can do more runs and flood the instances such as GMC (more rooms please..), seals, ET, etc 2. etc Benefits : 1. can gain additional income from unused equipments, they can gain zeny from renting that item rather than storing it 24/7 at kafra 2. The item price will went up if you buy it instead of renting. This is pure speculation, but i think the item price will rose up once this rental system is implemented because you can get more benefits from owning that equipment Equipment usage before rental system : - you can equip it Equipment usage after rental system : - you can equip it 24/7 without worries it expires - you can gain additional income by renting it to other people once you owns it 3. we can try more variation / build for other classes because we can access new equipments cheaply with rental 4. etc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- Player B (the newbies mostly) Cost : 1. Will spends more money on short-term equipment (pay 1 mil to rent kaho, only to expires on 1 week, etc) 2. etc Benefit : 1. Will be able to farm faster Although there are some capital needed to rent equip, Player B will be able to farm faster to cover the initial cost and even get more profit 2. Will be able to try many different type of runs w/o farming for months first want to join abbey but not IC yet ? rent that kaho ! die too often ? rent that valk hodrem ! 3. can try many different types of build before getting a permanent ideal equipment build 4. etc xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx -- TalonRO server Cost : 1. The development team will have to consider this proposal and putting effort for coding (IF its gonna be implemented =p) 2. a few bugs may occurs at first 3. etc Benefit : 1. The server becomes newbie-friendly because more newbies will be able to participate in most runs with those rented equipments 2. Less potential long term players will be nipped in the bud / rage quit early - some of newbies are veteran to RO (they play on different servers before) but cant stay long at Tro because they cant keep up with the veterans here when they do runs. and then they rage quit... which would decrease the number of potential long-term player 3. Since there are more transactions, the server economy will turn up (more people will spend more zeny, and they need to play more to get that zeny) - Once people get too rich in this game, they will quit / slow down because they feel they reached finish line. - On other case, once a person get full equip for sniper, he will be lazy fo farm for another SQI and then quits. but with this system, hopefully veterans will stay longer at this server to try out another class. Ofc there are risk of veterans quit because it get so rich of rental money.. but maybe the number of newbies who will enter this server outweigh those veterans. - Maybe the veterans will even buy more than 1 kaho for renting purposes ! that will keep the TC circulation going Rental shop example : Kaho permanent - 52m+ rental - 1 day for 500k - 7 days for 3m I hope this suggestion is implemented or at least considered by GMs / other players Thank you & Regards, IGN Mad xxx
  8. Selling Tiny agni egg from gmc box LBO please usually im at alberta btw. ty adding screenshoot of it
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