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  1. Disconnect autotraders with Control Panel

    No big deal. It's just a "nice to have" nothing essential
  2. Disconnect autotraders with Control Panel

    As a convenience feature it would be nice to have a page/button on the CP to disconnect your autotrading chars. This way I could take down a shop quickly without having to boot my gaming PC (for example if I notice a pricing error) and it would spare me the double client start/login for the "Server still recognizes your last log-in" message.
  3. force close every time go to stylist building

    Then someone should update the FAQ. It still says to run RagnarokPatch.exe on the page "Crashed During Gameplay"
  4. force close every time go to stylist building

    I just noticed the RagnarokPatch.exe, that came with the TalonRO Installer I suppose, is out of date. It didn't grab new updates for a few months but I did not suspect anything to be wrong. Because someone on main said he did not find any RagnarokPatch.exe I looked around a little and found the update notice on http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/rsu/ about the changed update protocol. With the recent version my patcher does get new updates again. I think this might be related to the recent crash issues.
  5. TalonRO Calculator

    just as a note: there are no evolved pets in the pet list under "Additional Effects"