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  1. DoucheEnrique

    The immortal reflect paladin

    Works exactly the same.
  2. DoucheEnrique

    Vend Spot

    As far as I know the vending officer will always check on the current map first. If there are free spaces on the map you are on right now he will send you to one of those without any dialog. Only if there are no free spots on the current map he will ask you if you want a spot on another random map. I don't know how that other map will be selected maybe there is a priority list to check for open spots in map A first then B then C.... Anyway if I undestood your post correctly then what you requested is already implemented.
  3. DoucheEnrique

    The immortal reflect paladin

    Any script with "auto": autospell like Enchanted Peach Tree Card or autobonus like Vanberk and obviously autospellwhenhit like Loli Ruri Card.
  4. DoucheEnrique

    The immortal reflect paladin

    AFAIK reflect damage does not proc auto effects on TRO
  5. DoucheEnrique

    BoS Card Dump

  6. DoucheEnrique

    Star Gladiator Feeling Reset NPC

    By rough estimate that's like 3 to 4 M total ... quite the price. Greedy me would go with Happy Break.
  7. DoucheEnrique


    Es gibt ein paar Deutsche die schon länger da sind aber die haben sich meist in internationalen Gilden eingelebt oder ziehen halt ihr eigenes Ding durch.
  8. DoucheEnrique

    Character Damage (Merchant)

    This is the reason why usually I don't level new merchants with Axes but with a Sword But a word of advise cause you called it BS yet there's a point that is often overlooked or maybe unknown to some. The effect of size modifier is often vastly overestimated. The size modifier listed in the table above only affects the base ATK from the weapon itself. Any damage coming from your Stats (STR or DEX), Weapon Upgrades or Cards (like Andre Card +20 ATK) is not affected by the size penalty. That means yes as a new char using a high base ATK weapon the size modifier will affect you a lot. But the higher in level you get and the better your gear gets the less of an issue the size modifier will be. Also if you go for Blacksmith size modifier will be NO issue at all because they got a buff to negate the size modifier for the whole party. In your case 2H-Axe has 185 base ATK. Vadon is small so 92 less ATK from the Axe. The remaining 131 ATK will be reduced by the mobs DEF and VIT. For a low level mob Vadon has relatively high DEF of 20 which means another 20% reduction so you are down to 104. Minus 16 Vit should be around 90 ATK left. So all in all Vadon might be the worst choice to go for with your level and equipment.
  9. DoucheEnrique

    Pictures Of Players

    Dude, did you just assume her gender identity? ...
  10. DoucheEnrique

    Screen Full screen/Windowed

    For all issues regarding window sizes and resolution I suggest trying with dgvoodoo: While it might introduce some other glitches it works pretty well to fix some very annoying issues and enables a lot more options for resolution.
  11. DoucheEnrique

    Buying shop zeny limit

    I think the better way would be to just auto disconnect buying stores where the budget is lower than the cheapest item. But I guess implementing it this way would put more stress on the server than a single check when opening a shop.
  12. Forging Status:

      Lv3 Weapons created Ori consumed Steel consumed
    last batch 81 1136 3710
    total 961 13960 37750
  13. DoucheEnrique

    stop undercutting so much plox :<

    Implying that people putting "rush" in their shop titles actually has meaning TROLOLOL
  14. DoucheEnrique

    Guild Wording and Responsibilities

    Just some additional tidbits for getting some perspective because this probably is not common knowledge. The Name Kinderheim 511 comes from the Manga/Anime "Monster" in that story it was a special orphanage of the German Democratic Replubic used for social/psychological experiments on orphans. In the story that place is in no way related to the NS regime. The only connection might be that because of his charismatic / ruthless leadership skills one orphan was compared to Hitler by some characters in the story. So the members of that guild are either confusing the GDR with the NS Regime or are using NS Titles deliberately in the wrong context. (I am not related to that Guild or Reignbeaux btw.)
  15. DoucheEnrique

    Snake head hat, double attack lv1?

    Just for clarification... are you all implying to use the hat on other classes than Thief? Because noboby specifically said that. For Thief based classes the value in the script does not really matter as it will use your max learned level anyway.