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  1. AFAIK DEF has always decayed exactly the same way FLEE does. The nerf just changed this behavior by making it decay earlier (starting at 1 attacker instead of 3), depending on the type of attacker not just number (as mentioned by NattWara) but making the decay less steep (DEF decays less per single normal mob).
  2. VPN to resolve server lag

    Theoretically there can be cases where using a VPN reduces lag but that would mean your ISP is either blatantly incompetent or intentionally slowing down your connection. Practically it should always be as howrah said and using a VPN would actually increase your latency.
  3. Ragnarok @ 2K or (possibly) even 4K IN FULL SCREEN!

    Take the screenshot with Windows instead of the RO Client itself (Print Key while RO is out of focus or Snipping Tool). Using ROs internal screenshot function applies some additional filtering to the image and it will not be exactly the same as what you see on your monitor.
  4. Show your Amistr !

    Took me a while to make pictures to share them but here is my Moofy Plain: Buffed: I'm not exactly sure if I want to keep him though. He's got good STR and decent AGI but I somewhat feel I want more DEF. He's not gonna reach the DPS of other Homs anyway so I guess it would be better to have more DEF to tank even more.
  5. Forging Status:

      Lv3 Weapons created Ori consumed Steel consumed
    last batch 72 788 3040
    total 671 10016 25600
  6. Ragnarok @ 2K or (possibly) even 4K IN FULL SCREEN!

    This does not appear to be a problem with the TRO client or dgvoodoo2 as it. I can Alt+Tab between my clients without any trouble. If Windows for some reason starts Ragnarok in another virtual Desktop you should check your settings for virtual Desktop in Windows 10.
  7. Ragnarok @ 2K or (possibly) even 4K IN FULL SCREEN!

    The missing / changing / garbled / wrong sprites issue is caused by fast memory access just as Dingo-kun said. The reason why you don't get the filtering problem from other servers is they are using more recent RO clients. As you can see in the title bar of the client it's still from 2010 iirc.
  8. Some more questions about Shield Chain

    TG is short for Turtle General or Turtle General Card For normal attacks and many skills your weapons size modifiers are factored in depending on what size the enemy has. For example Daggers only deal 100% damage to small monsters and reduced to medium and large ones. SC ignores size modifiers of your weapon but because the target still is of a certain size cards that give damage bonus depending on target size (like Skeleton Worker Card) will still work. Usually racial / elemental modifier cards give the highest damage bonus (20%) of all available cards. The more universal the card is the lower the bonus gets (size cards give +15% and archer skeleton for all ranged is only 10%). So to maximize the damage you have to increase the specialization of your weapon. And because of the mechanics how those cards interact you will get the maximum damage bonus if you card your weapon for a specific combination of race, element and size. This is because different types bonuses multiply while same types of bonuses just add up. I said usually because MVP cards are another thing. Those offer far better bonuses because in other servers most people are not able to get them. On TRO they are relatively easy to get so it's quite normal to consider TG, QS, Samurai or whatever. Though combining different types of bonuses will still yield higher bonuses than just using MVP cards. Queen Scaraba uses the same type of script like TG just with lower value (15% instead of 20%). So if you plan to hunt mobs with insanely high flee Queen Scaraba would be good to not miss them. For Maximum damage you should go with TG instead.
  9. Some more questions about Shield Chain

    That Pally's primary focus is not SC. He just happens to have SC as secondary skill and a Samurai card in the weapon. At 325 ATK (ATK from stats + shield weight) +65 bATK and 20% modifier should be equivalent. Assuming you use Cross Shield (200 weight) that leaves you with 125 ATK from stats. So the turning point would be 70 (119 ATK) to 80 (144 ATK) STR. For a max STR SC Pally TG should always be the better choice.
  10. Some more questions about Shield Chain

    Yes all +ATK cards should affect SC on TRO including Samurai (I'm using SC with Samurai carded weapon myself).
  11. Forging Status:

      Lv3 Weapons created Ori consumed Steel consumed
    last batch 53 1016 2540
    total 599 9228 22560
  12. Card chance to proc

    This is not how probability works. Assuming 2 Atroce Cards really add up to 1% proc chance hitting 10 mobs would just be 10 consecutive rolls with 1% chance each which then should result in an overall proc chance of 9.57% And now I'm pondering switching my Samurai Card to another Atroce Can anybody confirm that proc chance for autobonus script really adds up?
  13. Counter kick only taekwon

    You should never get more than 2 Kicks (including FSK) because that means you have to skip either Warm Wind or Running and both are absolute must-haves for a TK. A running FSK is by far the kick with the highest single hit damage. At very high STR and with the right element it is enough to 1HKO many low to mid level mobs. This will make missions a lot faster if you are going for Ranker. For mobs that can not be 1HKOed I would agree to just attack with high ASPD and spam a single kick (preferably Counter Kick for higher proc chance of the stance and 400% ATK modifier instead of 300% of the other kicks) or if you dont have high ASPD just repeat the running FSK over and over. With the right timing you can FSK the mob while running away from it.
  14. TalonRO curve - advice needed

    Can you explain how you got to the conclusion "mobbing = faster leveling"? I seriously don't understand why people are buying into this myth.
  15. "Potless" pvp map

    There's a healer in town. I'd find it more appropriate to just make it easier/faster to leave the PVP maps.