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  1. Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    So i guess this is outdated or just does not apply to TRO. Second time a skill on TRO behaves differently than what iROwiki claims. First ATK+ Cards affecting Shield Chain and now this :/
  2. Pure Anti-demon/Undead Crusader

    IIRC GC cannot be casted while wearing GTB
  3. Agility Knight vs Agility Crusader

    generally the "defensive benefits" of crusaders come from using a shield. spear quicken only works with 2H Spears so no shield skills. thats means you are stuck with 50% holy res from faith and divine protection and your only attack skills being bash, magnum break and holy cross. that does not compare very well to the knight. but then there are some 2H spears that work really well with just normal auto attacking, like aalspieß. its relatively cheap, ignores def and auto casts pierce skill. together with a few points spent in heal to regenerate the occasional hit i think it works decently as a flee based auto attacker. but it probably won't be the most efficient build.
  4. PDF Export for Storage Search

    Because I have trouble seeing the use for the PDF of all buying stores. It took me several minutes thinking about what possible use there could be to notice that you can't search for ALL shops. So the use would probably be if you want to clean up your storage in one go being able to have a single list of all open shops instead of searching for each individual item. Also I didn't say the PDF export in buying stores is useless just that I came up with more use cases for the storage search. I know it's not advised to but for people who lend equip to others it could be useful to keep track of stuff they had or have now. It could be used on the Market Forums to offer "everything" easily or together with the buying store list for clean up. Or just to brag to others with your wealth ... for those who would do something like that >.>
  5. PDF Export for Storage Search

    This would be a lot more useful than the PDF Export for Buying Stores IMO.
  6. for bg equipments

    My impression was, if BG was not as buggy and quirky as it was before the closure, many more people would have played BG.
  7. Day off for Warp Girl

    I can see a patch note on next April 1st
  8. I always wondered why both ways to open a buying shop, black market ticket and merchants "Purchase Shop" skill, need an item to be used. I always thought one trait of merchants is their ability to open shops whenever they want. IMO just like "Vending" does not need any catalyst item "Purchase Shop" should not either. But if the cost for those licenses was intended for balancing, instead of buying licenses and using them as catalyst the skill could be changed to use the cost for those licenses as activation cost just like Mammonite or Maximum Overthrust. This way there would be a real practical difference between opening buying shops as merchant or any other class while still maintaining a cost for both. Edit: I just reread the "what not to post" line. While I don't think this change would affect the meta game in any major way, this request is still against the rules technically. So apologies for having opened this request.
  9. thanks for reminding me of this. this way the client does not need Administrator priviledges to start and couldn't figure it out myself back when i installed TRO. thx a lot and thx to the OP for bumping this else I wouldn't have seen it
  10. Disconnect autotraders with Control Panel

    No big deal. It's just a "nice to have" nothing essential
  11. Disconnect autotraders with Control Panel

    As a convenience feature it would be nice to have a page/button on the CP to disconnect your autotrading chars. This way I could take down a shop quickly without having to boot my gaming PC (for example if I notice a pricing error) and it would spare me the double client start/login for the "Server still recognizes your last log-in" message.
  12. force close every time go to stylist building

    Then someone should update the FAQ. It still says to run RagnarokPatch.exe on the page "Crashed During Gameplay"
  13. force close every time go to stylist building

    I just noticed the RagnarokPatch.exe, that came with the TalonRO Installer I suppose, is out of date. It didn't grab new updates for a few months but I did not suspect anything to be wrong. Because someone on main said he did not find any RagnarokPatch.exe I looked around a little and found the update notice on http://nn.ai4rei.net/dev/rsu/ about the changed update protocol. With the recent version my patcher does get new updates again. I think this might be related to the recent crash issues.
  14. TalonRO Calculator

    just as a note: there are no evolved pets in the pet list under "Additional Effects"