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  2. I just answered your question.
  3. https://irowiki.org/classic/Sense
  4. Cast Time only matters for High Jump and Spirit Buffs. Everything else a DoC Linker gets is instant cast anyway. IMO DoC Linker is the most versatile way to play a Linker. Access to all important elements means you can go anywhere. You can PvM but you can PvP too. You have Kihop and a few Spirit Buffs so you can shine in a party but Flee+Kaahi makes Solo perfectly viable too. The only downsides: Linker has low base attack speed so your ASPD will be a tad lower and no access to trans only gear and no skills that push Flee mean you wont get even close to the amounts of Flee a SinX or Stalker can get But still, DoC Linker is life, DoC Linker is love.
  5. Exhibit 1: https://github.com/rathena/rathena/blob/master/conf/battle/battle.conf Exhibit 2: https://www.eathena.org/eathena/svn/trunk/conf/battle/battle.conf Exhibit 3: https://www.eathena.org/eathena/trunk/athena-trunk-14957-win32.rar Hell even in the archived eAthena releases from 2004 there is a penalty to DEF (though it was only VIT-Def back then): https://www.eathena.org/eathena/archive/ For as long as I can remember DEF decay has been a thing on all the servers I played. To be honest I can't speak for officials because I never played on official servers since open beta. TRO did not invent anything here they just tweaked the numbers to a system that has already been active since forever.
  6. This is not accurate. The change to DEF decay has no effect on the majority of the players. There's only 2 areas with noticable effect: people with very high DEF like 99% and tanking many mobs which is actually EASIER now. For people with average DEF in the 50s or newbies with even less they won't notice much of a difference.
  7. This. The most stable income source is having fun while playing the game.
  8. To lower the backlash-damage on yourself you can get equipment with reduction for demi-human like Thara Frog Card in shield or Poo Poo Hat / Beret like in the screenshot of OP. The backlash-damage can be completely negated in 2 ways: make your armor holy property (like Angeling Card) or use a shield with Golden Thief Bug Card. I would NOT recommend to go for holy armor because usually when you kill things with GC it will be Demons or Undeads. Those will often attack with Shadow or Undead property attacks and with holy armor you would take more damage. With GTB in your shield you could actually wear Bathory Card in your armor to make yourself shadow property which totally negates shadow and undead attacks and thus makes mobbing demons and undeads a lot easier compared to even harder than normal with holy armor. The 20% HP cost can not be negated this is part of the cost to cast the skill. For weapons the Double Diligent Haedonggum is the staple weapon for beginning GC Saders. Alternatives could be the mentioned Rental Excalibur or Diligent Kris with INT-enchantment. Ultimately you will want to get the Imperial Spear / Guard Combo as the last stop before SQI. A little different approach would be the Leeching GC Sader. You can get some ideas in this thread: The rest of the gear progression is pretty similar to most other classes/builds: get GEC, get LKH, get Deviling, get Celebs.
  9. Yesterday I learned this video is relevant to @GM Azul so I promised I would add subtitles so everyone can appreciate this cult classic.


    If the subtitles dont play automatically click the "closed captions" button next to the gear wheel and then select english language for subtitles in the gear wheel menu.

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    2. DeliciousGreenApple


      Copyright strikes again😟

    3. DoucheEnrique


      Yeah I guess it was a mistake to assume just because this vid has been around for 7 years means it's save to re-use.

      Screw Youtube then, I'll just go back to the old-school way of using direct file transfers to interested friends. *wink wink*

    4. Iskand3r


      There's no such thing as stable safe filehosting on the internet. Everything eventually will be deleted. So if you want something to keep safe - download it locally.

      PS The last video is a bomb :)

  10. DoucheEnrique

    Time Stamps

    If time stamps on each message are not possible I think getting another "global chat" channel (maybe !timemark) that only sends the current server time every 5 or 10 minutes would be pretty useful already.
  11. The effect of size modifier is vastly overestimated. Size modifier only affects the weapons ATK (the number in the item description of the weapon). For all other sources of ATK like Stats, Cards, Buffs and even the weapon upgrades size does not matter. Also not all MVPs are large. For example everything in Biolabs is medium as are Kiel Drake Moonlight and Doppel. And another thing for size modifier there is no difference between 1H or 2H Spear: https://irowiki.org/classic/Size
  12. I used this before but it just fits so well.
  13. Have you checked this thread? Looks like the same problem to me.
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