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  1. DoucheEnrique

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    If you just want to play Solo PvM you could download rAthena and run your own server for your own enjoyment locally
  2. DoucheEnrique

    Fun and unorthodox builds

    Melee Linker Freeing up Skill points from Esma/Estin/Estun means you get more points for Links and Eska/Eswoo so it's like a Hybrid Supporter If the party has another Linker (most probably classical Esma-Bolter) you get permanent Ka-Buffs and Links for the whole party
  3. DoucheEnrique


    I made a list of gears to get 100% cast time reduction for a linker here: It should be a little easier on a High Wizard because they have access to Trans-Only equipment. But this list should give you some ideas at least.
  4. DoucheEnrique

    Ignore Player in Main

    I'm just gonna voice a +1 here.
  5. DoucheEnrique

    Autotrade transaction log

    Not sure this is possible as autotrade is somewhat of a hackjob Simple workaround: save chatlog with /savechat right after opening the shop before using !autotrade and later check what items are missing from those that were in the shop.
  6. When redeeming Voting Points into Copper Coins I would like to be able to enter the number of points I want to redeem. That way we could redeem just the amount of points needed to exchange leftover Copper Coins from accounts we don't play much.
  7. DoucheEnrique

    Switching gear during SG

    Please go and play with the Eden Soccer Balls yourself. The more people test it themselves the more reliable this will be I casted SG10 on the fire ball with my HW both with full equip and without staff/LKH, which nearly halves my MATK, to see the upper and lower levels. Then I tried unequipping or equipping Staff+LKH after casting SG10 which makes the damage drop or go up instantly to the same levels I've seen before. My Staff only has 6% MDEF pierce which is not enough to justify up to 10k difference in damage. And I'm not sure the Eden Soccer Balls have MDEF at all. When using AMP the damage stays at the level of your stats/equipment you have at the moment of skill activation. Equipping or unequipping after activation did not cause any visible change in damage.
  8. DoucheEnrique

    Switching gear during SG

    You are right i just have to compare everything with bragi active that way the reduction from bragi wont matter overall. Silly me
  9. DoucheEnrique

    Switching gear during SG

    I'd like to do some tests on using AMP during SG / MS but to do that I would need Bragi but then the Bragi-Nerf would change the damage which would make testing changes to damage pretty hard
  10. DoucheEnrique

    Switching gear during SG

    So i've been hitting some hapless soccer balls for some time and the results are unexpected: It depends. Neither is 100% correct apparently. Just using SG behaves like described in the linked thread. Each single hit with SG uses the current MATK for calculation. So equipping or unequipping INT/MATK gear after activation changes the damage accordingly. BUT this changes when using AMP. Casting SG after using AMP makes SG's damage stay the same even when equipping or unequipping INT/MATK gear after activation.
  11. DoucheEnrique

    Switching gear during SG

    Well I'm repeating what I once learned from IROwiki. There are lot's of things/mechanics that behave differently on TRO so this might be another one of those. But then this can be tested easily so I guess I'll do some testing later to see for myself
  12. DoucheEnrique

    Switching gear during SG

    Damage calculation for SG is at the moment of activation of the skill. In a way it's a single multistage attack. Switching gears while the SG is active should not influence the active SG in any way. The same should apply to LoV. AFAIK it is different for MS as each meteor is calculated independently at the moment the meteor is spawned. Gear switching is usually done with Phen or BBF card to make casting uninteruptible. cast spell > during cast equip phen/bbf card if you are attacked > if you got time switch back to damage gear before the spell activates. This is not common on TRO as IC is easily available. Another thing would be alternating SG and MS to maximize damage bonus from AMP if you got very high after cast delay reduction. Cast AMP > Cast SG > Cast MS > Cast AMP again and once the SG runs out repeat with casting SG. SG gets damage from first amp and its damage wont change as I said earlier. MS will not have a damage bonus at first if you cast AMP while MS is active the following meteors will get the bonus. The AMP after MS will work as the first AMP for the following iteration. That way you boost 2 AoEs with 1 AMP. But as Bragi is nerfed, IC is easily available and ... for whatever other reasons this is also not very common on TRO.
  13. DoucheEnrique

    Community has become very stale and lazy.

    The nerfs you complain about matter for endgame but how does that mean anything to the average newbie quitter who leaves after just a few days/weeks? (Also I don't think those nerfs are as bad as you claim. They just make a single use-case more complicated. But just repeating the memes "Bragi is nerfed > don't play Bard" or "DEF is nerfed > Champ is the only tank" is a lot easier than actually explaining the details. But this is a whole different topic. As I said this only really affects endgame anyway.) The main reason I see for the feeling of stale community is that right now "we" encourage solo play a lot more than party play. Up till endgame stuff nobody needs a party. You just have to watch the suggestions to common questions in main chat. Need HP? > buy tons of meat they are cheap Need SP? > buy or make GJ yourself and eventually get GEC Want elemental endow? > make a sage slave Want $Class-Spirit or Ka-Buffs? > make a linker slave and marry yourself or just make 2 linker slaves Want MaxASPD? > get doppel huehue Some days ago someone in main asked about Eden Quests and how they were not able to do them solo. When I replied Eden Quests were made to incite party play they called it "broken". Obviously everything else on this game is so geared towards being soloable that the few things you really have to play as a party stick out like a sore thumb. IMO this is an inherent problem with allowing multi-clienting. On one hand you allow less sociable players or players in timezones with very few players to enjoy the game to its fullest. You get a bigger population and more healthy economy. But if the population goes down to a point were people who want party play have trouble finding other players those players will eventually leave. And what's left is a server full of people playing a single player game. I don't know if TRO is at that point yet. To me it doesn't look that way. But I don't think there is much we could do to prevent it. Removing convenience features/gear or banning multi-clienting to force party play is NO OPTION. This would pretty much kill the server. As the complaints about previous nerfs have shown if you take something away people are used to no matter how well thought out it is people will feel betrayed/cheated. We have to accept this game is OOOLLD. Technically and in terms of gameplay it's beyond outdated. Pre-Renewal low-rate servers are a niche inside the niche. Eventually the server (hopefully as late as possible ) just as RO in general will fade away. All we can do is make that time enjoyable. Just like Lumeya said be friendly, help newbies and show them around, if you got nothing to do maybe make a party with someone so that those few who actually like this niche will stay.
  14. DoucheEnrique

    Brewing Guide

    Phat Whites weigh more than the sum of their materials. So if you are already OW before using the skill chances are the results would make you go beyond your weight limit. And Twilight Alchemy has the quirk of returning NOTHING if the results would go beyond the limit.
  15. DoucheEnrique

    Amistr Leveling Guide REQUEST. NEED HELP

    With enough hit you could go visit hunter flies in geffen dungeon. thats how i leveled my amistr in the mid/higher levels. They teleport around the map but not when attacking so your amistr will have a target to attack nonstop. use bloodlust and once it runs out rest/recall hom to reset the cooldown and activate bloodlust again. use castling to drop the flies back on your hom. if you dont use bulwark the amistrs sp recovery should be enough to keep bloodlust running constantly this way. although your alch probably needs tank build/gear to survive the straggling flies. max vit, gargantua shield, gec for recovery, fortune sword for pdodge and high def. or just bring a cartload of meat.