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  1. For ingame !whosell all of them are identical. You won't see what element they are and if they're forged at all. Searching on the control panel is a lot more reliable. About the prices I can tell you what I charge for the weapons at the moment: 700k for VVS elemental Damascus and 550k for a VVS elemental Claymore.
  2. Damascus is more expensive than Claymore because it does need a lot more steel. You can easily check prices yourself and find shops on the Selling Shop Database: https://panel.talonro.com/whosell/ For forged weapons you have to search for the base item so in your case Claymore or Damascus. The results will then show the elements properly. Hovering the coordinates on the right will show the approximate location of the shop because shopjumping only works with the base items as well.
  3. DoucheEnrique


    This is already in the game ... did you even try it before creating this suggestion?
  4. All Ranking points are reduced by 5% Sunday to Monday night
  5. This took way longer than I expected and still don't feel 100% satisfied with the outcome but I (probably) won't spend more time on this: TalonRO - Mechanics - Dual Wield (a video guide) So to summarize: +% damage bonus is applied only to the main hand. I remembered correctly, the off hand can not double attack. Only the damage of the main hand gets doubled. But... ... if there is a weapon with VVS / Ranker bonus in the off hand Double Attack will double the VVS / Ranker bonus in the off hand. Skill Attacks don't care for Dual Wield at all. Not just do they ignore the ATK of the off hand weapon they don't even check if you are dual wielding at all and what Mastery Level you have. You could skip all levels of Hand Masteries and your Dual Sword Soul Breaker would still do full damage. Except for these cases the rest boils down to: Calculate each hands damage just like for a regular single weapon attack and multiply the total damage by the mastery damage factor. Lastly there are some irritating deviations of per-hand-damage but when adding everything up the totals stay the same. Probably comes from weird coding or maybe rounding errors. I'd have to study the source code to make sense of this. @Ghaspar I don't know why but for some reason some of your numbers and especially those formulas seem off. Maybe you forgot to consider some factors like size penalty? @Phanman Hope this clears some questions you had.
  6. Did you install the game into an already existing RO client or to a new / empty folder? Can you run the RagnarokSetup.exe to setup your RO client, save + quit and the settings are still there when you open the program again? If you create a shortcut to the talonexe.exe then edit the shortcut and append -1rag1 to the target line and start the shortcut does the game start that way?
  7. Can't get enough of this song
  8. Thats not a costume. You have to wear it including its stats to get the look. Costumes are to get the look and wear another headgear for the stats.
  9. OK now you've done it Phanneh ... I'll do another test vid ... but this has to wait till tomorrow.
  10. The dual wield penalty is ALWAYS only applied once... it's "factor" times "weapon's damage" ... i cant even follow your thoughts anymore ... =/
  11. You are overcomplicating things and pretty much confusing yourself. Using dual wield gives you penalties to damage and ASPD to balance the ability to get 4 more weapon cards. The damage penalty is just a multiplication factor to each hands damage. Mastery changes the number of the factor to 1x for Main hand and 0.8x for off hand. Element of the weapon is just another factor to each hands damage. Apply basic Math: Weapon DMG * Hand's Penalty Factor * Elemental Factor = done There isn't anything strange here IMO. You could argue that RO is incoherent about how it handles damage. Like having different "flavors" of ATK and handling each of them slightly differently. Base ATK from STR, Weapon ATK, Upgrade Bonuses, direct ATK bonus from cards and skills. But this is not a problem of dual wield but its own topic.
  12. Look at the screenshot he's attacking Water Ball with a Wind Dagger so obviously the damage is higher. That's basically what the whole discussion in the other thread was about:All active skills disregard the weapon ATK in the off hand. +ATK cards are NOT weapon ATK thus they still add damage to skills even when slotted in the off hand. Also their damage should not be affected by the off hand damage penalty because as I said before the game does not know where the +ATK is coming from. It might as well come from headgear or footgear. To be honest I have not tested it myself but I would be surprised if it works any different for Autoattack than it does on skills.
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