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  1. Yesterday I learned this video is relevant to @GM Azul so I promised I would add subtitles so everyone can appreciate this cult classic.


    If the subtitles dont play automatically click the "closed captions" button next to the gear wheel and then select english language for subtitles in the gear wheel menu.

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    2. DeliciousGreenApple


      Copyright strikes again😟

    3. DoucheEnrique


      Yeah I guess it was a mistake to assume just because this vid has been around for 7 years means it's save to re-use.

      Screw Youtube then, I'll just go back to the old-school way of using direct file transfers to interested friends. *wink wink*

    4. Iskand3r


      There's no such thing as stable safe filehosting on the internet. Everything eventually will be deleted. So if you want something to keep safe - download it locally.

      PS The last video is a bomb :)

  2. DoucheEnrique

    Time Stamps

    If time stamps on each message are not possible I think getting another "global chat" channel (maybe !timemark) that only sends the current server time every 5 or 10 minutes would be pretty useful already.
  3. DoucheEnrique

    One handed sword or spear LK

    The effect of size modifier is vastly overestimated. Size modifier only affects the weapons ATK (the number in the item description of the weapon). For all other sources of ATK like Stats, Cards, Buffs and even the weapon upgrades size does not matter. Also not all MVPs are large. For example everything in Biolabs is medium as are Kiel Drake Moonlight and Doppel. And another thing for size modifier there is no difference between 1H or 2H Spear: https://irowiki.org/classic/Size
  4. DoucheEnrique

    Any player using a proxy program?

    Similar question and same reply:
  5. DoucheEnrique

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    I used this before but it just fits so well.
  6. DoucheEnrique


    Have you checked this thread? Looks like the same problem to me.
  7. DoucheEnrique

    how to recover the email address of my talonro account?

    I could name security / privacy.
  8. DoucheEnrique

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    Wrong question. The right question is "Why did you go on hiatus?"
  9. DoucheEnrique

    Project Iduna - What is coming?!

    The big news is: TalonRO finally got 3rd Jobs balanced
  10. DoucheEnrique

    BoS Card Dump

    I got no time or free trading slots to vend all my unneeded cards. Here's the list of cards I am willing to sell. Ask here or send PM for offers ================================================================================== 2* Ambernite 1* Antique Firelock 2* Bapho Jr. 1* Desert Wolf 1* Dullahan 1* Dumpling Child 1* Familiar 2* Gibbet 2* Gremlin 7* High Orc 12* Hill Wind 3* Hunter Fly 1* Hylozoist 1* Injustice 1* Isilla 1* Karakasa 1* Kukre 1* Mandragora 1* Mantis 1* Marc 1* Marin 3* Miyabi Doll 3* Orc Archer 2* Orc Lady 3* Poporing 1* Poring 1* Santa Poring 1* Sleeper 1* Stainer 2* Thief Bug 1* Vagabond Wolf 1* Vanberk 1* Wormtail 4* Zombie Prisoner
  11. DoucheEnrique

    BoS Card Dump

    First Update of the Year
  12. DoucheEnrique

    Card chance to proc

    It could also mean that with only 1 card the chance to proc 2 times in 5 seconds is just too low to occur during 8000s and vice versa for 3 procs with 2 cards. I already thought about how to verify this but for one way I would need to run my own server to test with more than 2 Vanberk cards or use Isilla card because the proc rate for Isilla is 10 times higher than Vanberk and the +30 FLEE will also be visible on status window. Running my own server for testing would only tell how it works on athena servers in general but as we know there are several mechanics that work slightly different on TRO and using Isilla would mean I have to keep casting spells for hours instead of just watching auto attack ... so probably it's not going to happen
  13. DoucheEnrique

    Card Stacking Guide

    Same script but different race.
  14. DoucheEnrique

    Card Stacking Guide

    Shameless self plug of my test about "autobonus" script:
  15. DoucheEnrique

    Card chance to proc

    Time to necro this stuff I finally got to redo my test series. Thinking about how I could make my results more reliable I simplified my test setup. I leveled my test candidate a little higher and got some other equipment to reach 190 ASPD without any buff except for zerk pot. Instead of attacking another char i just went to punch my new best friends: "soccer balls". Also I recorded the whole test run instead of counting on the go so I could concentrate on counting and make the test reviewable. With a much more simple test setup I increased the runtime of the test to 8000s (2 hours 13 minutes 20 seconds) which, at 190 ASPD (5 hits per second), results in a total of 40000 single hits. (@howrah if you still want more hits you have to do it yourself ) The results are clear: 1 Vanberk Card 2 Vanberk Cards 189 procs -> 189 / 40000 * 100 = 0.4725% 360 procs -> 360 / 40000 * 100 = 0.9% Some additional notes I still can't say if autobonus script adds up or procs independently but it's strange the numbers are lower than expected. An interesting observation was when wearing only 1 card I haven't seen a single occurance of +200crit while it was quite frequent when wearing 2 but even with wearing 2 cards there was no +300crit. Makes me wonder if a card can not proc again as long as its bonus is active. That could explain the lowered effective proc rates. Or it might as well just be coincidence / variation. Further studies are needed Final Note I was thinking about doing some more visualization with that data beyond just calculating the proc rate but after spending several hours just for recording and rewatching I decided against it. If someone wants to do something here's my list of counted procs: http://valeria-is.strangled.net/autobonus_proctest.ods Also I wanted to upload the raw recordings to youtube but apparently they don't want ~2 hour vidoes from anonymous accounts. If anyone wants to double check and recount message me and I will send you the videos. It's 2 files of around 400MB.
  16. DoucheEnrique

    Confused about equipment...

    That would pretty much be the same on rogue. And rogue would get significantly more money from autosteal
  17. DoucheEnrique

    What Are You Listening To?

    The Bleep-Bloop is forever
  18. DoucheEnrique

    Confused about equipment...

    Even after reaching level 99, rebirthing and getting decent gear the places you can go depend heavily on the class and build you are playing. And yes early on most of the game is trial and error to see where you can go and what you can do. After getting some experience with the game and understanding more about the mechanics you will be able to predict what might work by reading databases like the MobDB. The game itself is not very open about stuff like that. Like you can't even see how much HP an enemy has left
  19. When redeeming Voting Points into Copper Coins I would like to be able to enter the number of points I want to redeem. That way we could redeem just the amount of points needed to exchange leftover Copper Coins from accounts we don't play much.
  20. DoucheEnrique

    BoS Card Dump

    Last Update of the Year
  21. DoucheEnrique

    How did you decide your main?

    Simple ... I didn't. I have dozens of chars non of which I consider a "main". In terms of gear I priorize universal gear with good price/performance ratio and over time advance to increasingly specialized gear for single chars. In terms of time ... probably playing the TK ranker the most. ..... those tk missions
  22. DoucheEnrique

    Blacksmiths can't make Zeny? Obsolete?

    My margin from forged weapons is far from "small". Certainly a lot better than I would get from Condensed White Potions. Forged weapons are good as mid tier weapons. They are relatively cheap and offer good bang for the buck. They're just outclassed by later end game equipment. But IMO they're a good way to get there. As for starting to forge yourself, you will need some gear and support chars to efficiently forge. Those will cost you a significant amount of time and money as investment. So to make it pay off you have to commit yourself to keep doing for a longer time. On another note you don't have to try forging to make money with a smith. Battle Smith can farm just as much as any other class.
  23. DoucheEnrique

    Item Over Price

    Prices are formed through offer and demand not through you thinking what the price should be. If there is less offer for an item than people demand it the prices will naturally go up over time. Also if demand for uncarded glove is higher than for Sting glove the price could very well be higher. Sting glove is not vanilla and for unres there are way better options than just a glove.