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  1. Can't get enough of this song
  2. Thats not a costume. You have to wear it including its stats to get the look. Costumes are to get the look and wear another headgear for the stats.
  3. OK now you've done it Phanneh ... I'll do another test vid ... but this has to wait till tomorrow.
  4. The dual wield penalty is ALWAYS only applied once... it's "factor" times "weapon's damage" ... i cant even follow your thoughts anymore ... =/
  5. You are overcomplicating things and pretty much confusing yourself. Using dual wield gives you penalties to damage and ASPD to balance the ability to get 4 more weapon cards. The damage penalty is just a multiplication factor to each hands damage. Mastery changes the number of the factor to 1x for Main hand and 0.8x for off hand. Element of the weapon is just another factor to each hands damage. Apply basic Math: Weapon DMG * Hand's Penalty Factor * Elemental Factor = done There isn't anything strange here IMO. You could argue that RO is incoherent about how it handles damage. Like having different "flavors" of ATK and handling each of them slightly differently. Base ATK from STR, Weapon ATK, Upgrade Bonuses, direct ATK bonus from cards and skills. But this is not a problem of dual wield but its own topic.
  6. Look at the screenshot he's attacking Water Ball with a Wind Dagger so obviously the damage is higher. That's basically what the whole discussion in the other thread was about:All active skills disregard the weapon ATK in the off hand. +ATK cards are NOT weapon ATK thus they still add damage to skills even when slotted in the off hand. Also their damage should not be affected by the off hand damage penalty because as I said before the game does not know where the +ATK is coming from. It might as well come from headgear or footgear. To be honest I have not tested it myself but I would be surprised if it works any different for Autoattack than it does on skills.
  7. DoucheEnrique


    There are lots of skills with some details missing in the skill description.
  8. DoucheEnrique


    Throw Shuriken carries the element of your weapon. So there is no point to elemental shuriken really.
  9. no you cant but you can equip 2 SQIs at the same time ... not enough for you?
  10. SNs are already pretty gifted in terms of available gear. Not sure if giving them even more would be a good idea. Also Novice Breastplate / Angelic Protection with elemental card will always be better than non-slotted elemental armor.
  11. Yesterday I learned this video is relevant to @GM Azul so I promised I would add subtitles so everyone can appreciate this cult classic.


    If the subtitles dont play automatically click the "closed captions" button next to the gear wheel and then select english language for subtitles in the gear wheel menu.

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    2. DeliciousGreenApple


      Copyright strikes again😟

    3. DoucheEnrique


      Yeah I guess it was a mistake to assume just because this vid has been around for 7 years means it's save to re-use.

      Screw Youtube then, I'll just go back to the old-school way of using direct file transfers to interested friends. *wink wink*

    4. Iskand3r


      There's no such thing as stable safe filehosting on the internet. Everything eventually will be deleted. So if you want something to keep safe - download it locally.

      PS The last video is a bomb :)

  12. DoucheEnrique

    Time Stamps

    If time stamps on each message are not possible I think getting another "global chat" channel (maybe !timemark) that only sends the current server time every 5 or 10 minutes would be pretty useful already.
  13. This ... 100% ACK Reading that sentence again makes me realize this could be straight from some h-doujin >_>'
  14. That one was technically impossible. Just increasing the sightrange would be possible but I do agree it will probably still be declined.
  15. I'm just gonna voice a +1 here.
  16. Not sure this is possible as autotrade is somewhat of a hackjob Simple workaround: save chatlog with /savechat right after opening the shop before using !autotrade and later check what items are missing from those that were in the shop.
  17. When redeeming Voting Points into Copper Coins I would like to be able to enter the number of points I want to redeem. That way we could redeem just the amount of points needed to exchange leftover Copper Coins from accounts we don't play much.
  18. protip: count mobs by loot. if you dont want to clog inventory with thousands of 100% items select uncommon loot (1~10%) keep those and divide the number you have by the drop rate. this way you will get a rough estimate of the number of mobs you have killed. This depends on the specifics of what chance you are calculating. The chance to get a card per single kill does never change. But if you are calculating the chance to have a card after a number of kills the chance does indeed change with the number of kills.
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