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  1. Gepard Shield prevents Mouse Emulation so depending on how the touchpad driver controls the mouse this might be related. Try plugin in a regular USB mouse and see if that works Surface Pro has a touch screen. Are you able to control the char with touch or the pen? (AFAIK internally these are different devices so potentially different drivers too)
  2. I think the majority of this guide is obsolete by now. Modern WINE has pretty decent compatibility with RO and integrates well into most Desktop Environments by default. I downloaded the full TRO installer just started the installer through my file browser selected C:\Program Files (x86)\TalonRO as destination (where drive C actually points to can be set up in winecfg, by default its /home/$user/.wine/drive_c/) after installation the TRO links showed up in my applications menu under Wine > Programs > TalonRO run Ragnarok Options to configure video settings, etc. run TalonRO to start the patcher and the game PROFIT I'm running vanilla WINE without any special patches and it has worked this way for years. My DE is KDE Plasma5 but this should work on any major DE like Gnome, XFCE and so on. The only special config I did for TRO was making sure the dinput.dll inside the client is used for MouseFreedom: ===> I'm not even sure this is necessary. Sure if you tweak things you might get better performance. But just getting the game to run shouldn't take much really.
  3. Don't forget about higher base ASPD on Hunter/Sniper and access to Awakening Pots instead of just Concentration Pots.
  4. I certainly can run the new Client with WINE, Gepard Shield had no problem with it. But make sure you are running a recent version of WINE. I tried running the Client with WINE 3.0.4 and that crashes instantly after logging into a character. Upgrading to WINE 4.12 works but for some reason all WINE versions after 3.0.4 cause massive CPU Load in RO ... =/ Also I'm not using any patchsets. No Staging, no d3d9, no DXVK and no esync, just vanilla WINE. Especially those D3D mods might be a problem because as we know from dgvoodoo Gepard Shield doesn't like modded dlls
  5. Every single roll has a 0.03% chance to drop exactly 1 glove. Rolling 3000 times with a single chance of 0.03% each roll will result in an overall chance of 59.3485% to not have 0 drops or in other words to have at least 1 drop. Could be more. Could also be less (at ~40% chance ). It's still probabilistic.
  6. Whitesmiths get a new skill "Upgrade Weapon" as the name implies you can only upgrade weapons with this skill but you don't need to equip them. Only when using this skill they get increased success chance if their job level is over 50, +10% for each attempt at job level 70. And that's it. Everything else is unchanged.
  7. Modding graphics libraries can be used to create wall hacks and the like. So I'm not surprised that an anti-cheat-tool would detect and ban dgvoodoo. This probably has to be addressed to the Gepard Shield Devs.
  8. Leech is NOT healing.
  9. Eh, sorry for the confusion. I usually just shorten "monster" to "mob". I didn't mean killing multiple monsters at once. As for places the last I went to with my SC Pally were Rachel Sanc 4 and 5 and Juperos. But yeah with proper gear a SC Pally can go nearly anywhere.
  10. Queen Scaraba and Turtle General use the same script so their bonuses will add instead of multiply. You will just trade 5% bonus damage to +35 HIT per QS Card
  11. I don't think it would be "an insane amount". As far as I know Invision already supports stuff like friends and social groups so my guess is they just have to be activated / configured. An online check by the control panel on the character database would be necessary anyway. The only extra effort I can see would be creating a separate table / DB to store the "activated" characters and checking the friend list in the Forum DB to get the visibility rights.
  12. If it was up to me I would keep checking ingame DBs to a minimum and do something like this: Add the option to befriend forum accounts, they are supposed to be unique for every real player Add a CP page where you can select characters to be visible to friends (or maybe even public visibility) Add a CP page for searching / displaying characters that have been set to visible in the page above This way players have full control of visibility. It's Opt-In. You only need to do a check if characters exist when setting up visibility. You only need to check the online status when displaying search results / friend characters. It could break when players delete or rename characters after setting them to visible but at worst they'd appear offline till the owner updates their visible characters. Don't think that would be a huge deal.
  13. It certainly would be a universal boost to SC and Boom but I personally feel 40% from 4 cards is pretty underwhelming. And yes Champs are Bosses
  14. My thoughts (sorted by cost) get a Lunatic pet if you don't have one already +2 ATK +2 CRIT for the cost of 1 carrot juice every 30 minutes is pretty awesome for beginning Katar Critter exchange Thief Clothes and Manteau with Pantie+Undershirt combo > DEF will be a little lower but you get more AGI (and thus ASPD) and FLEE get Bunny Slipper for footgear +3 LUK helps a bit with CRIT but most importantly once you can afford it you can slot it with GEC creating a universal (all classes except novice) GEC footgear for all your characters not just this one instead of the Morrigane combo I recommend going for individual CRIT gear because first you don't need a full set of (not exactly cheap) gear before it really starts being useful and second you free up the upper headgear for LKH or Valk Thief Rings - at 90+ AGI you get a whooping +10 ATK and CRIT for each ring and if you manage to get STR to 90+ you also get +10 FLEE (the +10 HIT is nice to have for the occasional skill use) overupgraded Chung E garment - a +8 Cursed Hood is +8 CRIT and +3 LUK and together with double Thief Rings you alread get more CRIT than from the whole Morrigane set Gryphon (mid) headgear - +20 CRIT ... need i say more? well overall CRIT bonus goes down with rising STR but even at 90 STR you still get a massive bonus to CRIT For farming I'd also recommend Sleepers. If you manage to raise your CRIT high enough so you dont need the 3 SS cards anymore I'd suggest getting a Fire and Ice Katar and go for both Sleepers and Goats because: more targets for killing = less time spent walking around = overall more EXP+Loot/hour
  15. Currently I just use the GC Pally to farm Evil Horns in Hidden Temple and Witch Starsands in Clock Tower. Lately nearly all of my time in RO only goes into staying ranked and trading. The places I've been to before (primarily for leveling): Niffleheim (Valley of Gyoll), doing lots of Loli Ruris missions Glast Heim Chivalry 2, back when it was Tam Tam going for anything including Champs, AK and Bloody Knight The things on my to-try list: Geffenia, I shouldn't have trouble killing the stuff but I need to test how feasible it is to farm there Abbey, don't know anything how well I'd do there but there were some mentions from GC Pallies going Abbey so I guess it should be doable About the investment being worth it well, considering only the cost/performance ratio I'd say definitely YES. GTB (together with GEC) turns GC completely around from a somewhat gimmicky skill to an actually useful one. And the Imperial Combo gives a huge boost to an already pretty powerful skill. But then if you'd ask me about Return on Investment instead I'd probably have to say no because as I said I don't play that char as much as I'd need to justify the investment. But that's just my personal problem
  16. IMO overupgraded Stone Buckler is a good choice for the first one. They are equippable by all classes (except novice) so they have decent resell value. You might even get an already carded one for a good price.
  17. I'd recommend the following: Join the Eden group and do Instructor quests to get the Eden Equipment, those are usually better than items that can be bought from NPC (or their more slotted variants) Do the Hunting Board missions in Eden HQ to gain EXP and Bronze Coins. Use Bronze Coins to rent Rental Ballista from Rental Master Keep the Skel Worker Cards for later or sell them to get funds for better gear you cant get from eden group or rental master Archer Card Set is pretty outdated. With all the more recent gear, cards and custom stuff on TRO there's lots of better options that don't need a specific set of 5-6 cards. Also you don't need lots of different bows for getting started. Rental Ballista is often considered the third best bow in the game and it's somewhat "free" just needs some Bronze Coin farming per week.
  18. Browsing through the accessory list the cheap ones I'd consider are Cursed Hand, Cat Hand Glove and Diablos Ring
  19. Apparently it's my job to advocate for GC ... With LKH and GEC you already got 2 of the most important things. The other 2 things I consider crucial for a GC Pally are the Imperial Spear / Guard combo and GTB Card. The imperial combo will give you a 20% damage bonus to GC. And not just to a portion like either boosting STR/ATK or INT/MATK but to the total damage. Also the spear gives +ATK depending on refine and spear mastery level and it can be enchanted in malangdo to give extra INT GTB will nullify the backlash damage on yourself so you only have to pay the 20% HP to cast the skill. But those 20% are on current HP not Max HP so the lower your HP the less it will cost you and you can't kill yourself with GC while wearing GTB. But don't wear GTB all the time use another shield for mobbing (like those racial Xshields) and only switch to GTB when casting GC The rest is just pushing STR/ATK and INT to the max (while balancing cast time and VIT) so you'd go for the usual suspects: Celebs (Bris for the rich), +1 STR/INT Bloody Knight Mid Headgear, Incantation Samurai Card in the weapon, +3 INT (or STR) armor with appropriate element (even dark/shadow is possible using GTB) and maybe rainbow scarf for lower headgear
  20. We already have a second working/tradable currency that can actually be used for things: Talon Coins.
  21. I don't know the exact list but there are many more skills available with bonus bundle. So I guess it was intended for skills beyond BB and TA to not be easily available through NPC.
  22. Did you turn on the R-18 option in your Pixiv profile?
  23. The ATK bonuses on Imperial Spear depending on Refine and Spear Mastery Level are not calculated at all.
  24. I have to repeat this time and time again: the effect of size penalty on overall damage is vastly overestimated. Only the weapon base ATK in the item description is affected by size penalty. So for example with Mes you would lose a "whooping" 30 overall ATK when attacking Medium targets.
  25. "Star Gladiator using Union Skill" cosplay would be cooler
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