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  1. Azgrim

    mATK table

    It's just a table - we can do it for any amount...
  2. Yeah GJ is ok. Even with GEC I always have some GJ in my pockets )
  3. You can oom only if you spam JT. In all other situations you'll be fine (less move, more stand for SP Recovery and don't forget to have Soul Drain). For some events you can want to have Osiris acc for fast regain SP.
  4. Sleip GEC for me - after long runs with Eddga/LT/GEC I prefer this card for heal over time reason (so as one shoes for my champ) and max SP boost. Eddga is sweet when you not so good at positioning and often let mobs hit you in melee, LT is best for damage when you have at least 48 Vit (but there is not so big difference) and gives you more max HP, GEC is most comfortable in my solo runs - it give you more SP, you can farm until 90% weight limit and you need less healing (no matter with pots ot vitata card), also it's good shoes for most of your toons.
  5. SoM NNN is good and cheap but once you try DDD you don't wanna return to NNN. In all events NNN is good only if it gives you next mAtk break and even with it difference in damage is so little (you can't predict your damage with difference between min and max mAtk so dps almost same) but with NNN you can't compare with DDD when you need spam JT. Yes, it's possible after 150 Int for sure.
  6. Azgrim

    need advice

    Try to think a little and understand what we talking about. Noone forbid anyone to ask a question, we just want to make that tons of pages lil bit less.
  7. Azgrim

    Nightmare's Rift: Battle! Oh, Legend!

    Thank you for information - it's all i need to know, we just need more preparations I guess.
  8. Azgrim

    Nightmare's Rift: Battle! Oh, Legend!

    One important question - do we'll have Summer race event on while NR will be active? Mostly of our team players (me too) have serious lag spikes when race is on.
  9. Azgrim

    need advice

    Ok, I'm bad person cus I trying to make forum more informative and usable, shame on me. Sure we need more same topics, each new for each question, no matter if that question was already answered, no matter if same person already ask same question - it must be new topic, all usable guides and discussion must go down hidding. Seriosly, I asked to inquire same questions from same person in one topic, not ordered to not asking question or being silent or abandon discussion - it can be useful for all others people with same question, information about something in one place not in separent topics, but you decide that I "bitching" others and trying to kill discussion in that section and whole forum - that is really offensive and have no reason at all.
  10. Azgrim

    need advice

    Try to watch on two last topics in that section and read my comment completly - there is an argument in it which can help everyone here.
  11. Azgrim

    Any oldschool players?

    Starting in 2003 was really fun - dial up internet, no guides, no community, x1 rates, many mistakes in builds... But exploring was > all =3
  12. В копилку оптимизации ХВ - бесконечный флай винг (берётся на неделю в эдене за 175 эден баджей), позволяет избавиться от лишнего веса (раньше у меня всегда с собой были флай винги, которыми можно улететь во время каста или кд после него), пропадает необходимость в аксесе с крими, его переодеванием и прожатием энтера для подтверждения телепорта, так же, можно использовать не слазя с маунта. Оптимальный вариант фарма - голд скараба (гтб и фулл протект необходимы), шмот под инкаст и веспер (в голд скарабе все боссы), в остальном соло хв себя ощущает весьма комфортно с квагой и гастом, водя огромные пачки, которые постоянно пополняются телепортящимися мобами. В мили там бьют очень редко, мобы предпочитают кастовать, диспеллить и стрипать (гтб и фп, как я уже говорил). Либо же тор, где не нужны квест на вход и фулл протект, но где мешают гварды. Два квеста (сдавать надо по два) принесут вам 250 эден баджей.
  13. Согласен, тут вопрос приоритетов (у меня там хв на первом месте, а у кого-то паладин, скажем) - каждому нравится играть своим определённым классом, а данный гайд рассказывает о максимальном профите при наименьших вложениях для стартующих с нуля (более 50% приходящих на талон русскоязычных игроков начинают с ханта, далее следуют роги и сины, а вовсе не найты). Ну и никто же не мешает написать свой собственный гайд по своей любимой профе, расписать все тонкости, шмот, скиллы-статы и т.д. )