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  1. Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

    Если хочется к нам, то в первом посте этой темы указано, что для этого нужно сделать )
  2. mATK table

  3. Bolter Prof questions

    Bolts do more damage than NB+SS together even on ghost property incarnation.
  4. bio end-game gears

    I see, thank you. For me that means no need thataspd cus I never see some bragi around in any kind of patry.
  5. bio end-game gears

    For what purpose we need to raise aspd? Auto-attacking, shrooms planting? For AD 151 aspd is more than enough so what reason in all that doppels and bers potions?
  6. Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

  7. Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

    С Новым Годом, друзья!
  8. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Yup, that very close to my way when I hunt for zeny and mostly use FW, FB and SS (all fast spells). But I concern to reach IC (or close) and start MVP hunt for more rare drop income without Isilla and Salamander card (personally don't like MS for it random and concern on dex cards).
  9. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Or you just don't know about that spots. =] But all of them concern more on rare drop than pure loot-zeny.
  10. Stand Alone Complex (190 int)

    Observation is bad, you can't swap it for marc/bathory/pasana and don't lose Dex as you can with agav. For LT you don't reach next bonus after 48 Vit so this +6 Vit is not so valuable (only just for 3 Dex from bad card in armor). You don't use Dex food cus you lose mAtk with stings in brisingamens (we easy can change scarabs for stings in my calculator variant to have same mAtk and not using Dex food as well), so no single better option with your build though. But I glad to see your comment and think about it =]
  11. hsum the best wizard ever??

    Teach us, hsum-senpai! /sarcasm But as howrah said maybe someday you'll good enough to know - even if others think you are you pro you know by yourself you still at a looooong way to reach the top.
  12. Сеты карт

    1. Уверен, что никто тут не занимался тем, что составлял сеты карты в рамках ТалонРО. 2. С доступностью МВП карт (как и большинства карт) любой из сетов теряет свою актуальность.