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  1. Azgrim

    Eden Quest (Gramps)

    750 per week for merit badge, 200 for bronze coin for 1 character.
  2. Also, in Tier 1-2 we can grab Ramen hat for 4 dex, but in Tier 4 after we get SoM and do bonuses better enchant our armot with Int not Dex cus we start losing stat point even with Celebs. Btw, End Game High Wizard by Payongg link is broken or content was removed.
  3. Azgrim

    Stand Alone Complex (190 int)

    So quietly in mage section... A lot happens in my wizzy journeys which completly change some of my opinions. My mostly using build atm is: https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XCij0OwoAgFMKDw4/DpMOiAcKcTGTDgUHCjVvDn1PDpCfDosKiQTnCvcOAw6AVw7zCmsKmTVpGJEEGHsKEwpEidSktECIgwovDoBvDjcKMwoJ2aXFbFcKmwrvDlsOyGUxUdsKbwpVQw4heE1jDoMOywpPCksO5w4rCrUXCjw/DosKdPR98w6JXXg 180 Int with bless and +5 Int food, most versatility for any kind of end-game. Now always with me 3rd Bris with Osiris (for fast replenish SP and lil more support witg Agi up). My skills usually looks like this now: http://irowiki.org/~himeyasha/skill4/hwz.html?10qnfNfkfkasafpAbxbxcAax No fire cus HW have no good fire spells, bolts have huge cd, all others have little output damage even with specific cards. But have all earth branch which is so underestimate in pvm - with mistress mid I use Stone Curse in biolab 4 for more crowd control, Earth Spike is the best bolt-like spell cus it's have no cd and spamable (sometimes works better than Heavens Drive when target moving), so HD and Quaq is always must have spells. Also doing some vanilla instance activities with this build: https://calc.talonro.com/?_S07CrErDsknDikxMTkxKdAbCssK8woF0VmJiQXpGIhTDpDkBwoUgIMObMjHCsTQ3McKxPCLDlTsjwrAyLC3DmTE/NTMnMsOJF8KEw4FKUhLCsxPCk8KyYXrDgTrCk0tBLMKPRMODRCQQwpQYwpU4YAAA
  4. Azgrim

    mATK table

    Keeping at top.
  5. Вслед за Кулоном добавил свой вариант билда для ванилла-инстансов.
  6. Azgrim

    кросс гефения

    Плохо слушал ) Там нужны и шило, и экскалибур.
  7. Azgrim

    кросс гефения

  8. По просьбам моих юных падаванов, список мвп, которых я убивал один, в одно окно: Амон Ра (обычный и найтмар), Атрос, Боитата, Дарк Лорд, Дрейк, Эддга, ГЕК, ЕСЛ, Глум, ГТБ, Гопыныч, Лик, Майя, Мунлайт, Орк Хиро, Орк Лорд, Осирис, Фараон, Фриони, Квин Скараба (обычная и голд), РСХ, Сторми Найт, Тао Гунка, Туртл Генерал.
  9. Azgrim

    Currently making a SS sniper

    I guess you have no idea what you talking about, dear necromancer. It's just my usual crit build with minor changes. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XDjEEKw4JADMKFw6FDFcOrwrowwoLCi8KuBcKXf8OGTMKnEykuLHVuw6/CpFDDsAZ+ITx4woREwqrCjDLCk2XDoCYBw6HCshrDk8K2aFp8QE8cw6zCrmErGlZ7w6Z4fnUpwqYyPcOSwph7X20ow5bCtEtDPMKdw5bDpDHDk8KeH8O2woYrP8KEwoE3Hyp/w7UF
  10. If he means 2 forum accounts - he only can have one, making second account to voting means ban.
  11. If you mean games accounts - yes, you can use up to 10 game accounts via 1 internet connection. Noone said about accounts for autotrade/buy or I just didn't noticed? )
  12. Azgrim


    Have nothing against combo, they just slower killing mobs. When I concern on asura (so I can kill mvp not only common mobs) build I also have instant cast (let's don't forget what spheres need to be casted too), so as nice Investigate and FO (usually oneshot, like 23k+ FO on anolian). One day I tested combo-build with high end equip and sqi bonuses - as I said it's fun but still slower in killing than Asura-Fo-Invest build.