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  1. Topic starts with question about cards, you start discussion about shoes and your thinking how expensive it is... And now you talking about spam. Sweet.
  2. Nothing wrong just funny for everyone who plays on tRo more than year, can read guides and look on market. By the way my main is HW and I never farm places like sleepers, mavkas and geffenia (only for tests) but can afford 350m+ costumes. So yeah Sleips is common routine (usually we use 3-4 of them).
  3. If he choose card for Sleip - he choose card for Sleips not asking about shoes. Sleips luxury lol.
  4. GEC is sweet in solo play where you kill everything with 1-2 DS but mostly moving by feet and have some time between killing. But in party you mostly concern on Grape juice usage. Mysteltain is ok for pure damage with Dex build. Eddga is superb if you often recieve damage while need moving and do something (like trapping). If you use high vit build Lady Tanee is nice option too - it boost your damage lil bit less than Mystel but boost your hp a lot.
  5. Or use enchant stone ID like 4712 for Int+3.
  6. Добавлено немного инфы по скиллам после идуны (гаст, вб) и новые варианты билдов.
  7. Nothing difficult at all. After iduna nerfs your role as HW is quaq bot mostly. Your damage good only with JT, your SG need only for crowd control, so in most party play you can make full survivability build forget about damage. In solo play you need quaq and kite much more when before iduna.
  8. Azgrim

    ASPD/SS Sniper

    ASPD crit SS build doesn't mean you remove DS from your panel, it still be your most used skill if target has low def. Pros of crit sniper is more vit (valk helm) and when you start recieve less of status ailments - you can feel you want vit close to 100. In Kulon's guide sniper sacrifice part of his damage to survivability but here huge expirience from different events where all other snipers keep recieve more CC and died so many time while fat crit sniper keep damage. Thats why this fatty keep taking MVP - he damage less but stable, he survive more situations. About falcon as Greed said, we keep it for Detect and Spring trap, but no Blitz Beat (aggro) and Falcon Assault (FA keep being shit even with Bragi).
  9. https://wiki.talonro.com/Rental_Items
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