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  1. Yay! Second prestige! TY Lance ❤️

  2. Prestige yay! We did prestige challenge )

  3. Difference between good and bad player? Good player mostly concern on his own mistakes not other failures.

  4. 201 Int bio? Check. AD builds bio fast killing ghost properties? Check.

  5. So tired to explain ppl if they don't know how to properly use some gears doesn't make that gear useless...

    1. GM Seiren

      GM Seiren

      How dare you not conform to the established meta?! 😠

    2. Azgrim


      Viva la revolution! 😺

  6. Thank you, dear GMs, that was really fun entertainment!
  7. Thank you for information - it's all i need to know, we just need more preparations I guess.
  8. One important question - do we'll have Summer race event on while NR will be active? Mostly of our team players (me too) have serious lag spikes when race is on.
  9. Woa! So glad to see my wizzi with cat and guildemblem here =3
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