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  1. Azgrim

    Drobe+Duo Expert Rings?

    Oh ic, and I trained myself to use walls for it (location walls as well as IW) to stuck mobs near - my party snipers love that way for less traps using and don't love when another wizards throw mobs so far away ) You still lose huge amount of stats and damage. As elijahsp said for good MS you need something like Gold Scaraba hole but still SG easily can compare there.
  2. Azgrim

    Drobe+Duo Expert Rings?

    Don't really like that idea of loosing so much Int and Dex... For JT spam you need aspd not aftercast reduction (dunno why Lozaky said JT spam only for pvp or non boss mobs - works perfectly in pve, on mvp and bosses for me) cus there animation delay. MS is a bad dps skill in pve (even with salamander card) so idk, only pvp usage? Also I don't like idea about very expensive di robes (prices raises over 230m atm for clean) but if you rich and can throw money it's ok I guess.
  3. Azgrim

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    Yep, there is a lot situation with fly wings to avoid damage. Ima not so big thor fan (prefer biolab 4 for exp and loot), usually go there for gramps quest and feel myself fine without thor-oriented eq but my thoughts about it I already wrote in commentary after topic starter ) - all that eq is good, comfortable, more sustain but not necessary.
  4. Azgrim

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    Same so I concern on more output damage and prefer avoid damage (especially in melee) with positioning and skills not catch it and hope on equips 😃
  5. Azgrim

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    No, it's not. I farming there with leak and horn without fa or pasana. Also agav>rsx for me, always (I already wrote why).
  6. Azgrim

    mATK table

    Keeping at top.
  7. Azgrim

    High Wiz Main quit every other classes ^_^

    We are not so squishy even without EC ;] Concern on cards with % resist and you'll be ok. Personally I don't like ele armors cus their weight, but if you planning something about thor it's ok: +3 Int FA [Agav] is your best choice (someone can say RSX but much better when Bow push you back, there you already been which means no mobs there, and keep recieving damage from your SG), for shield (BoC 24/7) you have Alice (almost all bosses there) or cheap option as Horn or even GTB (block all magic from Kasas and Imps but nothing in melee and from Guards). For garment you always have devi (for def) and leak (for damage) swap. Trick with staff swapping (SoM for IC and high graded SoP dor pierce damage) is very good option in Thor. For all others - read popular topics here, in mage section, especially comments - there a lot of useable information ;]
  8. I prefer +2 Int BoC and +3 int Mage Coat [Agav]. For all events I don't need that 20% resist from Valk cus GTB block most of them. You wear ele armor mostly to avoid Coma (Bathory) - there is no more ele armor in my pockets (Agav and Marc is another 2 which is always with me). If you can see all pros and cons by yourself - only you can answer what is better for you )
  9. Azgrim

    Need advise for hw

    I prefer rainbow scarf for 1 Int, 1% mAtk is good though, 4leaf clover is just cheaper.
  10. Azgrim

    Need advise for hw

    HW card is not so good, better get ESL and reach next mAtk break - it would be better in most situation. GTB shield is top1 sheild in solo, deviling is good for starters (or vs ranged phisically damage) but with time you more concern on quaq, walls (safety and ice) and learn how to not recive damage in melee. For abyss lake you want high int (160+) and good def - not so good place for wiz. I recommend you to read most popular topics here (especially comments) - there is a lot of useful information.
  11. 2 Int > 20% resist to Water, Fire, Shadow and Undead Property. Most of that elemental attack is magic which completly blocked by GTB + elemental armor, for melee you have SW, for ranged physical you have nothing (but you can stun with BoC).
  12. Потому что 98+12 = 110. Сила всегда делается под число кратное 10, иначе это потеря статов в никуда. ЛК с концентрацией это хорошо, но новичок (см название темы) начинает вовсе не с ЛК.