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  1. Azgrim

    Ищу людей с МОТРа

    Некрофилия не порок, тоже отмечусь в мёртвой теме с 90% комментами от не играющих уже людей... Играю в РО с 2003-го, не играл на мотре, не играл на лаггейме. В эпоху модемов было куда проще играть на городских серваках по выделенке из клубов, а потом уже и русро с люми подоспели.
  2. https://panel.talonro.com/rules/ You may only use the official client and files to play TalonRO, as provided on our download page or through our patcher. You are not allowed to further modify files within TalonRO’s client which affect visual and/or mechanical gameplay. Unless an exception is explicitly made, all other modifications are prohibited. Exception: Homunculus AIs are allowed as long as it does not auto-feed and make the player auto-walk. Exception: Changing sprites for the sole purpose of visual enhancement which do not represent an unfair advantage to the player is allowed. This would include modifications such as custom auras, different cart or homunculus sprites, job sprite replacements. Exception: Modifying skill effects and textures for better visibility in PvP situations is allowed.
  3. Никак. Уменьшить яркость на ноуте/экране.
  4. Список петов и того, что они дают при лояле: https://wiki.talonro.com/Pet_System
  5. Azgrim

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    Librarian Glove [1], Bradium Earring [1], Orlean's Gloves [1].
  6. Azgrim


    For ic amp you need 100% cast reduction, 100% cast reduction means to lose a LOT of dex, int, matk and bypass damage. I think you see just fast amp + movement to break skill animation but not ic amp.
  7. Azgrim

    Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

    Мой вариант с реальным названием )
  8. Azgrim

    Casual-fun гильдия "Kets".

    Картинка называется "По грибы", но судя по всему, грибы были съедены ещё до )
  9. Azgrim

    The Book Slapper Guide! (Professor Hindsight)

    HW, Champ, Bio, etc... The reason is "Enable to do perfect damage on any size monster. ( bonus bNoSizeFix,0; )" Noone thinks about cast WB just 4 lvl from Deluge (especially when Deluge drain before all hits from WB do damage).
  10. Azgrim

    holy element buff?

    At least you need acolyte with Aqua Benedicta skill and standing in water (going to Comodo is easiest way) with empty bottles.
  11. Azgrim

    holy element buff?

    Aspersio. Used for Aspersio.