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  1. cuteologist

    GMC Monsters, Elements, and Arrows

    Wow, I've seen that guide before and I totally disregarded the monster list on the left side! Probably because I was viewing it on mobile so it was easy to overlook... Now I feel stupid. Thanks for the reply guys!!
  2. cuteologist

    GMC Monsters, Elements, and Arrows

    Hi guys, I just recently bought an Artemis TTT, and I want to try GMCs. My partymates may have high expectations because I have SQI, but I really haven't tried GMCs before so I don't really know what to expect. (I guess I need to tell them that beforehand so they can give me instructions, but they may also not want to invite me anyway because they are betting their supplies for coins and tokens. They might choose those who have more experience.) I've been looking for guides about GMCs, but the best ones I see only mention the arrows I need to bring. Can anyone tell me the monsters that can be found there? So I can look at their elements and know which arrow to use on which monster. I would really appreciate that.