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  1. Yeah after some thought I think this has been intentional... Maybe something needs to be changed / regulated for purchase jump to work well. Manually looking for purchase shops is not that big of a chore actually, but it's just sad that people try to get around the mechanics of the new command just to cause some inconvenience for others who want fast transactions.
  2. Just want to ask - how does purchase jump actually work? Does it take you to the purchase shop with the highest price like a reverse shop jump? There's some merchant who has set up a purchase shop with the highest price for Great Nature but he doesn't have the zeny for purchasing even just one piece. Is this some kind of abuse in the mechanics of the command just to piss off people or I'm just not using purchase jump correctly? As of now, I'm manually selling Great Natures to purchase shops because the purchase jump command always sends me to this particular merchant.
  3. cuteologist

    What are uncommon things that proc on hit spells?

    I think I've read somewhere that this has been changed to prevent afk leveling.
  4. cuteologist

    Just wondering

    You are free to try but I think you won't pull it off in fast-moving items like talon coins, eluniums, etc. because the market will easily be replenished by other players.
  5. cuteologist

    PvP tip!

    There are more people on unrestricted (usually 0-16 players) and most chars are champs, sinxes, stalkers, and you'll also see some profs, hws, lks and others. But a lot of times these players are just sitting around or horseplaying and some will actually get pissed if you kill them, which is a weird reaction because it's pvp after all... I seldom see people on vanilla, but when I do, there are usually 2-5 players. Maybe the number of players and the players' attitudes will depend on time zone too.
  6. cuteologist

    SN SQI Bonus ( Auto Spell SUCKS )

    I want to test this personally but I don't have an SN...
  7. cuteologist

    SN SQI Bonus ( Auto Spell SUCKS )

    Yes, other autobolts like from gazeti card indeed trigger elesword bolts. (If Nattwara is still looking for a confirmation.) I thought I should just point out hindsight in particular, because of the others' plans to abuse BOA SQI bonus and switch to Elesword. It's just not possible as far as I know. Better point it out now before Kyo becomes disappointed again!
  8. cuteologist

    SN SQI Bonus ( Auto Spell SUCKS )

    Yes, on paper, elesword should trigger its bolt chain when an autobolt from another source (in this case hindsight) procs. But there is no real way to test the elesword and hindsight interaction in-game because there is no class that can use both elesword and highsight as far as I know. Elesword is a trans class item for levels 70 plus. It can only be used by the merchant, swordsman, and thief class.
  9. cuteologist

    Pure Esma Soul Linker Guide

    I hope this guide has helped you / is helping you in any way. Please feel free to join the discussion and share your thoughts and findings! It's always more productive to have more people brainstorming. Hopefully, this thread will convince more people to actually use the soul linker class.
  10. cuteologist

    Pure Esma Soul Linker Guide

    Yeah, using SL is really fun. I'm also a fan of huge numbers, so I really like how Esma does damage. The damage also surprises a lot of people in-game, so sometimes I look like a "pro." Haha. I don't know why the population of damage-dealing SLs is so low. With the items we have on the server, they can actually be very powerful. About Osiris and Kaizel... Hmm, I guess it works only on the SL itself, and not on others (braindead tested it in a champ)? I will edit the guide again accordingly. When I was brainstorming for Ghostdancer cards, I also preferred Doppels, but I wasn't sure how the delay of es-skills works, so I wasn't sure if Doppels will actually improve their delays. If you get your hands on Ghostdancer with Doppels, please let me know. I want to know if you can spam Estun-Esma as fast as Jupitel Thunder or something. Imagine the damage... I'm still very interested in the class. If Elemental Sword [DDD] (for another build I'm trying out) wasn't so pricy I wouldn't have sold my SL gears. It's truly a fun class. I hope you enjoy your SL to the fullest!
  11. cuteologist

    Trying Out Hats

    What do you mean by "try out"? If you want to see how the custom kaho looks on you, you can try the stylist as Glaimdir said. But if you want to see how your custom kaho performs, hmm I don't think there is a way. Actually, someone suggested before to have a room where players can test builds so they don't commit millions or billions to builds that will just disappoint them in the end. The suggestion has been declined. I think the risk of buying is just part of the game. But there is little risk in buying a kaho. It is useful for most builds and classes, so I am sure you won't be disappointed. I also suggest to just buy the normal-looking kaho. It's cheaper. You can always just use costumes if you want a different look.
  12. cuteologist

    Buff Tome of Ymir

    I haven't used it personally so I can't say this for sure. But I think tome of ymir is fine as it is. I think I've seen a prof that can one-shot a necromancer with waterball with it. I've also been one-shotted by waterball numerous times now in pvp, and I have 23k hp and I'm not even using deviling. (Partly because I'm wearing alchemy gloves and non-elemental armor.) Hindsight prof is also already quite powerful and giving it more MATK will only make things easier. Again, I haven't used tome of ymir so I don't really know. But you are not the first one to say that the prof SQI is underwhelming.
  13. cuteologist

    S > Ghostdancer Staff [NNN] and other SL gears [CLOSED]

    Gears sold.
  14. cuteologist

    Pure Esma Soul Linker Guide

    Thanks for pointing out that the Osiris thing doesn't work! I will edit the guide accordingly. Yes, Kaina is a good skill. It's definitely better than Eswoo on the right conditions, like when you are in a party and other classes are doing the crowd control for the team, like a high wizard for example. But Eswoo has its uses as well. I prefer it when I go solo but I can understand how you like Kaina better. (Spirit skill plus Esma plus SP cost from Kaahi hits consume a lot of SP, and sometimes GEC can't catch up if you are hit too much.) I also tried farming in bio3 but that place is just not for me. I find it really boring to teleport around and around until I see a solo mob. I've also never killed the assassin and sniper. With my SL I mostly prefer to farm rare drops on things I can one-shot, like Anolians and Dracos. Fruses are also interesting targets but they take a while to kill. I'm glad that other players are using SL. In fact, after making this guide, I've noticed that there are more Esma SL in-game. I think many players just don't have the will (or the funds or time) to experiment on "non-meta" builds, so I made this guide to give them a blueprint and minimize the experimenting they need to do for Esma SL. Sadly, I just sold my SL gears for another experimental build. But I would like to believe that this guide has made a difference in the community's perception of soul linkers. Good luck to you! Show them that soul linkers are not just slaves!
  15. cuteologist

    S > Ghostdancer Staff [NNN] and other SL gears [CLOSED]

    Nothing so extraordinary. Just an Esma-type soul linker because nobody seems to use the class that way. Got a few reactions and questions from other players regarding my damage, as I am doing more than 50k on Necromancers and more than 30k on Fruses and Skoguls. I actually made a short Guide about the Esma-type soul linker in the Guides section of the forum. Thanks for the interest, but I can't really sell you the SR because I'm still using my soul linker. I just want to put the Ghostdancer Staff on market as I know I won't be able to sell it immediately. It isn't the most in demand item. But I am ready to let it go in case someone is interested.