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  1. Unlike other dungeon accest quests, in order to get to abbey, you need to finish five quests. This is understandably a pain, and hinders levelling at abbey. Now NT characters are stuck at odins into getting to 99. Which is very unfun, coz once you get an SG, you just stand there and autofollow someone and let the priest and SG do the work. I know this coz i have an SG. If we make abbey access forum account bound, at the very least, more game accounts will have access to abbey and this will promote partying in the area. And tbh, once your done doing the quests, as interesting as they may, there is no point of redoing them again since you know what has happened to the storyline. not advocating for the removal of dungeon access quests entirely, just for abbey coz its a special PITA.
  2. Better yet make BC transferrable via kafra
  3. Context: I use Grandma Boxter to exchange misc items to points which I then use to buy Silvervine Fruit. When talking to the NPC you can choose to recycle each set of items one by one or you can just recycle everything in your inventory. Problem: Since bronze coins are included under the misc category, it will also be recycled once you choose the "recycle all" option. If you dont want your BC to be recycled, you have to do recycle the items one by one by selecting if its a gear or misc, then choosing the right item, then choosing how many things you will recycle. As you can see, this is very inconvenient. Suggestion: By removing bronze coins, we can easily recycle all junk in our inventory without losing the bronze coins and without going into the kafkaesque process i described earlier. This is a great QoL change that allows us to maximize Grandma Boxter.
  4. Hi, as what the title says, I farm SQI Bonus Items for you to get those extra upgrades from your SQI. Just leave a comment below what items you want to be farmed. You can contact me through discord (Dimensional George of Mercy#2806)
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