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  1. High Wiz Farming capability

    I havent played for 3 months, so info is a bit old Will be honest with you - hw is not the best farming character unless you farm mvps and have descent drop from them. my hwiz basic insta cast equips: Dark thorn staff is with +4 int, glasses are with issila (+2 int) just to reach 145 int. Instead of buying expensive moonflower I used gargoyle + headgear with agi up skill. Farm places that i found to be somewhat profitable 1) Sohee card - was collecting them with fire bolt lvl 1, then LoV 10. JT 10 for ninetail, storm gust for mandragoras in the middle. Picked up badges as well, but they don't sell well. 2) Pasana card - storm gust 10 for all mobs there (in_sphinx5). Descent exp if you kill Anubis. Managed to get around 5 pasanas and around 7 sohee cards. Usual drop rate is 1 per 2 hrs. Places i've tried, but found to be less profittable: - moc_pryd05 ( verit card + hearts), - mag_dun01 ( Kaho card + kaho's pieces + bunch of useful loot), - iz_dun03 ( marc and marine sphere cards) - ra_san03 ( hodremlin card) - gl_sew03 ( bunch of valuable rare drop, didn't get any for approx 3 hrs) <--- need to revisit this location, info is a bit onesided - ein_dun02 ( was there for crystal fragments, found to be less profitable then sohee) Unfortunately I can't put numbers on those locations cause I just don't rememeber. All I remember that they were less than 2 kk per hour Don't forget that you will need some time to sell those items too.
  2. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Uploaded new video for rich people with LKH and some moneys to spare. Updated first post ( part 5).
  3. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    Unfortunately geffen fields don't have any valuable rare drops or massive amounts of regular npc loot to compete with guaranteed 2.5+ kk /hr sleepers farm. I have tried all of the fields (including goblins). And don't mix experienced and geared player fun ( hunting for rainbow shells, lol) with necessity to efficiently farm for first LKH.
  4. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    Geffen didn't do any of those unfortunately. I can't imagine what class will benefit from geffen fields... Even High Orcs are better in Clock tower =)
  5. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    well, i tried geffen dungeon with my hw and was not satisfied with a result. I guess your hp will not kill mobs faster. So i would say stick with sleepers.
  6. tamtam maps or sleepers for farming ?

    I would say sleepers. You are using rental brocca, right?
  7. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Apparently I was not that far away from instant cast. Uploaded new vid and updated first post.
  8. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    At the moment I am no way near instant cast or close to instant cast. And of course Storm gust is more universal skill because of a crowd control capabilities. For the time being I am using fire wall as such plus it activates suffragium from isillas for quicker cast. Uploaded new video. Updated first post.
  9. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    When you don't have much gear - yes, yes and yes. Salamander card costs 500k and gives way too much for the money. Plus after learning how to place vertical fire walls you can go places. As a wizard i have been to sleepers, demon pungus, harpy's, hill winds, medusas, rachel sanctuary 1, petites(gef field 06) , clock tower 1,3, anolians, manuk2, splendide2. Tried but didn't worked out for me: rachel sanctuary 5, nif 1, 2, manuk 1, 3 , juperos1 ( big mistake 8-) ) , clock tower4, splendide1 ( ouch!), galions
  10. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Yeah, i was looking for something more predictable =). 2 kk per hour would suffice i guess. Tried to get creamy card for myself (expensive!) for last couple of days. Gained 57% of my high wiz's lvl 74 there. Nothing =). Basically there are plenty of mobs that I can farm literally butt naked - smokie(card, bunny slippers ), thara, zerom, vitata and so on.
  11. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Well, I have hit a high wizard and oh boy, wizards are so bad at farming. It was fun to fool around on a wizard - go to different locations and try yourself out, but on a HW you already want some solid farming spots... and there are none. Very frustrating.
  12. hsum the best wizard ever??

    its pretty good =) as well as wizard =)
  13. hsum the best wizard ever??

    can hsum do this?
  14. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    1) Two unedited runs. Did it on purpose for absolute beginners to see. 2) Splendid2 is quite easy. Manuk2 is not. It is very hard (that's what she said =) ). I died around 300 times in manuk2 and still can't make that map work for me one hundred percent of the time. It is laggy for me and mobs hit you like from 3-4 cells distance. 3) recorded at x5 rates 4) There are some insta casts of MS =). Two Isillas for the win \0/
  15. Wizard farming and leveling ideas

    Thank you guys =) Yeah, they stack. With that gear I usually get like 75% insta cast on pungus map . And of course 100% in Churchyard .