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  1. @DeliciousGreenApple Brazil, 2019: It is a divided country. Scenes like these happen in sport, politics, religion and people's daily lives. Brazilians are spewing hatred. Violence in general is on the rise, People hurl all sorts of other ugly, and at times absurd, insults at one another in these. It’s become almost a war between (far-right vs left), dividing friends, family and colleagues. Likely that linger for long time.
  2. Brazil, 2019 Soccer match between CSA vs Murici, players have attempted intimidate the assistant referee during the game. Several against one it's very easy. Observing the image: the posture and expression of the assistant, plainly demonstrates who has brain and who does not have.
  3. About disaster of the dam (Brazil’s largest mining company). 115 dead. 248 people missing. Dead workers (working class)... Engineers arrested (middle class)... Directors free (high class). Moral of the story: "The history of all hitherto existing society is the history of class struggles."
  4. "Capital" is inhuman and it's not ecological.