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  1. stalks:ph34r:

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    2. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      I wouldnt really mind, but apparently I havent touched ritsu for months now /sob

      U come back and teach me instead :3

    3. Dingo-kun @ Dong

      Dingo-kun @ Dong

      Hmm, i'll see what i can do, maybe i kidnap a few friends to this game with me then start all over again.:rolleyes:

    4. Tainaka Ritsu

      Tainaka Ritsu

      hahaha i think that would be a great idea /ok

      i had some few irl friends who started the game few days ago as well, and i can it's very nostalgic; all the grinding and stuff haha

      i can say it's very nostalgic*

  2. stalks:ph34r:

    1. kossploss



    2. Dingo-kun @ Dong

      Dingo-kun @ Dong

      what time do u guys online? might drop by/awsm


    3. kossploss


      at night! around 10pm at gmt+8!

  3. 0hhhhhhhh~~~~~~~ kossie~kunnnnnnnnnnnnnn /awsm

    1. kossploss


      dong-kun /lv we miss you!

  4. Does u guys still stay in lighthalzen?:huh:

  5. Happy Chinese New Year Koss !!

    sorry for the late wish, i was at Kuala Lumpur to celebrate CNY there with my families :D 

    1. kossploss


      happy CNY dear dong kun /lv 

  6. There you go koss, somehow managed to find this nerd /ok.


    1. kossploss


      it's so dark! D: 

      take a photo in the light!

    2. Dingo-kun @ Dong

      Dingo-kun @ Dong

      You should come online and light us up D:

      we got buried by the darkness Q_Q

  7. why u on and off so fast D:

    i was busy Q_Q pls come back

  8. Yuki-chan misses u and is waiting for u <3

    it was 2 days ago

    1. They Call Me Yuki

      They Call Me Yuki

      @Dingo-kun @ Dong Dong-chan plz. /shy/shy 

      Time to step up on your Just-In-Time delivery of messages. /gg/gg 

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