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  1. Beep beep, happy Friday! What are everyone's weekend plans?

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    2. Matharu


      *salutes* Yes Cap'n


    3. GM Saen

      GM Saen

      Looks like the ship is picking up new recruits. First Mate MWFH, please ensure your timbers are properly shivered.

    4. My Wife for Hire

      My Wife for Hire

      I will not disappoint, my liege. The recipe has been chosen.

  2. Costume Requirements

    I am sorry that you feel disappointed, however for one, we won't be polling all of our players on every suggestion that makes it to this section of the forum. Moreover, I did actually refer this suggestion to the higher ups and took action based on their decision, I am not simply declining it to be mean. It's just not a feature we wish to have on our server. I would encourage you, in the future, to take into consideration the feedback you receive from the community and incorporating it to try and problem-solve the issue you believe you've identified - that's how some of the best suggestions are made. Using people's feedback only to change the original reason you stated your suggestion should be implemented is not quite the same thing, and I would not wish to penalise people for wishing to customise their character whatever their level when they have put in the work to be able to do so in the first place.
  3. Forum account storage + panel search

    Changed Status to Implemented
  4. Forum account storage + panel search

    Updating the status on this suggestion as the panel Kafra account search has been implemented. If you still wish to suggest share forum storage feel free to do so in a new suggestion, but bear in mind it's been rejected in the past. Edit: Editing the title of the suggestion to include panel search in the title, so as not to mislead players.
  5. Normal Headgear to Costume

    Changed Status to Declined
  6. Normal Headgear to Costume

    This indeed has been suggested before. I'm quoting Boreas's response for you - but remember you can easily use the search function to see if similar suggestions have been posted before and how they have been dealt with
  7. Unpopular maps

    Changed Status to Declined
  8. Unpopular maps

    You've made a similar suggestion before and I think Boreas and Radius pretty much covered it. Also,
  9. Costume Requirements

    Changed Status to Declined
  10. Costume Requirements

    Pretty much this. Also, I think the community response and the rating given by players to this suggestion speak for itself.
  11. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    Thank you so much Cyn, I adore this and I'm super glad you're happy with it too! Best of luck with your other commissions!
  12. cyns lil poo shop [ full ]

    One for me, please. I feel like a kid at Christmas right now, catching one your slots. Thank you so much!
  13. Draw The Character Above You!

    Holy wow, this is incredible! If you ever stream or have any videos of your process, I'd love to watch them Thank you so much! gonna have to do some serious community service in this thread
  14. Mayura's art shop

    Ahhh, these are so precious! I love seeing artists posting on here and recognising in-game characters from the server. Has your slot/commission situation changed at all good ser? Will you be (re-)opening up shop at any point in the future? Best of luck with your work, it's marvellous!
  15. free doodles

    Wew, glad to see you back! I never managed to catch your slots - I'll definitely be trying to if you open them up, but in the meantime I'll leave this here if you (ever) run out of refs~