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  1. Hi there! We have not removed after cast delay on the server, so those equipments and upgrades do indeed work. Read more here: https://wiki.talonro.com/After_Cast_Delay Perhaps you were thinking of Instant Cast? - when you reach 150 Dex or 100% cast reduction, your skills are cast instantly - as I’m aware not all servers allow you to reach that.
  2. Hi there! For account related issues and queries you can submit a support ticket here: https://panel.talonro.com/support/
  3. This doesn't necessarily mean that these would get implemented, guys. I for one am not actually sure if it's even possible due to client restrictions, so I think the idea, for now, is to just explore it as a potential art contest (just like the headgear design contest we've had recently).
  4. One time in ET, I dropped a shield on the ground so I could lend it to a friend. It expired on the ground. Neither of us noticed.
  5. Concerning available resources, I think Suggestions could be a good place for feedback and discussion of live, GM-held events - you guys can just tag myself or Lance to ensure we see it and pass it onto the rest of the team.
  6. Hey everyone! So while I haven't personally been involved in Nightmare's Rift yet due to my own schedule, I wanted to jump in and cover a few things. First of all, thank you to all of you who have left feedback - voicing things like this is crucial in polishing what we do and how we do things, so we do not want you to think that we do not hear you - we appreciate it, and your notes (as well as any past hiccups) will be taken into careful consideration in order to avoid the same problems in the future. Second of all, I ask for a little patience on behalf of the team - Nightmare's Rift is an ambitious and large-scale event and ensuring it's smooth running start-to-finish can involve a bit of a learning curve (especially when you consider that most of our events are designed to be run solo or in very small groups). That being said, I wanted to summarise your feedback so that we can make this a better experience next time. So as far as I can see, these are your concerns (and possible solutions) are as follows: ensuring the correct rewards are handed out in a timely manner (as Lance mentioned, Eden badges permissions have now been modified, so there should be no problems there) sticking to proposed time slots as well as running times of the events, and ensuring each team has equal opportunity/length of time to complete the instance (perhaps designating one team member specifically to the task of time-keeping/pacing of the event would be beneficial?) correct sequencing of MVPs (this one's indeed rather simple to fix, distributing the list should help) We will try our best to make this event a wonderful experience, both conceptually and technically, but I ask for patience with any problems that may be outside of our control. When you leave feedback (which I completely encourage - either via Discord, forums, Suggestions, etc) I only ask that you do so with the understanding that we too want to make this event the best that we can for you. Thanks everyone, and looking forward to this Saturday!
  7. The regular password recovery should allow for the recovery of an in game password as well as storage PIN
  8. https://panel.talonro.com/management/#recovery There should be an option for your kafra PIN recovery here.
  9. Hello and welcome! Hope you enjoy your adventures here, and make sure to join our lively Discord community if you have any questions!
  10. Happy New Year Talonians~

  11. Welcome ser, good to see you here! Hope you enjoy the journey~
  12. We only accept original art created by our players :<
  13. They will be mailed to the winners over the next few days~
  14. Really enjoying the entries so far, good job guys!
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