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  1. Hello, Talonians! The topic of today's post will be how to find and access information about the server and our custom gameplay and bring your attention to some useful links and resources that often go unnoticed. In particular, these will contain answers to questions players often ask me as a GM, and I keep many of these links handy - so I thought some of you guys could benefit from having these compiled into a single post! The older players will likely be familiar with these, but it took me awhile - and some persistent googling - to stumble upon some of these when I first started on Talon, so I hope they may be of help to some of you! auto Server Changelog First and foremost, the Server Changelog wiki page! This is pretty much my holy book when answering !requests. Not only is this a wonderful archive of the server's growth and development over the years, it's also the place to go to seek out information that may be more obscure, read more in depth about some of our custom features, or even just check on the latest updates if you've been away for some time. Highly recommended. Item Table and their Uses Bonus: Alternative Item Table by @Iela Created by @GM Howl, this fantastic tool allows you to search most items that exist on our server and quickly look up their potential uses as crafting or quest ingredients. Need to clean out your storage and not sure what may be worth keeping? This is the place to check. Aside from searching for ingredients, you can also look up questable or craftable items to get a quick overview of what you need to gather and even check out the Market Demand filter! Bear in mind that information may be unavailable for seasonal quest ingredients as these may change year to year. TalonRO Calculator A player-made gear and stat calculator for PvM and PvP (beta) purposes. Great for figuring out, tweaking and saving your builds. Allows you to include buffs in the calculation - skill-based as well as consumable-based ones. Technical Troubleshooting Although this one may be a little bit obvious, we encounter a lot of players who are unfamiliar with this page - which will help you troubleshoot any technical issues you may have with TalonRO. It's the best place to start if you are experiencing crashes, installation or patching issues, and so on. Reporting Guidelines Oftentimes players ask whether something should be reported and how to do it. The Report Guidelines are a fantastic resource that will help you ensure your reports aren't rejected due to lack of proper evidence, which is the most common problem we encounter. You can access these by visiting the General Reports forum, as seen in the image below! How To Look For Information If you're new to Ragnarok, TalonRO, or just haven't played in a long time, make sure to check out this fantastic and very comprehensive article. You will find a huge range of resources here - from general helpful links to TalonRO specific. Bonus: Advanced Item Database Search Our panel offers several databases (found under Panel on the forum menu, and under Databases on the Panel main page) but I would like to focus specifically on the Item Database, give you an overview of how to make the most of it using advanced options and item scripts, as well as offer some tips that may not be immediately obvious. Item ID allows you to search for items based on their ID number. This is required for items with three letters, such as a Mes, as the database requires a minimum of four characters in order to perform search. This field probably comes in more handy when it comes to Buying/Selling databases though, for instance if you're looking to search for a slotted version of an item, et cetera. Item Name is self explanatory - it searches both the item's display name and database name (e.g. "Pantie" vs "G_Strings"). Bear in mind you don't have to use the whole item name as long as you input minimum 4 consecutive characters. You could for instance search for of Assa to bring up Essence of Assassin or ence of to quickly bring up all of the Essences (spaces count as a character, use that to your advantage). Item Description is where you can input a keyword of your interest to find relevant items. You could, for example, type in "recovers" to search our server's HP and SP items. It's a more user friendly but inferior version of item script search. Item Script is a field which allows you to search for partial or complete item scripts to find any item on the database with specified effects. There are too many uses to list here - but I would recommend starting to pay attention to the item script field whenever you're looking any items up on the DB to familiarise yourself with them, or simply use this link to search for a script corresponding to the effect you're looking for! Advanced Options are excellent if you want to run a broader search where you may wish to compare different items that perform the same or similar function. Can be used in combination with all of the above fields. Reward NPC - whether you can purchase this item for TC from the Reward Guru NPC in Prontera. Item Type - filters the items by type (as recognised by the database), which are pretty self-explanatory. Item Class - only applicable if Item Type is set to Weapon or Ammunition. Allows you to narrow down a broader search. Item Location - only applicable is Item Type is set to Armor or Card. Item that affects this Status - self-explanatory. Order By - self explanatory, but note that ordering by name will use the item's display name rather than database name. Slots - how many slots the item has. Equal to, more than or less than the number you input in the second drop-down. Applicable Jobs - you can use this field to ensure that your character will be able to equip a weapon or armor. Note if you were to, for example, choose Assassin, this would display all items an Assassin can equip, not items that only an Assassin can equip. Items that affect this Element - self-explanatory. Items that affect this Race - self-explanatory. Vanilla - searches for items allowed or restricted in Vanilla-mode PvP, BG and WoE. Tips & Tricks If you're looking to quickly find the cheapest vend price for something, try searching for it in the Item Database! The item's cheapest vend price will be displayed. To get a link to an item in the iDB, check the Hotlink field in the item description or simply type http://panel.talonto.com/itemID
  2. GM Saen

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Concerning available resources, I think Suggestions could be a good place for feedback and discussion of live, GM-held events - you guys can just tag myself or Lance to ensure we see it and pass it onto the rest of the team.
  3. GM Saen

    Nightmare's Rift: A Jester's Smile

    Hey everyone! So while I haven't personally been involved in Nightmare's Rift yet due to my own schedule, I wanted to jump in and cover a few things. First of all, thank you to all of you who have left feedback - voicing things like this is crucial in polishing what we do and how we do things, so we do not want you to think that we do not hear you - we appreciate it, and your notes (as well as any past hiccups) will be taken into careful consideration in order to avoid the same problems in the future. Second of all, I ask for a little patience on behalf of the team - Nightmare's Rift is an ambitious and large-scale event and ensuring it's smooth running start-to-finish can involve a bit of a learning curve (especially when you consider that most of our events are designed to be run solo or in very small groups). That being said, I wanted to summarise your feedback so that we can make this a better experience next time. So as far as I can see, these are your concerns (and possible solutions) are as follows: ensuring the correct rewards are handed out in a timely manner (as Lance mentioned, Eden badges permissions have now been modified, so there should be no problems there) sticking to proposed time slots as well as running times of the events, and ensuring each team has equal opportunity/length of time to complete the instance (perhaps designating one team member specifically to the task of time-keeping/pacing of the event would be beneficial?) correct sequencing of MVPs (this one's indeed rather simple to fix, distributing the list should help) We will try our best to make this event a wonderful experience, both conceptually and technically, but I ask for patience with any problems that may be outside of our control. When you leave feedback (which I completely encourage - either via Discord, forums, Suggestions, etc) I only ask that you do so with the understanding that we too want to make this event the best that we can for you. Thanks everyone, and looking forward to this Saturday!
  4. GM Saen

    Summer Cook Off Winners!

    Pls send food
  5. GM Saen

    cyns art

    Those icons are coming along adorably. I love how you've adapted your colouring style for them! *drools in the corner*
  6. GM Saen

    Summer Cook Off Winners!

    Congrats to the winners! There have been some truly beautiful entries this year. Maybe one day I will try one of the recipes. Like, if @GM Spica or @GM Zelda are around to make sure I don't burn my house down.
  7. GM Saen

    cyns art

    Thank you so much Cyn, I adore this and I'm super glad you're happy with it too! Best of luck with your other commissions!
  8. GM Saen

    cyns art

    One for me, please. I feel like a kid at Christmas right now, catching one your slots. Thank you so much!
  9. GM Saen

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Holy wow, this is incredible! If you ever stream or have any videos of your process, I'd love to watch them Thank you so much! gonna have to do some serious community service in this thread
  10. GM Saen

    Mayura's art shop

    Ahhh, these are so precious! I love seeing artists posting on here and recognising in-game characters from the server. Has your slot/commission situation changed at all good ser? Will you be (re-)opening up shop at any point in the future? Best of luck with your work, it's marvellous!
  11. GM Saen

    free doodles

    Wew, glad to see you back! I never managed to catch your slots - I'll definitely be trying to if you open them up, but in the meantime I'll leave this here if you (ever) run out of refs~
  12. GM Saen

    background music in install

    As above. However, If you choose the option to install without BGM but wish to add it later, you can follow these steps: 1. Grab the BGM manually from our downloads page 2. Unzip the file 3. Navigate to your TalonRO folder (the folder containing TalonPatch.exe) 4. Create a new folder, name it BGM 5. Pop the downloaded music files in there
  13. GM Saen

    Draw The Character Above You!

    You did a wonderful job Jin! Your colours remind me of watercolours. So soft! And sure thing, if anyone would like a shot, I've dug up a ref Lance made me: *goes back to stalk mode*
  14. GM Saen

    Draw The Character Above You!

    Ahhhh drat! So, I got to doodling before Jin's reply, I hadn't realised I ought to "reserve" who I'm drawing so to speak. Hope it's alright I'm jumping in! I'll know better in the future :< @Hell0_Viki -
  15. GM Saen

    A Declaration of War

    @My Wife for Hire Shipmaster, your loyalty to the cause humbles me. I will make you my First Mate when I take over these lands and subjugate misbehaved pirates. Ahoy! @Hazzarr, must we always do this dance? You complain, I nuke, you miss me when I'm gone. Squawk.
  16. GM Saen

    Gift Box bugged!

    Did you really just buy the card to grace us with these screenshots? Amazing.
  17. GM Saen

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    @Daydreamer , @morgendorper : Please edit your posts to include your In-Game Name for your entries to be considered. Thank you! (And good luck, everyone!)
  18. GM Saen

    TalonRO Memes

    Also: accurate.
  19. GM Saen

    TalonRO Memes

    Howl louder! Awoooooooooooo!
  20. GM Saen

    TalonRO Loading Screen Contest

    Can't wait.
  21. GM Saen

    Talon wiki wrong

    I'm not sure - perhaps @GM Seiren could answer that?
  22. GM Saen

    Talon wiki wrong

    ^ That! Most of our wiki content is user created.
  23. GM Saen

    Regarding voting

    You cannot vote from the same internet connection, I'm afraid one of you will have to use mobile/work/cafe, etc.
  24. GM Saen

    Hey! I'm back-ish

    Welcome back to TalonRO, Temporizer! Make sure to check out our server changelog and Official News to catch up on new content and updates since your last visit. Hope you enjoy your time here!
  25. GM Saen

    Question on Vend Spot Holding

    I don't think that what you describe is vendspot holding and therefore would not result in such a mute. The 6 hour duration would suggest that previous penalties of this nature have been applied to your account, but if you would like more details on why you have been muted I would recommend submitting a support ticket! I'm afraid I'm not sure why you had trouble setting up a buy-shop, however.