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  1. @Gawk i am aware of that. Only in the guide marine sphere mobbing, in the video when he hits it, it flys over 3 cells into the mob being tanked by the homun. Even with cart revo mines just pushed back a few cells.
  2. Hello, fellow merchants. I chose to start an alchemist. I have read the marine sphere guide, i watched the video, but I can't figure out how to shoot the marine spheres that far? Is that changed since the video? Does it still work? Would appreciate some input. Thanks Happy farming~
  3. grgam

    Regarding aggro

    Hello everyone i believe this is my first post. My suggestion, if it was covered before i apologize. So here it comes. My idea would be to change up the aggro, because no melee dps is viable for late game as he draws the aggro of mobs imideatly. I would love to see 2 quests introduced that each gives a carded accessory wich has the effect: "as long as this accessory is equipped aggro wont be pulled.". A card slot wouldn't be bad as many use carded accessory. 2 quests because one would be an easier version for the basic accessory, the other one that could rival the brisingamen/meginjard. I don't know how possible this is even if it's all possible. An accessory like this could help break up the meta for endgame. Different playstyles could emerge and new possibilities made. As the slogan suggests "nothing is impossible"😁 I'm interested in what the community thinks about that and would like to hear GM's thoughts too. Wish alle the best to all of you.
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