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    Alligator card combo description Fix

    So I was looking at some card combos and discovered that the Alligator card was basically migrated to another new card named Nepenthes while the first got a new effect and new gear position. The problem is that the Alligator card had some combos. After this update, the Alligator card should've had all its combo removed from the item description and added into the Nepenthes card making sure it isn't written "Alligator card". Also all the other cards that were comboed with Alligator [Anolian, Cruised, Dragon Tail, Merman, Green Ferus] would need to change the word "Alligator" to "Nepenthes" in their description. Currently, the cards descriptions problems are: Alligator Card description consist of: [Cruiser & Anolian & Merman & Dragon Tail Card Combo]. Shouldn't have any combos.Anolian, Cruised, Dragon Tail, Merman and Green Ferus cards have two of the "same" combos on description, the only difference is that one has "Alligator" and the other "Nepenthes" writtings on it.Unfortunately, I wasn't able to find any Nepenthes card to check its description, but I would guess they are correct because its a new card. Thanks to GM Saen in helping me out the correct card combo and where to report a fix.