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  1. Name: Applering Appearance: or Backstory: Reminiscing of the time all the porings lived together in the Ginnungagap and tired of being eaten by Magirings, Applering decided to venture around Midgard to meet his old friends. All this time, he's been gathering items so that the lucky adventurers who cross paths with him will come to like him. That is, if they don't realize the items are actually just counterfeits. Drops: Drops were selected only based on what their sprites look like to fit the lore of this treasure poring. Making new items with the same sprite could be more effective (for some of them at least) but that is not a decision that should be taken by me. - Lump of Snow (Custom Item)* - Will of Warrior - Edible Mushroom - Golden Bell - Umbala Spirit** - Ancient Scroll Of Shaman** - Ginnungagap - Apple IGN: Not Dev
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