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  1. Boogety

    B> Stall of Angel costume

  2. Boogety

    B> valk manteau +7

    Card doesnt matter
  3. Boogety

    B> Brisingamen Osiris or [1]

    buying brisingamen osiris or [1]
  4. Boogety

    About Seal quest

    it is very fun to do the seals for the first time without getting boosted, but ofcourse donating for the server and getting that boost is also a really good way to do it ! i think you can easily get someone to do it for 20 mil, think 40 mil sounds abit much. its 2 mannable and it takes experienced runners at most 1 hour
  5. Boogety

    B> SB Champ gears

    I have +3 dex fa rsx and valk alice, offer?
  6. Bris poodle 250 or offer evangelist 260 or offer pm me on forum !
  7. Boogety

    Old New player

    Tjena Erik, trevligt att se en till svensk här. är själv 27 år från Sverige vid namn Rasmus. Välkommen till servern hoppas du kommer trivas! har discord Galonk#6982 om du behöver hjälp kan du skriva till mig där!
  8. Boogety

    dont use gatcha prize too much

    For me, i like the concept of opening alot of presents. Its the opening part that is enjoyable for me, so i prefer having a low % to get something good but opening alot. Just my 2 cents.
  9. Boogety

    Can i borrow gear from irl friend?

    Thanks guys, this clears things up!
  10. Boogety

    New Player

    Ill look my stash for some stuff im not using, what class u playing friend? Welcome to the best server.
  11. Boogety

    Selling Costumes

    200 mil stall of angel
  12. Boogety

    B> Stall of Angel costume

    pm me at discord Galonk #6982 or at forums 😃
  13. Boogety

    S > bris hellpoodle x 2