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  1. I love the complexity of RO, there is never just a single answer to any of you're questions. You can always strive for perfection ! 😃 Thank you for you help guys, it is much appretiated.
  2. Ok, so rule of thumb is that i only need GJ when i plan to JT spam mvp's even without GEC?
  3. Hi again, can i ask u if u feel like u go oom alot? (Out of SP). Think im gonna go DDD Som and LT Sleip. Just spent alot on pally so need to limit my donations a little xD abit worried about mana issues with this comp tho.
  4. thank you so much for fast responses, love for you guys ! ❤️ while i have you here. Can i ask you if you would start getting sleipnir eddga or sleipnir LT ?
  5. i know this has been talked about alot, but if you would have to choose between DDD or NNN on SoM. Wich one would you get first ? Edit: Is it possible to one shot Necros with storm gust with SoM DDD, or do you need the SoM NNN there?
  6. Boogety

    PC - Diablos robe (1) +3 dex

    Does anyone know? Tried searching for prior but couldnt find.
  7. https://calc.talonro.com/?_w4XCi8OBCsODMAxDf8KuwocewppLB8KDHcKfPTthXgrDqyXCv8K/wrjCh8O9w4LCnhBIICnCh2w8KMKILHRZwpEpeMKGwpbClMOfRzdVLlrDgAjCj8Kxw5jCrm/Cr3XDuMOLwrtvesKmwpvCmXHDjFlcwq7DucOQwpLCpcOdMsKvw6zDvBDDusOcfjjDuStf this is going to be my take on the gc pally, wish me gl plan on soloing abbey to boost friends
  8. Boogety

    Making a abby paladin leecher 2 billion budget

    Ye, bris bee and aegis shield gtb and valk helm with dark illu and mg snsnsnkiel and slotted int with the 5 % cast reduction card is what im thinking so far, i feel like completely skipping dex is the way to go. Ofc sleip with dl aswell. What about sqi bonuses and other gears guys? Really appretiate the help!
  9. Hi all, gonna make a gc pally abby leecher for boosting friends. I have read the vampire pally guide but my budget is a little bit higher. I was wondering if yall could theorycraft abit with me on the gears u would choose with a 2billion budget. Sent from my mobile phone, sry if its not well organized.
  10. Boogety

    Some help with my GC Sader.

    Hey man im trying to create a high budget gc paladin leecher, 2 billion budget . Any tips on gears?
  11. Is it better with bris then d.rings? Also, what bonuses would i use with aegis shield for this build? If u would spare no expense on this build, what would be best in slot gears?
  12. I would guess GTB should be ur first aegis. Then alice, dont think hodremlin is nessecary.
  13. Boogety

    Dark Illusion + Dark Lord card combo?

    Can you use dark illusion in your valk helm and get 80 % hp ? Xd
  14. Boogety

    S> Diablos manteau [Dev] +7

    so low xD no 195 mil
  15. Boogety

    S> Diablos manteau [Dev] +7

    selling Diablos manteau +7 [dev]