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  1. i have 2 TG cards for sale if u wanna buy, 22 mil each 😃❤️
  2. Your drawings are amazing, if u ever wanted to sell ur drawing let me know!
  3. T > my key to valhalla for your Stall of Angel costume
  4. Im loving this new quest, its alot more fun then doing some f''''ng captcha ❤️
  5. Boogety


  6. thank u all for these amazing tips!! ❤️
  7. Boogety

    B> Mjolnir DBKiel

    IP bought, need mes now
  8. Boogety

    B> Mjolnir DBKiel

    as topic states
  9. Boogety

    Buying HP gears

    i got sleip eddy for sale
  10. Making a high budget auto attack sinx dual dagger build and want to ask the community how you would build your char looking for a budget build that basically has no limit, although +10 SQIs are not in my budget hehe xD
  11. Boogety

    B> valk manteau +7

    Card doesnt matter
  12. buying brisingamen osiris or [1]
  13. it is very fun to do the seals for the first time without getting boosted, but ofcourse donating for the server and getting that boost is also a really good way to do it ! i think you can easily get someone to do it for 20 mil, think 40 mil sounds abit much. its 2 mannable and it takes experienced runners at most 1 hour
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