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  1. Boogety

    S> Baby penguin costume and Eleanor wig costume

    S> baby penguin costume its a penguin walking next to you xD
  2. Boogety


    Interested in aegis gtb not sure about price im afraid
  3. Baby penguin costume - 210 mil or offer Eleanor wig costume - 220 mil or offer
  4. Boogety

    Pictures Of Players

    Chilling at a skybar in HK.
  5. Boogety

    S> Valkyrja's shield +7 [Toad]

    selling this Unres pvp shield to highest bidder 😃
  6. Thank you for your consideration.
  7. Not sure where to post this so posting it here Please bring back the quest to make Hanging dolls costume in halloween 2018. Would make me so happy o.o
  8. Boogety

    Halloween Event 2017 - School Quest Guide

    I am so sorry for being a thread necro but can we PLEASE bring back this quest in halloween event 2018 ? o.o i would be so happy
  9. Boogety

    S> Sleipnir +5 [Eddga]

    Bump, 130 mil sleip 5 eddga any1?
  10. the upside of having valk shield, is if you are rocking a diablos robe +3 int [agav]. you want to wear ele armor as little as possible xD vs also has half of the weight that book has
  11. I was wondering about shields, if zeny was not an issue. Would valk shields be prefered over book of charms ? having a hard time justifying all the negatives against 2 int.
  12. Boogety

    Play our TalonRO from Android/iOS

    Security is very important, if it was possible i would enjoy mobile aswell. but security comes first!
  13. Boogety

    B> Sleipnir +7 [any]

    buying sleipnir +7 any card or clean