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  1. For me, i like the concept of opening alot of presents. Its the opening part that is enjoyable for me, so i prefer having a low % to get something good but opening alot. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Not sure where to post this so posting it here Please bring back the quest to make Hanging dolls costume in halloween 2018. Would make me so happy o.o
  3. Security is very important, if it was possible i would enjoy mobile aswell. but security comes first!
  4. will a 25 dollar pet run away if you forget to feed him ? ofcourse its logical that he would im just saying maybe there could be an exception for donation pets, ofcourse the loyalty should go down but its so sad having a rare pet like that run away =( im clumsey and will forget to feed it xD
  5. talonro <3 =) The pet, can i just have it up at all times or will i have to feed it for it not to run away :P? Its kind of scary to have a 25 dollar pet and know that if you forget your client on he will run away o.o'
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