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  1. did they nerf the 99def now? i was away for almost a year... sooo i'm still catching up with lol
  2. I'm still new with the LK berserk way here in talon btw and I always liked the swordsman way since the old ro days. I'm not using BB yet coz my BB still is only lvl 5 as of now. lol I'm testing mobs now only at glast heim castle at the moment. my gears are as follows: Head: LKH / Holy Marching Hat / +7ancient horns(vanberk) mid: Elven ears ( BK) mouth: chewing bbg Body: +4armor of naga VIT+3 (Tao Gunka) Lower: +4diablos mant(devi) Shoes: sleip(gec/eddga) Accessories: 2x bradium brooches(hell poodle) / 2x Celeb rings Weapon: +6VF(bapho,Doppel) / +7VF(SGSG) / +6muramasa Stats. 92STR / 99VIT/ 41DEX /AGI 1 Aspd: 189 / 190(if with lvl 5 agi up from osiris clip) your choice of weapon and gears will depend on the map you're going to farm/grind. I chose VF(bapho,doppel) for fast aspd and mob control to farm in castle and in magma. It's really an all around weapon plus VF really procs a lot if u have a very fast aspd. I also help around parties in odin during my free time. I like to semi tank in there. lvl 10 parry helps a lot. I always use hell poodles accessories when i'm not in berserk mode. High survival rate and my regen rate per meat is very high coz of x2 hell poodle. I only use berserk mode on tight situation. If i have time i can switch to x2 celebs b4 i berserk but most of the time i quickly switch to berserk. lol I'm still trying the crit way of berserking. It looks cool and all but its hard to balance the stats and items for the crit build. the max crit rate i've reached so far is only 32. X_X If you are dealing with high dodge monster like wander just use magnum break then continue hitting them. No more misses. 100% hit rate but with a lower damage output. (assuming the monster you're hitting is not a fire based monster) I think Krasnaya(3) is better coz of the additional 1 slot compared to VF. Bapho/doppel/INCA or Bapho/doppel/phreeoni (dont use TG while using bapho carded weapons) I tried the vamp LK build and it sucks. I'd rather eat chicken drumsticks than to rely on the lifesteal per hit during mobbing . lol AGI builds are super good too just don't over mob to the extent your evasion can't handle. Parry is a lifesaver but it can also be a reason you can't position yourself during mobbing. lol vanberk is good too and it procs a lot if you're mobbing. btw crit stacks on splashes if your weapon has a bapho card. THIS IS NOT MY GUIDE BTW: I'm still searching ways to perfect the crit build. i hope someone here from talon would also share his/hers item build too. hehehe Gonna do hbq's to get that rental crit rings like tainaka said. I wanna test that build
  3. pm me here. Coz i'm not always online in game. ~Time Consumer is my vendor.
  4. I'm just a lvl 96SG trying out DG doing some practice runs since yesterday. I have no problems with the ghost and human forms but when it comes to the choco(golem) what annoys me is the 2hits or 1 combo from the choco guy. I don't know what i'm doing wrong but i think i'm doing something wrong and i don't know it. Please help me figure out how to survive 2 chocos. lol Btw here are my gears: LKH +4FA(RSX) (no enchant) +7sb (Alice/gtb) guard (maya) +7muffler(deviling) +4eversong(LT) (with +130attack and FSK bonus) 2megs My stat are: STR 68 AGI 1 VIT 80 INT 1 DEX 82+36 LUK 1 Btw do i need to change to gtb when fighting chocos? coz i've read in another thread that fighting chocos whilst using gtb hurts like hell.
  5. S>Arte(TTT) or trade to ur Arte(AkAkAk)+zeny.
  6. by the way, do i need to click install or do i just let it run like that?
  7. I solved my problem with that prompt. Now i can login using wtfast. lol Just follow this guide guys.
  8. yeah i'm getting this speak a friend prompt too. lol i can't login in game using wtfast. I can only play if i don't use wtfast... so, i'm pretty laggy now coz my connection sucks. T^T
  9. Trading my megs + celeb 1pc+ 5m for your bris(sting) Pm me here or in game : Devil in Jersey City
  10. Just pm me here or in game: Devil in Jersey City
  11. Thanks will try to use it. got 20days left on my wtfast account lol.
  12. sorry sir, i'm a little lost, yes on using wtfast or yes on PERMA BAN? X_x lol
  13. good evening/morning, I've been experiencing constant lag issues, in most cases caused by our isp here in the philippines. I was wondering if is okay to use Wtfast here in talonro or not? Coz it helps a lot when playing other online games. hmmm, Does it work OR using wtfast in talon can result to perma ban? X_x
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