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  1. SEllll

  2. Price for Shine Santa Poring Costume plz
  3. SEllll

    SELLLL -Hermose Cap [Gryphon] -Clip[mimic] -IP [0] [int+2] [Double] pm me here or ingame laciiel vermillion , laciel vermilion
  4. B>Suno Mele Type EQ

    B>Suno EQ for mele type other than BOA pm me plox
  5. S> ME set and more

    heya do u still have the mistress how much is it
  6. ooo this is awesome sankyu very much o/ it really help me to see what i want to buy sankyu for the hardwork >.<
  7. hey i pmed u ady have u read it?
  8. heya how mush for +7 novice shield i want to buy it
  9. S>WS Vamp Item

    hey do u still have the OA?
  10. S> Little Poring Pet

    o.o am not good at that especially pet xd o: and if its rare i think my budget is not enuf xd
  11. BUY Many stuffffffffff

    buyin all of these: -Fang of Garm -Kaho Fragment -Chesire Cat Costume -BK mid (prefer sprite glasses) -Galion Card -Plankton Card -Mr.Scream -Talon Coin -Kaho Card -IP(0) pm me here or at game IGN: laciiel vermillion, laciiel, laciiel super, laciielP
  12. S> Little Poring Pet

    how mush? 0:
  13. Pm me ehre on ingame laciiel vermillion,laciielP,laciiel
  14. BUy BUY BUY

    Buy Fang Of Garm @1,1m need many pm me here or ingame : laciiel, laciiel vermillion