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  1. MawanMeabeab


    Getting burning mask is quite good, afaik : it increases dmg done to earth property by 20%
  2. MawanMeabeab

    Autumn Event | TalonRO Headgear Contest

    Its a winner already, epic chicken bwahaha
  3. MawanMeabeab

    S> Costumes and Random Gears =0

    Alcohol 500 z each, i need it for my russian vodka 😎
  4. MawanMeabeab

    Pc>sword guardian card

    I think , its around 5-6m each
  5. MawanMeabeab

    DG champ build questions

    Yeah, the amount of gear needed will be the problem Ps = im waiting for wife for hire to show up, so i can steal his necromancy image
  6. MawanMeabeab

    DG champ build questions

    Dimensional gorge, some kind of high end map, full of dangerous monster U need to do a quick quest to enter that dungeon tho
  7. MawanMeabeab

    Do % chance skill cards stack said percentage?

    U can learn about for fun build from reclusio perpetua, he did a lot of berserk + auto cast build Search for his guide and video sample 😄
  8. MawanMeabeab

    Do % chance skill cards stack said percentage?

    I would not rely on the spell auto casting for dmg, its not reliable, i'd rather go for more survivability. That meteor storm and frost nova is just for disable (if it procs). My advice, just change violet fear > invoker of death for vamp build And pls, not amon ra card, it will override ur assumptio buff
  9. MawanMeabeab

    Do % chance skill cards stack said percentage?

    U can try violet fear carded with bapho and queen scaraba . As for armor, it depends on where u go . Accesory - bradium ring carded with high priest card is quite nice
  10. MawanMeabeab

    RO Game Client crashed!

    experienced the same thing here, just happened a minute ago x.x, any idea how to fix this??
  11. MawanMeabeab

    TalonRO Re-packaging Contest

    Heres my entry, for this event; since i saw none of us posting technology product, IGN: Sempakmu or PemicuBirahi Here's my talon ro product entry;