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  1. Nicee, thx gm, ill wait for the announcement
  2. Does anyone know which side've won? (Sorin, guile, etc?), how to get the prize? coz theres no information whatsoever...
  3. Nice!! Thx for the event seiren, may i know the stats of the hat?👍
  4. Its payon fild, with desert wolf, anacondaq , and drops mob, payon > south > west > west . Go to the bridge in the middle.
  5. Yeah multiple clients , it could work as a double bladed issue on our server 😐
  6. Its a winner already, epic chicken bwahaha
  7. Heres my entry, for this event; since i saw none of us posting technology product, IGN: Sempakmu or PemicuBirahi Here's my talon ro product entry;
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