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  1. This guy is a berserk maniac, if you got question about frenzy, he's the guy you wanna ask 😎
  2. Heres a couple things on what berserk /frenzy skill does; List of positive effects Increases ASPD by 30%. Increases ATK by 100%. Increases Max HP to 300% and replenishes it fully. Improves Movement Speed. Resists flinching from enemy attacks. List of negative effects Sets SP to 0. Disables SP Recovery and will remain disabled for 5 minutes after this skill runs out. Drains 5% of Max HP every 15 seconds. Sets all defense (both physical and magic) to 0. Halves Flee rate. Does not allow: Use of skills, including most skills triggered via Autocast. Changing equipment. Chatting. Use of items. All pre-self buff like concentration, aspd pot, they do stacked up with frenzy skill afaik.
  3. If you really enjoy on doing lord knight, i'd suggest violet fear or veteran sword carded with sword guardian. Or you can get 2 hand sword carded with baphomet for berserk setup You might want to look at soul ring headgear, cheap and good for mobbing Getting weapon>gec>devi garment/raydric>kaho horn> armor>accessory etc
  4. Oh nvm, thx for replying tho...
  5. How much for excalibur ?
  6. I remember when i was a 80 ish rogue, i was overconfident, attacking a plant monster and got wrecked miserably after 😅. What kolela suggest about bow build (agi+dex) is good for beginner, you can get either roguemaster bow,burning bow or even orc archer bow if you have the budget (50% range dmg with steel arrow equipped). If you insist on melee double attack build, you might wanna check on vva elemental dagger. Note: another crazy build is to plagiarize firewall (changing build to int and dex) and play level like a wizard on glast heim map.
  7. I have a big hope for the oncoming sqi revamp, since its starting to get boring, the most useful class is limited to certain job class as of now. I know that asking for gtb is forbidden here, but, this is pretty much killing magic class to the core, its better to make the gtb resist 85%-90%, at least magic can still hit, making the magic based class playable at least.(pvm - magic immunity is fine, pvp - 85%resist, dont forget mdef stacking is real here and our high wizzard card is kinda lame here). About ice pick and thanatos, no comment here, if you guys wanna consider pvp / woe here, we gotta work on somethin here, but if you guys insist on pvm, there you go, its fine as it is. The rest of the job class "might be" useful enough if we are willing to do multi clienting buff like crazy or find some party to do that (this is rare). Lets just hope for the best, tryin to put my faith on the gm's work here. Ps: sry, i know this thread is about clown, but i want to see talon ro full of various class, meaning more clown, extended class , etc.
  8. Oh it works, but most of us is using either veteran sword with sword guardian card or violet fear with 2x sword guardian cards.
  9. You can go to prontera dress npc, beside anne hairstylist npc, try it there
  10. Yep, hi vit is pretty much important here, cause the only thing that could harm you is (like ice pick, and acid demonstration) thats pretty much it Therefore pumping def and mdef is the priority here (nothing much could harm you, at least at pvp section, aside from ice pick with its nerf, and aforementioned acid demo).
  11. It is 😂, oh well, making 1 is enough, im more toward to the waving long scarf
  12. He mention about getting veteran sg as well, meaning he will utilize both bowling bash and berserk, changing to both setup at will, therefore reducing dex is not the option here. I'd say get either sniper + bapho, bapho + whitesmith card (meltdown help on lowering both atk and def of the monster, its redundant for pvm, could be good for 1 v1 situation tho) ,or bapho + dmg card. It depends on your preference afterall.
  13. Actually it does proc quite often , against normal mob with moderate /low dmg, lord knight is wonderful (im not counting other buff from other class, just self buff). Problem is when we are facing boss type monster with a high def value, this will cause us problem with normal bowling bash spam. (Of course lord knight can still overcome this with pot spam, ice pick, spiral pierce etc and other buff)
  14. You have the basic idea already, eventually you will own both of the swords. Veteran sword - for monster with either low/non existence def. Violet fear - works wonder against non-boss mob with high def (meaning it only work on normal mob). Against hi def mvp, you will need thanatos, but if you ask me, i'd rather ditch lk against such mvp (thanatos card is crappy here), or maybe you can use spiral pierce build, if you insist. It depends on where you gonna farm, i'd say get both of them and malangdo enchant it.
  15. If i remember correctly, only shadow property armor protect us from that
  16. Oh well, all i know aftercast delay is gonna be a problem for a ninja , ussually we can solve that with kiel carded headgear, you are right iskander, gotta ditch extended class, not worth the time and resource...
  17. Strip equipment & break equipment -no (you need full chemical protection for that) Immune from magic skill - storm gust, fire wall, fireball, fire pillar , earthquake, etc However, skill like magnum break, brandish, bash , will still hit you Stun - yes ( if it is from magic like meteor storm), no if it is from skill like bash. Only vit ,status immunities and resistance will help. Ps : some physical dmg can be blocked by gtb (earthquake), not sure about gypsy's scream (im guessing nope).
  18. With that low aspd, i wonder if it can be spammed enough to compensate the dmg? Im curious, since im planning to build throwing ninja, i dont like magic ninja, since its weak against shadow and holy property
  19. 200 dmg per hit is normal for Gearless knight with normal atk, therefore, getting a weapon is your priority as a knight. What Weapon you aim depends on what and where you farm, for an instance, farming fire element mob = water element weapon (vvs ice/water element sword), or even better, sword / pike carded with vadon+ size / racial card l, with water endow, you will do a better dmg. I can suggest end game gears too, but that requires your time and dedication as a knight, such as veteran sword with sword guardian card , and violet fear with sword guardian card for everything out there. Try posting your current build, and what / where you wanna level, so we can help you further...
  20. Could you post your equipment and build? As a hunter you shld be able to farm with ease there. Do you have a merchant with lv 10 overcharge and discount?
  21. Both bathory and joker are demihuman, quad hydra (×4) is good, since joker is large, bathory is medium sized. The most annoying monster will be whisper, as you need to cast magnum break and bowling them. To be effective, you need baphomet card as well, however you will be fine with quad bloody katana, just bring grape juice for bowling bash As for alternative: get earth vvs claymore and hunt hillwind, the money is quite nice too.
  22. Look at tier 3 exchange, its possible to get it
  23. Yep2 its still good for newbies, as they can get some nice cash from it
  24. Whats the reward for doing this? Another costume? 😂 Screw costume, it doesnt do anything on both pve and pvp, its better to boost our char or saving money for upcoming sqi revamp 😆
  25. The way i see it; 1. If you're not happy with either the selling or buying price, just walk out, chances are, someone might give the reasonable trade/price later on. 2. Or you can be persistent and keep trading/selling/buying (chances are you might wait for longer time, eventually you might get what you sought later on). Just be reasonable, noone likes greedy and sour person afterall
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