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  1. hi gm i already send mesg or report in this matter but until now there is still password.. pls help me thank you its been fix
  2. sir @howrah thank you so much it helps alot... happy gaming..
  3. sir my card is debit card that was link to the paypal., and about this guest option where can i see that one coz when i will donate.. its writen there 2 option.. pay with paypal account and creat paypal account.. my paypal account is already 3weeks but still not working. and thank you so much sir's
  4. But sir., i try to donate but its always showing " its been denied by the card issuer?" i really want to donate sir..
  5. Hi all, I have question about how to donate by paypal., my visa debit card have a balance, but why is my paypal account dont have any single peny? i thought that my visa and paypal should be connected? is it? please help me
  6. Thanks a lot sir.. i really appreciate your help.. thanks alot happy gaming ang god bless you
  7. now i get it., so only TC i can sell and trade to my other account., but the bronze copper i cannot trade it ryt? i really appreciate you help sir @howrah
  8. thanks you sir for answering my question., one more thing sir., last night i saw one chart who is buying TC is it allowed to sell your TC how can i sell it?
  9. MarkLopez01


    Hi Guys, Can i know your In game Names? baka po ma help kc nyo ako in game.., like question of farming and guides of chart
  10. sir GM boreas you mean that all my question are fine.. we can vote and we can play at the same time? thanks in advance... GM Boreas., as you said that its fine i try to vote using my wifes account but seems it is not possible to vote here also? is the reason because of computer or because of internet? but can she still play the game in my laptop and i can play aswell? as my friend also? sorry to much question..
  11. i have question about this matter sir., me and my friend play here in UAE., we live in the same room., and same internet., so my question is he cannot do voting on his laptop since i already vote for my laptop? do he need to use his regular internet data for voting or he can use his laptop also? please do let me understand this matter thanks.. and one more thing my wife wants to play this game also., but the problem is i only have one laptop., she already create a forum account but the email address that we use are different., and sometime i vote in my laptop at home and some time i log in also here in my work., do you think that i will face some problem about this matter? please do let me understand., and im sorry i advance about this. Hope i get answer in this question thanks... and one more thing sir., we have 2 base router in our house., is it possible if i can connect to the other one? like me and my friend already connect right now in FLOiPAL internet.., if my wife use my laptop just for voting he can use the RIVKA internet? is it possible., but buy playing we are using the FLoiPal Net connection., please do answer my question., it will be a big help since i really like the game.. please do let me understand this matter., thanks.
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