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  1. Thanks alot Kutsuru ❤️
  2. I just gather new npcs that ive found so far, thanks to people in main and friends who tell me: - Pietro: Rachel field 12 (rachel city > east). Thanks to @Ashadia for this info - Omar: Morroc field 1 (Prontera > south > south). Thanks to someone in main for this info - Steven: orc lord mvp map (Dungeon > orc dungeon outside). Thanks to @Koriko
  3. My cake so pruo and talented artist, blobblush ❤️
  4. my loi blobblush

  5. A very friendly and kind hearted GM for sure
  6. Hello, thanks for stopping by and reading this :> Let's just go to the topic shall we? DUET ET (2 people ET) -- Is that possible? YES When did this happen / How long we finish this ET : I) 14 July 2019 (before Iduna) - 3 hours 3 minutes II) 16 August 2019 (after Iduna) - 3 hours 54 minutes Actually, I read this guide and curious about how duet ET will be. However, our party has several adjustment based on our play style, gears, etc; so there might be some differences to other parties. Do note, I wont explain about gears in detail because I believe there are many guides already about it. Anyway, here we go: Classes: Person 1: Champ, HW, Sniper Person 2: Pally, HP, Biochemist I) Before Iduna: *On picture: me as Person 1 and my friend Lynx from Ayothaya as Person 2 :> II) After Iduna: *On picture: me as Person 2 and my friend Lynx from Ayothaya as Person 1 :> General Guide: First of all, our play style is the pally has Gospel skill instead of Providence - hoping sniper can get double-damage buff if lucky. Floor 1-74, in general HP tank and either HW / Sniper / switch between both of them, attack monsters. F75: Dark Lord & Baphomet Champ lure both to corner with bathory armor and use alice shield. When baphomet starts to cast slower, then switch to GTB shield because it will EQ then can swap back to alice shield. Sniper stands with pally, while pally devo champ and sniper to avoid sniper dies from EQ + Gospel. HP stands with pally too and pneuma. Sniper focus kill both at same time by using sharpshoot, and can DS when only 1 MVP left. F79: Hydro (yes - this isnt MVP, but quite dangerous floor) Before Iduna - I love to play safe, so my champ lure half of mob only. Once pally devo, she can switch to Bio to AD hydro, while sniper sharpshoot. Once cleared, lure another rest of mob and do the same. After Iduna - We play super safe by only tanking 2-3 hydros at once. HW quag and Bio AD Hydro. Sniper auto attack Hydro here because somehow Hydro often re-call slaves. If sniper is sharpshooting while Hydro re-call slaves, then many slaves will go to sniper and sniper might die. Therefore, we only lure few at once and kill by AD. F80: FBH First I use my HW to clear necro, then i just let it die / hide. Pally stands together with sniper & HP, and gospel. HP pneuma pally and SW champ. Dont forget to signum here. Sniper better bring panacea or holy water to remove curse -- well, help HP job abit, because HP might be busy pneuma, SW, sanc, and switch to pally to re-devo, gospel, or spam meat. F85: Ifrit We have play style to tank mvp on First Stairs Pillar, because easier for Pally to Gospel (if possible). Champ lure Ifrit to first pillar, use Fire Armor RSX and Alice. Pally devo within max range, and gospel sniper while sniper stands max range if its reached, else just autoguard. *Sniper was out of screen (max range) on 3 oclock side and Autoattack Ifrit Since sniper & HW played by 1 person, I make my sniper just Auto Attack Ifrit and focus my HW to SG Ifrit. When its already around 2 mins passes by, I will switch focus to champ to prepare re-SB. HW use monster property skill to check Ifrit hp, so Champ can use GTB encountering Ifrit EQ. Ask assump always after every EQ done. Pally has to re-devo every some times, and switch to HP to help SW champ and buff sniper-HW. After Iduna - Quagmire is very important to decrease ifrit's / salamander aspd when they cast "two-hand quicken" skill. HP also required to actively SW champ. F87 (Thor 3 monsters), F88 (Necro etc), F89 (Thanatos monster) I just focus on HW and my friend focus on HP. Those 3 floors are doable by HW-HP. Just go slow and carefully, let HP lure some, HW quag and SG. On Thanatos monster, HP lure some and numa if Panda hits. Let HW SG all the way. F90: Valkyrie Randgris (VR) Its the hardest floor for both of us in my opinion. First, try to lure some non-mvp monsters like lady solace, baroness of retribution, and fake angel to portal and let sniper kills all. Once cleared, champ will lure VR to first pillar, dont forget to wear Angeling-carded Armor and GTB Shield. Pally max range devo and dont bother gospel here, VR hits hurt so better autoguard. Pally also prepare several ygg berry for emergency. Then switch to HP to spam SW on champ. While my champ is tanking, I switch to sniper and start attacks VR. However, if I see pally hp starts decrease quite drastically, I will switch to champ to prepare spam cwp in case pally dies. Sniper will DS VR, but once 2 minutes passes by, I make my sniper auto attack VR, while switch my focus to champ to prepare re-sb anytime soon. On this floor, pally spends in total 5 ygg berry to keep all of us alive. We also put the Bio and HW on previous floor in case our chars wiped on F90 for resurrection. F93: LK etc 1 LK can wipe entire party so we have to be careful. We just duet HW-Bio here. Storm gust monsters, and bio just AD all frozen monsters include abysmal knight, bloody knight, and wanderer. If 1 of us died, just ress by using ygg leaf. Dont be cheapstake >.< F95: Beelzebub We tank it on middle because Bee pulse can push pally back and devo will be cut. Since Bee doesnt EQ, sniper, pally, and HP can stack together while pally gospel. Once champ is tanking, can switch to sniper to DS bee. Before hitting Bee, sniper have to wear Nightmare-mid to avoid getting sleep-status, and take 1 hell fly to make sniper "free" from stone curse when Bee on 2nd form. Yes, I know HP can recovery when sniper sleeps or bless whenever sniper get stoned -- but again, since its only 2 of us against the world, we help each other to make job easier. HP wear medusa shield and dont forget to signum on both first form and second form of bee. F96: Valkyrie & Skeggiold Killing those monsters who have quite large hp pool will take time, so to make it efficient champ will lure all to corner, then wear holy armor and alice shield. Pally should following slowly behind monsters to make all monsters especially slow-walk skeggiold only hit champ. Pally gospel sniper while sniper sharpshoots. Luckily i got double-damage buff from gospel here, so it was faster :> F97: DG Monsters (Incarnation Morroc) Again, champ lure all while wearing RSX Armor and GTB Shield. Once tanked, pally gospel sniper while sniper sharpshoot and kill all monsters. If pally stands quite close to champ, then pneuma pally spot to avoid pulse. Or pally stand in corner with back facing wall several cells from champ, so wont get pushed back and devo wont be cut. F98: Bio 3 Mobs Just AD everything except HW monster unless its frozen by storm gust. Else, sniper kills it. F100: Entweihen Crothen Okay, I want my champ salsa numa-dance but i cant do it while DS-ing monster at same time of course, so just SB on this floor, let pally devo and HP numa champ. Then i switch to sniper and starts DS Crothen. Pally gospel and can devo sniper to make sniper stays alive. Dont forget signum here. Sadly, my sniper got double-damage buff when Crothen almost died :> F101: Naght Seiger Another hardest floor aside of valk. We almost got wipe here >.< spent around 20-25 mins on this floor only. If in big party usually our pally gospel sniper. Since we were just 2-women ET dont bother gospel, better autoguard. Pally max range devo while sniper max range standing, so HP can just pneuma on 1 spot only (in between pally and sniper cell / in any of them depends on the position). HP stands out of screen, behind pally and sniper. Pally also have to prepare ygg berry and use it when emergency. Champ can use Alice Shield first then later GTB Shield when its going to EQ. Dont forget signum here. I think hardest job here is the player who play pally-hp. Have to keep numa alive, while switching to pally to spam meat / cwp / even berry. HP doesnt SW champ here because its quite hard switch back and forth to pally to spam meat. Besides, if 1 chance late numa by split second, possibility pally-hp-sniper died, and champ will be the only one alive. Just park the HW & Bio on very corner 3 or 9 oclock and stay safe. Additional Notes: - Sniper brings both DS and Crit gears, AKAKAK and TGTGTG (or other carded) Artemis. Also bring food to boost damage especially on higher MVP floors. Dont forget to bring many quivers / materials to make arrow. Bring GTB shield and traps just in case of emergency & FA Ktullanux for Ifrit MVP. - Sniper must have SQI Bonus because its the main DPS on most higher floors in ET. - Pally needs to bring several amount of ygg berry, maybe around 15-20 just to be safe. - Dont forget to bring Condensed White Potion (CWP). My champ, HW, even sniper bring cwp. Same goes to my friend who plays pally, HP, and bio. Dont be cheapstake >.< - All chars except HP should bring quite amount of ygg leaf. Since this is only 2-people ET, when things happen dont think twice about using ygg leaf to ress each other. - We dont need to always focus on all 6 classes we play. For example: > FBH: focus only on champ, pally, sniper, hp (once no more necro around) > Ifrit: focus on champ, pally, hp, and hw (make sniper autoattack and leave it) > Valk, bee, crothen, and naght: focus on champ, pally, sniper, hp > Thor 3 floor: HP-HW duet > LK floor: Bio-HW duet -- and so on, just adjust based on your playstyle. I) Before Iduna: *Abit tiring but fun 3 hours ET, sadly it was dry-loot lol II) After Iduna: *Almost 4-hours ET, tired but we gained rich loots from mvp Lastly, here the video i managed to record while we did this ET. Please note that I am a NOOB on editing video, so the video is 3 hours as it is during our ET run from beginning til end. I know its lazy to watch full 3 hours, so if any of you want to watch how we kill monsters on certain floor, just try fast forward the video *bows* sorry for my nabness. Click here for Duet ET Video Anyway, since this ET takes quite long time, make sure to eat irl before playing and have several hours free time to do this ET leisurely :> I must admit there are still many weakness in our way of playing / gear-matter, so I welcome any encouraging feedback and we will try to improve ourselves for our next run. We tried several times before in the past until we've finally could succeed this Duet ET. Update: We managed to finish duet ET after Iduna but it took almost 4 hours, we still need more practice & adjustment due to some changes after Iduna patch. Well -- practice makes perfect! Adios and Have Fun! ❤️ Special thanks to my baby Lucio, my BFF Lynx, Hefty, and @eri dayo from Ayothaya, my annoying but kind Crimson guildies @Mister Clay & Dad @Frostheart
  7. Sniper: Lieca* or HP: Lieca
  8. 23 may (3pm servertime) pls. Thanks
  9. GM Lance, pls remove my party on 14 May 3pm servertime. Unfortunately many of my friends cant come coz its weekdays... (many american timezone too so its morning their time sadly). Thank you very much :>
  10. 14th May (3pm servertime pls). Thanks GM Lance ❤️ Party Name: Peaceful Ayothaya
  11. 20 April, 3pm server time. Thank you
  12. 13 April Slot 2 please. thanks ❤️ Edited: please put under @Lyderis name if can. We're in same pt, and we take turns organizing. Thank you @GM Lance
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