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  1. GM Lance, pls remove my party on 14 May 3pm servertime. Unfortunately many of my friends cant come coz its weekdays... (many american timezone too so its morning their time sadly). Thank you very much :>
  2. 14th May (3pm servertime pls). Thanks GM Lance ❤️ Party Name: Peaceful Ayothaya
  3. 20 April, 3pm server time. Thank you
  4. 13 April Slot 2 please. thanks ❤️ Edited: please put under @Lyderis name if can. We're in same pt, and we take turns organizing. Thank you @GM Lance
  5. @GM Lance Beta Test on 9 March, Slot 1 pls (1pm Servertime) Thank you ❤️
  6. 17 March Slot 2 (3pm servertime) pls. Thank you
  7. Slot 3 on Feb 23 please (3pm Server Time) Party name: Peaceful Ayothaya Btw, i just want to ask, if we go let say only 6-7 people, does the mob same with those go 12 people? Thank you
  8. :0 hi Lieca ~ 


  9. I'd like to take Slot 3 pls, 2 pm server time. Thank you.
  10. OMG. I like watching wrestling sport and a fans of john cena. Thanks for this theme. Cant wait to hear it later hihi. Lemme put a request for tonight's event <3
  11. Kono u really submit a story? wow thats awesome >.< so poetric XD good luck!
  12. Aaaaw the date is the CNY for some Indonesian. Glad u held it on 4pm game time XD Anyway, can I request these songs GM? well im a fan of 1990s songs i guess XD
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