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  1. CRIMSON GUILD SO ACTIVE RECENTLY 2 ET parties in around same time and also 2 GMC parties in same slot Recruiting active players for almost daily GMC and ET several times per week ET Party Team 1 (we went on 14.30 Server time) ET Party Team 2 (went on 15.30 Server time) Also 2 GMC parties at the same time on same day due to many members want to GMC a bio typo, it supposed to be gmc, not et
  2. Lieca

    Akkorokamui - A Short Skills Guide

    Limit 1 hr ritsu
  3. Lieca

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Is it just me or many new basic box prizes are food-theme costumes
  4. Lieca

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Waaaa, thank you so much ellie cutey~
  5. Lieca

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Race 2018 is here, finally. Bump this thread~
  6. :0 hi Lieca ~ 


  7. Lieca

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Road to Triumph

    I'd like to take Slot 3 pls, 2 pm server time. Thank you.
  8. Congrats for gaining another Castle on Wednesday trolling WOE Enjoy additional 5% exp MVP-ing Nidhoggur's Nest Instances Beelzebub Abbey 3 Seal Activities (Pront Seal)
  9. DEAD THURSDAY CRIMSON GRAND ACTIVITIES (2 instances, ET, then GMC) Wolfchev's Laboratory (Biolab 4) Instances Sealed Shrine (Baphomet) Instances ET (unfortunately forget SS) Last but not least: GMC Shiris
  10. Guild GMC almost everyday with everyone include extended classes GMC Boreas GMC Howl GMC Sushi GMC Lance
  11. Trolling Sunday WOE, thanks to our fellow members who successfully troll and get the Castle (enjoy 10x exp rate week + 5% additional exp) Notes: we're not focusing on WOE. We're still PVM guild as usual Another successful ET with clean loot
  12. ET ET ET almost everydaaaay even twice a day Again congrats to our ninja for getting MVP
  13. Lieca

    B> Whisper tall hat costume

    Buy whisper tall hat costume 2 pcs. PM ur price here or mail/whisp IGN: Lieca Thank you
  14. Crimson trolling WOE Congratulation to @Kono Yakusaku for breaking the castle Notes: we're not focusing on WOE. We're still PVM guild as usual Another successful ET GMC again with extended classes, our forever Ninja Neko and Gunslinger Kono Ninja get MVP why not?