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  1. Lieca

    Akkorokamui - A Short Skills Guide

    Limit 1 hr ritsu
  2. Lieca

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Is it just me or many new basic box prizes are food-theme costumes
  3. Lieca

    The Amazing Summer Race 2018 Summer Event

    Waaaa, thank you so much ellie cutey~
  4. Lieca

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    Race 2018 is here, finally. Bump this thread~
  5. :0 hi Lieca ~ 


  6. Lieca

    PvM | Nightmare's Rift: Road to Triumph

    I'd like to take Slot 3 pls, 2 pm server time. Thank you.
  7. Lieca

    B> Whisper tall hat costume

    Buy whisper tall hat costume 2 pcs. PM ur price here or mail/whisp IGN: Lieca Thank you
  8. Lieca


    S> Artemis bow clean. PM reasonable offer Can pm me here or mail me in-game: -Lieca- Thank you <3
  9. Lieca

    Desert Dojo ~ [Social & PvM]

    Reminiscing the past Making new chars and levelling together without leech...from pay dungeon, GHC, then manuk field With some peeps from Dojo guild Tinley, Cinderflame, and Nyphia Crimson x Dojo
  10. Lieca

    The Starlight Soiree | Summer Social

    OMG. I like watching wrestling sport and a fans of john cena. Thanks for this theme. Cant wait to hear it later hihi. Lemme put a request for tonight's event <3
  11. Lieca

    WoE Dojo - Ceasing all WoE Activities

    I still wanna woe non trans..
  12. Lieca

    Mirage (Social & PvM)

    Friendly-Alliance ET between Crimson and Mirage ----------- Mirage ET Finally we can reach the end
  13. Lieca


    Please reply here or PM me in forum. U can also contact/mail me in game: Lieca* Thank you.
  14. Lieca

    TalonRO Valentines Stories

    Kono u really submit a story? wow thats awesome >.< so poetric XD good luck!
  15. Lieca

    apa indihome sekarang main harus pake vpn?

    Iya harus pake VPN. Saya juga pake indihome soalnya. Bantuin soal VPN, saya memakai indihome (punya telkom) dan ga bisa connect ke talonro. Begini solusinya: - Download VPN (saya pake namanya Windscribe) - Windscribe diaktifkan - Login tro sampai bagian masukin id & pass (tp jangan masukin dulu) - Matiin Windscribe (berarti sekarang internet memakai ip address indonesia kembali kan) - Lanjut tro tadi, masukin id pass trus klik enter Nanti muncul ke pilihan choose character, dan uda bisa main dengan jaringan internet biasa lagi dan ga ngelag XD Selamat mencoba! Good luck!