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  1. Mundo Gile

    Kok jadi sepi yah???

    ini musim Penyakit rata2 pada tidak kuat begadang
  2. pensiun pensiun pensiun, hahahaha

    1. Mundo Gile

      Mundo Gile

      Iya Lanjutkan Bro ,, Jangan Lupa ambil Duit Pansiunnya hahahhaa

    2. stuped


      Eh, bro senjata apa yg bagus buat hunt di sleeper untuk assasincrot?

  3. Mundo Gile

    TALONESIA, Guild Indonesia

    Nama Guildnya Apa Invite aku ya
  4. Samson_Gile vs Atroce..



    G'Nit All I'll Play in sleeper for collect GN till 200k ea/heh



  6. Hi Yumiko Ceck in My Profile I just Created Gif Using LINE so I can take image OBJECt FRom TalonRO Client

  7. Mundo Gile

    Cant login to char select

    if U from Indonesia , Do not use TELKOMSEL
  8. Mundo Gile

    Hanging on the LS

    Please Screenshot maybe there re some Issue , so we can solve
  9. Excuse me for asking about my Talonro Shortcut 's iCon is changed such icon file exe type its different applications Icon I m using Win 7 These screenshots my PC ,, its screen shotin my file tolonro location Thank for help and give me solllution..
  10. Mundo Gile

    Gambar jadi Kasar

    Kemaren Ayed Aceh juga kabarnya gambarnya Seperti itu , sampai sekarang belum Jadi
  11. Mundo Gile

    B> Staff Of Magi DDD

    I Have one NNN Staff Magi
  12. Mundo Gile

    Winter Quest 2017: Scarf Making Returns!

    I can not find Olgov .
  13. Mundo Gile

    Help Login Error 0x000005b4

    Error Again , 0x0000323a
  14. Mundo Gile

    Help Login Error 0x000005b4

    I Find Error 0x000005b4 since 3 days Ago but I can login. But sanday Moerning January 01 2017 I cant Login