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  1. Temps

    Lewd [Social ★ PvM]

    I saw Mayu ~ today *blub blub*
  2. Temps

    Lewd [Social ★ PvM]

  3. Temps

    Hi ^o^

    Yes , Thank you for the warm welcome ^^~ Mentioning a new friend and a good teacher who taught me the basics and really fun stuff ( Zidane Jr) Thanks a bunch ~ ^^
  4. Temps

    Hi ^o^

    Hi guys I'm new here ^^ , but seriously I'm really new to the game. Haven't had a clue on the contents The thing is i really like retro games like this one for 2d graphics and chibi things I'm already in gaming back then but i can't play this one , because i was too scared to fight snakes with bouncing melons x3 But now , let's game ^^~ Hope I can meet a lot of friends here ~ That's all see you guys in the game Ja ne ~