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  1. S>Gear

    SN Gear still available?
  2. B> 10+ Hypnotist's Staff

    leave offer or pm/mail me ingame High Priest Cupcake
  3. S> Fire Armor +4 DEF [GARM Card], NSFM [LEAK Card]

    how much for fa?
  4. Costumes and +7 Shields

    how much for plat shield+7?
  5. B> Round Buckler 1m ea

    B> Round buckler 1m ea
  6. +7 Valk Armor, Shield, Minor Helm, Shoes

    how much for guard [medusa] and diablos mant [devi] ?
  7. S> Clean Evangelist

    Offer comment or message me here or mail, pm me in game IGN: Whitesmith Cupcake
  8. B> Dragon Set

    B> Dragon Vest [AGI+3] [Bathory/clean] Dragon Manteau [Deviling] pm me ingame IGN: Goldea
  9. S> GEARS

  10. S> GEARS

    Gears updated
  11. hm for formal suit garm?
  12. S> GEARS

    ARMOR: +4 Odin's Blessing [DEF+4] [Garm] +7 Odin's Blessing [Bathory] SHIELD: +7 Stone Buckler [GTB] + Stone Buckler [Hodremlin] Footgear: +7 Shoes [GEC] +7 Shoes [Eddga] Garment: +4 Diablos Manteau [Deviling] Headgear: Angel Wing Ears [INT+1] [Mistress] Pussy Cat Bell Accesory: Diablos Ring [Hell Poodle] x2 Weapon: +4 Ice Pick +7 Western Outlaw [2] Card: Gold Queen Scaraba Card x3
  13. Warehouse Cleaning !

    HM for cwp?
  14. B> Woodie Egg

    PM ME or MAIL ME ongame: High Priest Cupcake i'm 24/7 online