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  1. Krown

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    StoichiyoN, try in .png
  2. Krown

    Winter Login & Loading Screen Contest!

    IGN: Wintr Baphomet Family First image in sepia (background done with coffee) Second image painted, without writing. Third image painted, with writing.
  3. Krown

    Art Contest: Christmas cards from TalonRO!

    IGN: Wintr 1. Title: TamTam and Snowman 2. Title: Baphomet
  4. Krown

    TalonRO 2016 Autumn Cookoff

    Thanks for the tip, I edited with the chalenges About the heart: My girlfriend hates when I eat it, but in my region we have the habit of eating chicken hearts in barbecue too, it's pretty much the same flavour (with a touch of Liver)
  5. Krown

    TalonRO 2016 Autumn Cookoff

    I’m sorry for my english, it’s not my first language, but I’ll try doing my best. IGN: Wintr Savage Minced Meat (+3 str) Ingredients: • 400g minced meat • 1 Tomatoe • 1 big onion or 2 small • 1 clove of garlic • Oil • 1 tall pan (not too large) • 1 Teaspoon of salt (or to taste) 1- Cut the onion, the tomatoe and the garlic separately. 2- In high fire, put oil in the botton of the pan (enough to cover it, but not too much). 3- Put the onion in the pan and mix it with a wooden spoon (advisable). 4- Mix it right before it reaches a golden collor. 5- Put the meat in the pan, and when it reaches a light brown collor, put the tomatoes and the garlic. 6- The meat and the vegetables will leave some water, so you don’t have to put water in the beginning. 7- Cook for like 10 minutes, if necessary put some water, enough to don’t let it burn or stick on the pan. 8- Put a teaspoon of salt and taste the meat, if necessary put some more. 9- Cook it for more 5-10 minutes. 10- Done! Have a nice meal to increase your str. Tips: It’s all very fast, so keep mixing in the beginning. If it’s salty, put some water. If it’s still salty, you can put an slice of potato, as it absorves the salt. You can remove it later or eat it. Fried Yoyo Tails (+1 luk) - Based on ''Fried Monkey Tails'' Ingredients: •Sliced bread (Yoyo Tails) •Butter (Cooking Oil) •Pan (Old frying pan) • Plate with paper towel 1- Take the bread shell out, then mold it with your hands so that it looks like an Yoyo tail. 2- Put a tablespoon of butter, or enough to fill the botton of the pan when it melts, but not too much. 3- Heat the butter so it melts, than put the molded bread in the pan. 4- Leave it until it reaches a golden collor. Than, take it out right away and leave in a plate with paper towel. Done! Have a nice meal to increase your luck. Pic of the process. Dullahan’s Sunset Cocktail Ingredients: • 30ml vodka (if non-alcoholic, ignore it) • 170ml orange juice • 6g Jelly Powder • Ice • 1 orange slice 1-First, mix the jelly powder with 50ml of water with a spoon for a few seconds. 2-Than, put the vodka and the orange juice with ice in a cup. Mix a little with a spoon 3- Bend the cup and gently put the jelly in the side of the cup, in a way the colors don’t mix too much. 4-Put the orange slice on the top of the glass Done! You can give it to your pet Dullahan or drink it (to the pet, only the non-alcoholic version) PS: the non-alcoholic version is the same, except you won’t mix vodka with orange juice in the beggining. Bônus: Immortal Heart (+10str / user gets cursed when eats) Ingredients: • Pig’s heart (in my homeland, can be purchased in butcher shop) • 1 teaspoon of salt (or to taste) • 1 teaspoon of oil • Holy Water (Optional) 1- Salt the heart and slice it in half (if it’s not sliced yet) 2- Preheat oven to 180ºC (356ºF) 3- In an oven tray, put the oil in the botton where the heart will be placed. 4- Bake for 40 – 50min in 180ºC 5- Eat, but be advised to have a Holy Water with you. Be advised, the photo bellow may be shocking __________________________________________________________ And the chalenges are: +3 Include a drink with a full recipe that compliments your main dish. +1 Your dish must be based on a monster theme. +2 Include a fake In-Game step by step version of your recipe using your imagination and knowledge of the RO world. (ex. Where to find the ingredients, what to use, how to cook it etc)
  6. Krown

    Where can we buy empty bottle?

    You can buy it in Dewata, tool dealer next to center (south west)