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    music,play talonRo,dance,fashion,reading ,movies e love TIM BURTON MOVIES ,gotic sub culture

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  1. I think ... I already exist!

  2. hello i need help my name is Sandra and i am portuguese so i hope my inglish be good for you i have 2 acount and normaly i level my char's with party with my other acount char's becouse i had a guild but now i am alone in that guild nobody plays anymore :( 

    this weekend i tried to do the same i tried to level my Ninja with my hunter in the other acount and didn´t work :( ninja its on the 49 and hunter is on the 69 !! 

    can you help me please i am so lost!!! 

    1. sandradias


      and the other thing its that i duno were is the map and monster of the week ! i so bad dont have a guild but when we have a guild without playares its even more sad

  3. how can i made one ? can you tell mme please
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