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  1. luniz

    Alchemist Brewer Ranking Point system

    Have you seen a actual brewer..? when brewing CWP you can use twilight on brewing CYP and CRP you can't use twilgiht and you need to brew them manually so in brewing manually they can use macro program and go afk them selves or play on other characters they have. On your comment on saving or buying Ingredients then brewing them in 1 night, Let's say that 1 person can brew 500k of ingredients in 1 night but how would you explain that not even a single CWP is on vend then all you see that they are selling CYP which can only be brewed on manual brewing and in 30k manual brewing of CYP lets say minimum of 6 hrs on brewing them how would you explain a million points jump brewed in 1 night then all you see in vend is CYP.. not even a single CWP..
  2. Hi, Good day GM's just wanna suggest in BREWING,, as most people know that we can gain rank points in brewing red, yellow, and white condensed potion. How about taking off the ranking points that can be gain/obtain in brewing Red and Yellow Condensed potions, but the healing percentage given on the said potions depending on the rank when Brewed will remain the same. Profit = GM's don't need to check every Brewer while brewing just to see if they are using MACRO PROGRAM/BOT( as we all know that GM's have a lot of things to take care of and hard to pinpoint the time frame of the brewer ). = Brewer's who strive and fairly brewed to gain rank WON'T BE OUT RANK BY THE BREWER'S WHO USES MACRO PROGRAM/BOT IN BREWING. = Less reports on the Brewer's who suspiciously think's that the catching up Brewer and SUDDEN JUMP of its Rank Points is done by USING a MACRO PROGRAM/BOT.
  3. luniz

    DG mobs tele no good

    its not really a defeat on the mechanics cause the one who are buying leech they farm their zennies and have no time for leveling another char that's why they pay for leech and yeah but even lets say its not 0 just like before will do, plenty mobs are respawning before not like now and if you say safe zone why did they make one on GHP..?
  4. luniz

    DG mobs tele no good

    hi good day to all GM of TalonRO,, just wanna suggest if possible I know its a good thing that there are no more mobs getting stuck on the map.. but hope you can make like NO MOBS RESPAWN at the entrance where we put our leech.. its just a pain like just teled then need go back just to kill the mob that showed on the entrance, before they do respawn there but not so often like now most of the time they do..not sure if they are program to respawn there more often or its a coincidence that they respawn there. hope you can help us DG leechers thanks
  5. luniz

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    ahah the next one is yours.. ehehe hope its a good one to...love you :D /no1 /no1 /kis2 /kis2 /lv /lv /lv
  6. luniz

    The Amazing Summer Race 2016 Summer Event

    here's what i got from advance summer event box
  7. i just wish that the costumes can be transferred to our other accounts so we can use it in our other characters,, like we got 1 forum account but many in game account's hope we can transfer it....