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  1. 2 pcs Megingjard 235m ea Skin Of Ventos " Whisper" 5m +3 Str Porcellio mantle 4m Ingame name Dunpi Just pm me... look for me in Splendide.. bump
  2. mhuck00

    S> Stuffs [Updated]

    can i buy ur megs 220m ea IGN Churvalou
  3. Just mail your cheap price and in-game name thanks
  4. B> Evil Druid Hat Costume | Protection Feathers Costume pm ur price
  5. mhuck00


    PM PM PM ME IGN : Juuzou Sazuya thanks
  6. OP means Over Power?? sorry new player just asking
  7. if im a assasin only and using +7 raging fire Doppel Tg Tg is that good for mavka??
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