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  1. alexsilfo

    Dual Dagger with Thanatos viable?

    I walk around with elemental converters to avoid the sage dependence, and it works if i'm just crossing an area that i don't want to stay for long time. So walk around with maybe both of the knifes?
  2. alexsilfo

    Dual Dagger with Thanatos viable?

    Hi guys, first topic here and i'm with some doubts about DD cross. I like to play on PvE, and DD have been always a thing for me, since the officials over a decade ago, but i never managed to build one. Reading the topics here and the customization of server, I decided to use a Thanatos card on a weapon, but I don't know if i'm more fit to use the card or an Ice pick with a doppel. I used the calculator, and the itens on display are the current ones i'm using, so no valk and bris (yet ). First, Thanatos and Main Gauche; https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibsbLaFaVababubbaj0hfnfncQaaadkaQaTaQaShkaawifZuktlcltogwfjgZvsaavsaaeeeeaikkffaaaaaaabaaacuaaaaHaRaaa Second, Ice pick + doppel; https://calc.talonro.com/?cawbLbibsbLaFaVababubbaj0hfnfnaQaajXeaQaaaaaahkaawifZuktlcltogwfjgZvsaavsaaeeeeaikkffaaaaaaabaaacuaaaaHaRaaa The doubt comes because with the Thanatos I can farm lots of monsters with different def values, and the ice pick don't allow me to kill faster some low def ones. With that all, what do you guys think it's more viable? And even the build structure, any opinions? I still stuck on some stats. Thanks in advance for all.
  3. alexsilfo

    Christmas | Holiday Celebration Event!

    What were the last prize in santa's socks? Day 6 asked me to put 17 candys on it and now santa's house is closed. There will be any reward or no?
  4. alexsilfo

    Frozen boy answers

    Some green gift boxes, marbles and snow coins.
  5. alexsilfo

    Frozen boy answers

    You are a life savior, thanks man and merry christmas.
  6. alexsilfo

    TalonRO Hunter/Sniper Gear Progression Guide

    Sohee is water type, the best is an arrow of wind. Excellent guide, makes me want to level a hunter for me.
  7. alexsilfo

    Halloween Cosplay Contest

    IGN: Lyriann Walker Challenge: The GM Mimi Challenge: Brother from Another Mother Costume/ Cosplay: Sohee Assassin Sisters
  8. alexsilfo

    Show your Amistr !

    Finally i'll manage to put my amistr here (was waiting for him to be max level). Mine had good status overall, he kept very stable since lvl 30 (in status), and didn't worried me about in deleting him. He is my second try and a cutie.
  9. alexsilfo

    Loud Exclamation for Homunculus

    Hi everybody, I was wondering, the merchant skill Loud Exclamation could be shared with the alchemist/creator's homunculus? The +4 strength can be beneficial for low damage homunculus, like amistr's or lif's during the leveling stages and pre evolution, and filirs would clear mobs more efficiently. Thanks in advance.
  10. alexsilfo

    Rate your leecher!

    1. Date of leech: December, 03 2016. 2. Name of leecher: -Theresa- (Switched for her SG for Odin). 3. Price and Duration: 8m for level 99. 4. Map of Leech: Odin 03 5. Experience Gained: Started at 79 base exp, ended at 99. 5a. Experience Details: Christmas Cookie shoes (10% exp), i was non trans. Please rate the following on a scale of 1-5 (5 being the best): 6. Friendliness: 5 - Yes, i was buying the leech for the first time and she explained to me all with patience. 7. Professionalism: 5 - totally effective on the job, and kept the safe spot without monsters. 8. Effectiveness: 5 - Huge dps, was fun to watch the skeggiolds dying soo fast. General Questions: 9. Would you recommend this leecher to others?: Yes. 10. Do you feel like it was worth your time/money?: Tottaly, upping an alchemist is no easy task for me. 11. Additional comments: Buy her services!!
  11. alexsilfo

    Seals Service From Aldebaran Est.2016 [OPEN]

    Hey guys, thanks for the run. You all are very polite, explained everything with patience and are funny too. Awesome run, 10/10.
  12. alexsilfo

    S> Maximus Seal Service [Closed]

    Hi, could you guys tell me the price for all 4 seals? So I can gather the money for the quest, I really want to do it. Thanks
  13. I got a slotted Earring.
  14. alexsilfo

    Ring of the Wise king Quest question

    Finally i managed to get the files, thanks a lot for the tips.
  15. alexsilfo

    Ring of the Wise king Quest question

    Hello, i'm new here on the forum. I'm doing " Tripatriate Union's Feud ", and i can't get the messy file from the fishing spot. I fished for a unknown amount of time there until I got 20 fishes, the spot doesn't let me fish anymore and i'm stuck there. If someone can help me, i will be really glad.