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  1. You used ragnarok sprites and the words "greetings" and "from" so you stole concept Midgard Wanderer ... 😅 Seriously your logic make no senses, the more you post the worst it get ...
  2. I don't see any problems with their posts, you're going a bit far dude imo 😒 ... Anyway if there is something wrong, GMs will tell them.
  3. Hey Filir users, can you tell me how much ASPD you homun reach when you activate Flitting ? Also, Is the bird good enough on it's own for killing purpose or it's preferable to help ? If so, what do you do ? (AA, Plants, Demonstration ..)
  4. 0-Senseii


  5. This post makes my day ! Andonio ! By the way what's the mid costume of the guy on the left ?
  6. Merci Hazzarr, n'hésite pas venir nous faire coucou a Gonryun un de ces 4
  7. There is a few places you could easily go to to begin like Myst Case or Verit for exemple. When you'll have better gear you can go to Mavkas (One shot is possible) or other harder places but that my friend you'll have to experiment Consider bringing a lot of fly wings (or tele clip) and a [Joker] carded accessory for better income also.
  8. Up : Removed sold items
  9. Up : Sold some items, changed bundle and dagger price
  10. Salut, hésites pas a passer a Gonryun pour nous trouver, sinon IG moi c'est Yanjing San si jamais personne ne t'as recruté d'ici la
  11. Feedback : It was fun messing around in abbey with a duo HP or HW since i dont have all the gear, if you mob 2 necro or more it will work and you'll regen like crazy. If anyone want to try i'm selling the weapon ( MG+10[Kiel,Sniperx2] ). Thanks for the build again it's always nice to try something new
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